Chapter 55 – WuYi reaches Haicheng

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Since it was still broad daylight and there were still many dangers at sea, Nie Xiao didn’t let himself wallow in the soft, plump body of the little hamster for the time being.

After a few craving grips, he coughed lightly and put on an honorable face as he properly clothed Xiao WuYi.

The two walked out of the room in tandem. At this time, the ship was already sailing again. Although the catastrophe had passed without true danger, a few of the soldiers who followed Wu Qingfeng and his group were, unfortunately, infected and sacrificed.

After being bitten by a zombie fish, they voluntarily jumped into the sea, leaving no bones behind. Thinking of their sacrifices, the atmosphere on the ship dropped a little low.

Xiao WuYi ran to visit the big tiger, who was still in a coma, as well as the other people on the ship.

Looking at the big tiger lying fast asleep on the soft cushion, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but touch his fur. Then he looked at Sislow and Possier next to him with some worry and asked, “General will be okay, right?”

Possier nodded his head and said, “He’s fine. It’s just that his ability has been excessively exhausted. He should be fine after sleeping. Nemo… you little animals’ recovery abilities are quite strong.”

“That’s good!”

Xiao WuYi breathed a sigh of relief and then bowed his head, somewhat blaming himself, “It’s all because I left without informing anyone which made everyone worried.”

“It’s okay. It was a good deed.”

Possier couldn’t help but rub the little hamster’s head before leading Sislow out with him. He smiled at Xiao WuYi and said, “Let’s not disturb General’s rest. Let’s go outside and listen to your daddy’s story. He disappeared then reappeared and became so much stronger all of a sudden, just like opening up the two meridians ren and du1in Chinese medicine, these two meridians are the most important as they control many things in the body. In wuxia, opening these two means advancing your cultivation by leaps and bounds.”


Xiao WuYi fully agreed and then left the room where the tiger was sleeping with Possier and Sislow.

At this time, Nie Xiao and the others were all gathered on the deck of the ship. The ship’s course had already been set in the control cabin, and Ning Feng didn’t need to stare at it at all times.

Everyone sat on the deck to rest. They had just won a battle and were spent with stomachs rumbling in hunger.

The sea breeze blew as they ate, and from time to time they would use their abilities to clean up the dense small zombie fish in the sea.

Nie Xiao saw Xiao WuYi come out of the room and beckoned him to sit next to him. He raised his hand and rubbed his cub’s head. “How was it? Is General okay?”

Xiao WuYi honestly nodded his head, “He’s okay.”

Nie Xiao also nodded, relieved, and then fed the food in his hand to the youth. Nie Xiao’s eyes were full of tenderness as he watched WuYi’s adorable, little hamster-like table manners.

Duan Wenyu saw that everyone was present apart from the big tiger and put down the food in his hand to curiously ask Nie Xiao, “Boss after you suddenly disappeared, what happened that made your strength soar?”

Hearing this, Jiang Qiu and the others all raised their heads, their gazes concentrated on Nie Xiao full of curiosity.

Amongst the people present, Bai Mei was probably the only one who already knew what happened to Nie Xiao. However, even though Bai Mei was aware, he still raised his head to earnestly look at Nie Xiao, wanting to hear the details.

“My ability core was completely shattered.” Nie Xiao said calmly while facing everyone’s attentive gazes. He didn’t want to hide anything from anyone.

But he didn’t realize just how shocking this sentence was for them, it even caused them to become unresponsive for a period of time.

“As in shattered?” Ning Feng swallowed his saliva.

“En, I can no longer feel its presence in my body.” Nie Xiao nodded and said undisturbed, “But I can still manipulate wind and lightning, and it’s become even more convenient when I do so.”

Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but frown slightly. “What the hell does this mean? Speak human so we can understand!”

Nie Xiao looked sideways at Jiang Qiu and was silent for a while. Then, he said with a serious face, “Actually… I can’t understand it myself.”

Everyone: “…………”

“At the time, my abilities were already exhausted, and my whole body was being painfully ripped apart. But I didn’t want to die, so I tried to desperately run my ability cores. And then, I heard the sound of my two ability cores shattering in my mind. I was put into a vague and intangible state as if I was going to dissipate into thin air. When I woke up, my body felt like it had been reconstructed. The wind and lightning in the world seem to be able to transform according to my will and for my use.

“The feeling is very strange.”

Nie Xiao spoke so much that his mouth was dry. He nearly consumed all the language skills he had learned all his life while describing the changes he felt within himself at that time.

However, the more Jiang Qiu and the others listened, the more confused they became and it almost drove them mad. “Why don’t you just change professions and be a god stick2someone who engages in superstitious activities or pretends to be a supernatural being to swindle people?”

The little hamster’s eyes were full of question marks, but it didn’t prevent him from blindly clapping and applauding in adoration. “Daddy seems to be very amazing.”

Everyone: “……”

On the side, Duan Wenyu had roughly gotten a general idea. He pondered for a while before saying, “I’m guessing that our ability cores could exist in several states. Currently, there are three known states: solid, semi-solid, and fused. The boss said his shattered, but I think it completely fused into his body after, causing his strength to dramatically rise!”

“Furthermore, the turning point of this change should have something to do with the boss’ mentality, willpower, and physical state at that time. It reached a critical point, and an opportunity to stimulate his potential in such a dangerous situation was created. It was only logical for him to take it and advance.”

After listening to Duan Wenyu’s explanation, everyone seemed to understand somewhat. “It does make sense if it’s said like that.”

Bai Mei, who seldom spoke, nodded affirmatively. “I think it should be like this. If not, then it should be pretty close.”3lit. Eight or nine aren’t far from ten

Hearing these words, Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu immediately swept a glance towards Bai Mei, but they saw that the other party’s expression didn’t change and his face looked calm.

The others didn’t think too deeply about the certainty of Bai Mei’s words, and they discussed this issue with one another.

Ning Feng looked at Nie Xiao with a bit of envy. “If compared to the zombie’s levels, Boss should be considered a third-grade ability user now, and there should be no stronger existence than the boss at present. It’s unknown what kind of changes you’ll undergo in the future, but if you continue to advance, it’ll surely be a terrifying power that could shake the world.”

“I wonder when I can advance. I really want to become stronger aahhhh.” Ning Feng screamed as he lamented.

Duan Wenyu and the others felt that Ning Feng’s interpretation seemed more clear-cut. It was simple and crude, but it won in comprehensibility.

“You’ll become stronger.” Nie Xiao comforted.

After saying that, Nie Xiao moved over those crystal nuclei they dug out from the body of the aquatic zombie beasts. They’ve gained a lot of fist-sized crystal nuclei.

“First divide these all up.”

The energy contained in each of these crystal nuclei rooted out from the heads of those sea beasts could equate to thousands of hundreds of ordinary crystal nuclei. However, other than that, they were no different from the crystal nuclei of ordinary low-level zombies. But then again, carrying such a large crystal nucleus was more of for preparation just in case.

Long-lasting, easy to carry.4this is the slogan of most gadgets “Easy to carry around, long-lasting battery life”

There were just a few ability users on the ship, and one for each person was just enough.

“I think I can absorb this one nucleus for half a month.” Ning Feng accepted it unreservedly. He rubbed the super-large spherical crystal nucleus in his hand and let out a long sigh then said, full of hope, “Crystal nucleus, crystal nucleus, when I finish absorbing you, you will let me advance, okay.”

“Hahaha, you want to advance? Want to go crazy maybe.” Xie Jun couldn’t help giving a hearty laugh.

Duan Wenyu, who was watching Nie Xiao send out all the crystal nuclei, was startled by the bold guess in his mind. He couldn’t help but ask out loud, “Boss, you won’t keep one for yourself? Could it be that you can no longer absorb crystal nuclei?”

Nie Xiao smiled helplessly and said, “I can still absorb. This advancement isn’t anything like a defiance of the natural order.”

Xiao WuYi also opened his mouth and said, “I specially left one for Daddy. Baby dug it out of the whale’s head by himself!!!”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but kiss the boy’s face. “Daddy likes it very much.”

Others: “…” Damn this dog food.

After that, the whole journey continued without mishap. Although their group was delayed midway for a long time by the behemoth zombies, they still barely reached the shore before the sky was completely dark.

The feeling of having one’s feet on the ground made everyone’s heart fall into a safe place.

“Ahhh finally arrived in Haicheng!”

Everyone couldn’t help but exclaim with joy. Afterwards, as the moon hung high up in the sky, everyone settled down after having dinner.

The ship was anchored in the shallows because everyone was going to rest on the ship tonight. Except for those who were in charge of night watch duty, everyone soon fell into a dark and sweet dreamland.

The sound of the waves crashing could be heard beside one’s ears.

Bai Mei lay alone on the bed in his room, looking at the moon outside. Soon after, he sat up, his expression going through numerous changes.

After the bitter encounter during the day, he has become deeply aware that he was not the only one, or the strongest zombie king on earth.

If he wanted to be able to break away from the coercive control of other zombie kings, he could only become stronger.

Bai Mei thought so and put his hands in front of him, then a lot of ability cores of various colors appeared on the bed. These were what he secretly let the low-level zombies collect from the bodies of the dead everywhere for a few days.

Bai Mei looked down and scanned the ability cores and ultimately picked out the light blue ability core he had accidentally obtained at the beginning.

After that, he unbuttoned his shirt and fiercely slapped it into his body.

He originally didn’t want to do this.

However, he must become stronger now.

As soon as the light blue ability core entered his body, it was repelled by the spatial ability core that existed first in his body. The two ability cores were in his body at the same time, and Bai Mei only felt a tearing pain in his body. Blood appeared to be oozing out of his tightly clenched jaw.

However, in such a quiet environment, he could only swallow all the pain into his stomach, and he dared not utter a peep.

Unlike Nie Xiao who was a dual-system ability user – even if he possess the aptitude of a zombie king – he couldn’t withstand such tearing pain.

It was common knowledge that zombies could use a human’s ability core, but it wasn’t currently known that containing a single ability core was already the limit for a zombie.

Plus for the majority of the ordinary zombies, even if they get an ability core, there was no way to control the ability within it without the help of a zombie king.

Bai Mei fell down to the bed due to the pain, took a deep breath, and endured the excruciating pain to run the light blue ability core in his body.

Then, a pear blossom needle5either of the two made of transparent water condensed in his hand.

—It was a variant of the water ability.

Looking at this water needle as thin as cow hair, Bai Mei only felt that this ability was very suitable for him, covert and inconspicuous.

In the end, Bai Mei relied on his astonishing willpower to forcibly resist the contest between the two ability cores and make them coexist without a problem.

Bai Mei, who was sweating profusely from head to toe, saw his nails that were starting to turn black then blue again. He took out a tube of dark green reagent and gulped it down.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Bai Mei put away the things on the bed and walked to the door filled with doubts and vigilance. However, as soon as he opened the door, he only saw Luo Yunhai’s blushing, wheat-colored face.

The soldier looked a little silly.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Mei asked warmly.

“I… I saw that you seemed a little uncomfortable during the day so this is for you.” Luo Yunhai didn’t dare look at Bai Mei’s face, and his ears were red.

In his rough man’s6It could mean two things: a person who is rough in appearance, the second is a carefree man who isn’t meticulous about things. I think its both for him XD. career, he has never seen such an elegant and beautiful person. He always seemed to carry a gentle scholarly atmosphere just like his name, a peaceful and pure white rose.


Luo Yunhai hurriedly stuffed the things in his hand into Bai Mei’s hands. His heart was thumping, and he returned to the room at the end of the aisle as if he was fleeing.

Bai Mei stared blankly at the medicine box in his hand and couldn’t help but chuckle.

He was a spatial ability user who doesn’t lack anything.


  • 1
    in Chinese medicine, these two meridians are the most important as they control many things in the body. In wuxia, opening these two means advancing your cultivation by leaps and bounds
  • 2
    someone who engages in superstitious activities or pretends to be a supernatural being to swindle people
  • 3
    lit. Eight or nine aren’t far from ten
  • 4
    this is the slogan of most gadgets “Easy to carry around, long-lasting battery life”
  • 5
    either of the two
  • 6
    It could mean two things: a person who is rough in appearance, the second is a carefree man who isn’t meticulous about things. I think its both for him XD.


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