Chapter 56.1 – WuYi and everybody meets

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Night passed by peacefully. At dawn, everyone was ready to go to the cultural auditorium at the center of Haicheng. Based on the address sent through telegram before, as long as the scientists hadn’t been rescued, they should still be inside. Even if they were rescued, they probably wouldn’t be too far away. Compared to other cities, Haicheng wasn’t considered as big of a place.

Everybody gathered together to eat some breakfast to fill their stomachs and prepared to go. Before leaving, they all asked Xiao WuYi to store the ship in his space. At that moment, Xiao WuYi reminded them of a neglected existence.

“General isn’t awake yet!!!” Xiao WuYi said with bulging cheeks, expressing some dissatisfaction for everyone forgetting about General’s existence.

Because of the fierce battle that had excessively consumed his energy yesterday, the big tiger had yet to regain consciousness. Everyone looked around, but none could see the big cat. They immediately looked at each other, and then walked into a room to visit thse big tiger who was still sleeping.

The large tiger with orange and black patterns still lay on the soft cushion, showing no signs of waking up.

Sislow and Possier also felt that something was wrong. Under normal conditions, it was unlikely that the other would sleep for this long. The Nemo Royal Clan’s resilience and fighting strength were the best among the entire interstellar, and they were not so fragile like this.

Sislow immediately broke away from Mo Ye who was holding his hand and ran with small steps to the big tiger. Putting his little hand on General’s forehead, an odd expression showed on his face.

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but get worried and turn a little nervous.

“What happened? Is there something wrong with the symptoms?” Nie Xiao asked with a frown. Xiao WuYi on the side was also a little anxious.

Being under everyone’s focus, Sislow’s eyes became a little erratic. His fingers scratched his cheek in an embarrassed manner, and he said shyly, “The ‘neo’ state I had previously put on him is about to be lifted, and currently General is regaining his memory by dreaming.”

“He can’t wake up at this stage.”

Everyone: “…”

Although this answer made everyone a little speechless, at any rate, they were relieved. This could be considered good news for the time being. Xiao WuYi was very happy. General is able to restore his memory, and he could also confirm whether General had known him before.

Xiao WuYi approached and touched the big tiger on the cushion, then turned to look at a certain little vampire harboring a guilty conscience. He asked, “When General recovers his memory, will his memories of being with us during this time still exist? He won’t forget it, right?”

“Will not.” How can he forget? Sislow weakly replied, somewhat wanting to cry without tears in his heart.1having complex feelings but couldn’t express it

He was also hoping that General would forget his black history of having amnesia during this period of time so that he didn’t have to be afraid of being criticized by the other party.

After General wakes up, he must stay away.

“Then what should we do now? We can’t all stay here waiting!” Ning Feng said. This would take too much time. Time waits for no one. The sooner they found those scientists, the better.

Nie Xiao also had this problem in mind. He turned towards Sislow and asked, “Approximately how long will it take for General to wake up?”

Sislow was a bit scared of Nie Xiao, so he quickly hid behind Mo Ye and responded in a low voice, “It shouldn’t take long, it’ll be very soon. He’ll wake up at noon at most.”

“Then that’s good.” Nie Xiao nodded.

Since he would wake up within the day, there was no need to go through the trouble of dividing their party into two groups in order to leave some people here to wait. In this apocalyptic environment, if everyone could avoid separating, then it was best not to separate.

Nie Xiao asked everyone to directly move the big tiger along with his cushion into the truck and then asked Xiao WuYi to tidy up their belongings inside the ship. After that, they began to head towards the city center to look for Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the rest.

Several trucks drove around the streets of Haicheng City. Looking at the dilapidated buildings in the surroundings, they became inexplicably emotional. The nearby zombies heard the sound of trucks driving and rushed towards their side in hordes. Duan Wenyu and others could easily solve these low-level zombies, and Nie Xiao’s intercession wasn’t needed.

Duan Wenyu took in the bleak Haicheng City, pushed his glasses up, and lamented, “If all the zombies in Haicheng City can be removed, the sea surrounding the entire island will certainly be a natural base barrier. I wonder how many survivors are left in Haicheng.”

Nie Xiao nodded affirmatively. This proposal was indeed feasible; only, it was easy to say but not something that could be achieved overnight.

Xiao WuYi sat in the innermost part of the truck, leaning against the tiger who was still fast asleep. He turned to look at Bai Mei who was quietly sitting there, and asked, “Baimeimei, you’ll see your brother soon, why are you unhappy?”

Bai Mei was instantly taken aback, but then a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said, “I’m not unhappy, just a little nervous. The closer I am to finding the person, the more nervous I become. I don’t even know how he endured all this time.”

“Your brother is definitely safe,” Xiao WuYi comforted.

Bai Mei smiled and nodded. His heart and mood were a bit complicated, and his mind was a mess. Luo Yunhai sat next to Bai Mei with his back straight, not knowing what to say for a while. He hesitated until the end and ultimately raised his hand to gently pat Bai Mei’s back in comfort.

Bai Mei was stunned, and then a warm smile appeared, causing Luo Yunhai’s ears to redden again.

While their vehicles were traveling on the road, the flat ground suddenly rose into a half-a-person’s-height hump. The soldier driving in front had to urgently step on the brakes, making everybody stagger due to inertia.

Seeing this weird and magical scene, Nie Xiao and the others all became alert. They observed the buildings around the periphery vigilantly. Such an ability either belonged to a zombie of third grade or higher or to an ability user nearby.

Bai Mei released his perception and confirmed that this was the work of human ability users.

Soon after, several survivors possessing abilities appeared in the surrounding buildings, and their attitude didn’t seem friendly.

Yohou, there are actually so many people? There must be a lot of supplies hahaha. Leave everything in your trucks and we’ll let you go.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao and the others couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows. They never expected that they could still encounter such a stumbling block in this apocalypse.

Tang Youshan2唐友善 lol this guy’s name literally means exaggeratedly friendly or friendly in vain

and his party stood in the middle of the road. Each of them were tightly wrapped in long dresses and trousers, sweating profusely on their necks, but had no intention of taking their clothes off. Compared to a bit of heat, they simply didn’t want to be bitten by zombie insects and become a zombie.

“Didn’t you hear! Leave your things and we’ll let you go!!!” Tang Youshan had used his earth ability to assemble a wall, surrounding Nie Xiao and the others in the middle as he yelled condescendingly. His few accomplices around him also gathered different abilities of various colors in their hands. They ran out of the house on such a hot day, and all of them were a little impatient.

Ning Feng – who was watching these unprofessional and mediocre bandits – suddenly wanted to laugh. “You guys are this few but you still want to rob us?”

Confronted with Duan Wenyu and the others’ unconstrained and leisurely appearance that looked as if they were watching an amusing clown jumping to the roof beam, Tang Youshan’s face flushed, and he said gruffly, “Hurry up, we’ll let you go if you just give us your things.”

Honestly speaking, this was their first robbery attempt, and it was also the first time they had seen so many living people after having been here for a long while.

“If we don’t, what can you do?” Ning Feng said with crossed arms and a grin. They’ve been mercenaries for so long, and there was nothing vicious and arrogant that they hadn’t seen before. These few people in front of them seemed almost as if they were playing house, lacking in fear.

Nie Xiao didn’t want to be delayed here. He was about to step forward and clean up these few bandits when Luo Yunhai on the side took the lead. With a stomp of his foot, all of the walls surrounding them turned into a puddle of sand, conveniently burying Tang Youshan’s party halfway in it.

Tang Youshan and his party still hadn’t figured out the situation when their bodies were already halfway into the soil. They were immediately struck dumb.

Ning Feng and the others then simultaneously revealed their abilities on their hands, and the band of thieves was so scared that they wanted to cry but were without tears. The several people had merely intended to save themselves the trouble because they didn’t want to search for supplies, but never would they have expected to kick an iron plate on their first robbing gig.

Tang Youshan was bendable and stretchable.3able to adapt to various situations- is tolerant when frustrated and able to display ambitions when success is in sight

He surrendered on the spot, clasping his hands together as he begged for mercy, “Dear elder brothers, friends, it was our brains that were charred with mud! We were possessed by ghosts!! Please forgive us!!!”

Nie Xiao watched Tang Youshan’s bitterly struggling face. His thick eyebrows were drooping into the character and were indescribably funny. All in all, his entire face was very amusing. Xiao WuYi next to him couldn’t help reaching out and touching his little eyebrows, trying to imitate the other but couldn’t imitate at all.

Duan Wenyu didn’t want to bother bickering. He smiled and said, “We won’t find trouble with you. We just want to ask you something! How long have you been here? Have you heard of the scientists in the cultural auditorium in the center of the city?”

Tang Youshan’s party saw the other group’s neat appearance, which showed that they were eating well, and changed strategies in their hearts. They immediately wanted to hug these big thighs and truthfully confess everything they knew. They were all just petty citizens prior to the apocalypse, not vicious and arrogant people.

“We’ve never been there but before the apocalypse, we’ve heard of an academic conference to be held there. There are more supplies in the center of city, but the zombies there are too dense, so we only dared to move around in the suburbs. The supplies in the vicinity are almost looted dry by us so when I saw you, my brain suddenly cooked up the idea of… robbery… I have deeply reflected upon this mistake!!”

Tang Youshan talked with a very energetic face as he fawningly gazed at everyone. “If you want to go over there, we can show you the way!!!”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu looked at each other before digging them out of the ground and bringing them along into the truck.

When they got in the vehicle, Tang Youshan and his party all sat upright like well-behaved elementary school students. Looking at Nie Xiao and at the rest’s extraordinary grandeur, one of them couldn’t help but feebly ask, “Elder brothers, where are you from? Your accent doesn’t sound like Haicheng natives! You didn’t go back to your hometown before the Spring Festival?”

“En, we’re all from the mainland, from different provinces in the North and South.”

Hearing these words, Tang Youshan couldn’t help but smack his lips. He said in a sorry manner, “That’s a pity. You won’t be able to get out of the island now.”

Xiao WuYi stared at Tang Youshan’s flexible eyebrows and found it very amusing. He listened to the other’s lament and comforted in turn, “Rough Eyebrows, don’t worry. We only came from outside the island last night, and we rode a big boat together! We’re still going back later!”


Tang Youshan’s party exclaimed in shock. They looked at everyone around them in disbelief. After seeing Nie Xiao and the others’ expressions that seemed like they were not lying, they were immediately excited to the extreme. Tears were about to pour out as they asked once again, “Are you guys really from outside the island? Is the situation okay outside? Are there really established bases as stated in the text message? We all thought that because Haicheng was isolated, an island survival mode would begin in the near future.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao felt a bit sad. He nodded and told them all the news about WuYi Base and the Capital Base.

“Rest assured, the entire human race is now like a common whole. As long as someone is still alive, there will be no such thing as forgotten or remembered. Everyone’s heart is tied to one another,” Wu Qingfeng said as he patted Tang Youshan’s shoulder in comfort.

The tears Tang Youshan was holding back thoroughly fell. Several big men were so moved that they wept disconsolately, crying like children. At that time, they finally saw feasible hope for mankind’s survival.

  • 1
    having complex feelings but couldn’t express it
  • 2
    唐友善 lol this guy’s name literally means exaggeratedly friendly or friendly in vain
  • 3
    able to adapt to various situations- is tolerant when frustrated and able to display ambitions when success is in sight


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