Chapter 53 – WuYi’s Daddy disappeared

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The unforeseen event made everyone turn pale with fright. This was completely out of their imaginations, and it was really an unfortunate accident that caught them unprepared.

Nie Xiao watched as the little hamster disappeared from his sight along with the giant whale. Immense panic made him unable to maintain his calm and rationality. His pair of eyes were terrifyingly bloodshot. At this time, he was simply incapable of calmly pondering about the reason why the little hamster slipped out, and he completely forgot that the other party still had his spatial ability to protect himself.

Nie Xiao’s heart overflowed with monstrous hatred as he faced the huge zombie whale that caused all these disasters, and nearly all he desired was to take out these emotions on it.

Deafening thunder and a sudden gust of a howling and raging gale, brewed a dreadful and shocking force that seemed as if it could devastate everything.

Duan Wenyu and the others have never seen such a crazy and terrifying Nie Xiao. The man’s heart seemed to have been dug out of his flesh; his most beloved treasure had been stolen, and he was madly mobilizing his strongest and most formidable attack against this giant zombie whale.

Nie Xiao’s ears could no longer hear any voice whatsoever calling for him around him. His mind was full of his little hamster disappearing in this ocean of zombie fish. As he attacked, each became more rapid and ferocious than the last.

The abilities within his body were consumed quickly and continuously. The speed at which he absorbed crystal nuclei for replenishment wasn’t as fast as his exertion. For a while, the exhausted abilities caused Nie Xiao to feel a deep, tearing pain all over his body, but he didn’t care at all.

He just wanted to destroy everything in front of him right now.

At this very moment, the little hamster, who was the culprit that caused Nie Xiao’s descent into insanity, has smoothly slid into the blowhole at the top of the giant zombie whale’s head. Whilst resisting the rotten stench inside the opponent’s body, he took out a small, toy-like metal shovel with his little claws and directly shoveled a hole into the head of the giant zombie whale.

Its nerves that had long been decayed and necrotic made the giant zombie whale’s pain response very slow. It would hardly feel the movements of a hamster that was thousands of times smaller than it.

Compared with its hard and tough outward appearance, its already putrefied flesh could be easily dug up like tofu. The little hamster found that his idea of breaking through from the inside was completely correct.

The only thing that made the little hamster uncomfortable was the disturbing rancid smell and the suffocating feeling due to lack of air. He barely drilled a few centimeters inside yet he already had to retreat into his own space to take a breath.

The little hamster’s goal was crystal clear: go straight for the crystal nucleus inside the giant zombie whale’s head. As long as its source of energy is taken away, everything would be solved.

While the little hamster slowly dug a hole inside the body of the giant zombie whale, the outside had long gone chaotic. Nie Xiao, who was unconsciously losing his mind, together with the big tiger, who was looking for the little hamster’s unknown whereabouts and in a similar situation, have all thoroughly gone crazy.

They attacked the giant zombie whale desperately even though their energy has completely reached its limit.

When they saw the man and the tiger’s murderous red eyes, Duan Wenyu and the others couldn’t stop yelling with eyes also tinged with red.

“Calm down!!!!”

“Do you both not want to live anymore?!!”

In making such desperate moves, the first to be on the verge of collapse was the big tiger. Its inherent ability was almost squandered empty, and finally, it fell from the air after its final blow, completely unable to hold on.

Sislow quickly flapped his little black cloak, swiftly rushed over, grabbed the fur coat on the nape of the big tiger’s neck with both hands, and strenuously1 lit. with the strength of nine oxes and two tigers pulled the big tiger back onto the ship without letting them both end up in a dead fish’s belly.

However, the big tiger who was rescued has fallen into a coma, and there were no signs of him regaining consciousness for the time being.

In the end, only several people on Nie Xiao’s team were left to be the main fighting force. The enormous whale hasn’t shown even a hint of tiredness and was unceasingly drawing near while attacking Nie Xiao and the others.

At this time, Nie Xiao’s entire body had turned into a storm of gale and lightning. He plunged down and attacked with extremely fast punches and kicks, all his moves hitting the giant whale’s head.

But soon, the last of the crystal nuclei Nie Xiao was carrying to supplement his energy was emptied. His ability core could no longer extract any more energy, and Nie Xiao could only change back to his physical form.

However, even in such a depleted state, Nie Xiao was still desperately urging the ability core in his mind, turning a blind eye to the tearing headache coming from his body with an expressionless face, like an unthinking, unfeeling killing machine.

Seeing this scene, Duan Wenyu and Xiao Yan were both scared. Although they knew that WuYi’s existence was very special to him, they never thought that Nie Xiao’s feelings would run so deep to this extent.

“Are you crazy?!!”

Duan Wenyu couldn’t care less about the giant zombie whale at this point. He rushed over and grabbed Nie Xiao, wanting to give him the crystal nuclei he was carrying, but as soon as Nie Xiao raised his head, he was faced with the other’s extremely mournful and nearly numb, dull eyes.

Seeing Nie Xiao like this, Duan Wenyu’s hands couldn’t help shaking.

At that moment, the giant zombie whale flicked its tail straight towards Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu. Nie Xiao almost instinctively pushed Duan Wenyu away, and then was swept away by the whale’s heavy tail.

In a split second, Nie Xiao was sent flying hundreds of meters away until he fell from the sky like a kite whose string was cut.

“Boss nooooo!!!”

“Nie Xiao!!!”

Nie Xiao was muddle-headed, only feeling that his internal organs were about to be shattered due to the hit. The tremendous pain gave him absolutely no strength to struggle.

However, Nie Xiao, in his subconscious, didn’t want to be buried in the sea like this, constantly urging the two exhausted ability cores in his brain until finally, he heard two crisp ‘ka cha’.

—Something seemed to have shattered.

Duan Wenyu chased, wanting to catch Nie Xiao, but could only look on helplessly as the other’s body disintegrated and then disappeared into the air soon after.

It was like illusion magic.


At this time, the little hamster inside the body of the giant zombie whale was finally about to dig up to the place where its crystal nucleus existed. The crystal nucleus radiated light through the thick layer of rotten flesh.

However, having dug up to there, the giant zombie whale was finally no longer unaware. It sensed that something within its body was threatening its own survival, and it suddenly started to struggle violently, setting off a large tidal wave in the sky as it issued an ear-splitting, sharp cry.

The little hamster inside the giant whale’s body went dizzy, but he still resolutely continued to dig holes with his small shovel.

Who told you to hurt my Daddy and them!!!

I’ll dig out your crystal nucleus and kill you!!!

In the face of the zombie giant whale’s sudden riot, Duan Wenyu and the others simply had no time to think about Nie Xiao’s disappearance. The whereabouts of their important teammates became unknown two times in a row which made Duan Wenyu and the others sad and angry to the extreme. They suddenly turned around and vented all their hatred on the vile zombie whale.

For a while, their eyes were red with murderous intent.

“Go to hell!!!”

“Motherfucker, I’ll kill you!!”

At this time, the zombie king whale had no time to worry about Duan Wenyu and the others. The sense of crisis coming from its crystal nucleus’ domain being infringed upon drove it mad. It jumped and thrashed about with its ferocious mouth wide open as it made a heart-piercing, lung-breaking scream.

The huge sound shook everyone, and their minds went blank for two seconds. Bai Mei even spurted a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

The little hamster finally managed to dig up to the place where the crystal nucleus is located. He shoveled the last layer of fleshy membrane wrapped around it, revealing a crystal nucleus as resplendent as a gemstone and as big as an adult’s fist.

Without thinking any further, the little hamster extended his little claws to grip the surface of the crystal nucleus tightly and then pulled the crystal nucleus into its own space with all his strength.

With its crystal nucleus gone, the giant zombie whale completely lost its capability to move, and its huge body began to sink underwater.

The little hamster dared not to stay any further than necessary and ran quickly along the tunnel he dug towards the blowhole. The moment the hole was submerged in water, he leaped into the air with a kick and a resounding cry of victory; “chi”.

Duan Wenyu and the others still hadn’t figured out what was going on when their attention was attracted by this cute shout that penetrated through all the noise.

Seeing the fluffy little dumpling who was once lost and now regained, leap mid-air, Xiao Yan, who was the closest, immediately turned into frost and snow then flew out to hold the little guy firmly in her hands.

The little hamster didn’t expect that Xiao Yan would be the one to catch him. He couldn’t help looking around but didn’t find Nie Xiao’s figure at all. Fear and panic suddenly filled his thoughts.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he was met with Xiao Yan’s teary eyes which showed a mix of joy and sadness. With this accompanied by the sinking giant whale, a bleak and terrifying silence permeated the atmosphere.


Where’s Baby’s Daddy?

Faced with the little hamster’s doubtful and anxious eyes, Xiao Yan didn’t dare to look at them at all for fear of her tears falling. She held the small dumpling tightly to her chest and returned to the ship’s deck with Duan Wenyu and the others.

The entire sea surface has already returned to its serenity, but Duan Wenyu and the rest couldn’t be happy at all. Their eyes looking at the little hamster were also evasive, completely unlike someone facing a little warrior who has returned from a victorious battle.

The little hamster couldn’t ignore the weird feeling. The joy in his heart seemed as if it was doused with a basin of cold water. He struggled to jump out of Xiao Yan’s palm, and like a small bolt of lightning, he quickly searched for Nie Xiao’s figure inside the ship.

Tears unconsciously came out of his eyes.

Xiao Yan and the others slowly took a step to catch up, and in the end, only saw the little dumpling lying on the big bed in his and Nie Xiao’s room, looking at them in panic and bewilderment as he cried. His tears wet his fur, and his mouth uttered sobs that were extremely pitiful.

Where did my daddy go?

Baby wants Daddy.

At that moment, even Jiang Qiu couldn’t help turning around and looking upwards with red eyes. Meanwhile, unable to accept this reality, Ning Feng turned and rushed out, his voice hoarse and sharp as he said:

“Boss is definitely fine! I’m going to find him!!”

After hearing this, the little hamster jumped onto Ning Feng’s shoulder at an extremely fast speed, stubborn and staunch tears hanging around his eyes.

Both big and small rushed straight out with no one able to stop them.

At that moment, the entire ship suddenly tilted and shook again, and everyone almost fell due to the unsteadiness.

Bai Mei was already too weak at this time. He held onto Luo Yunhai, barely able to stand still as he looked at the sea outside with a pale face.

“They’re here.”

The final cry of the giant zombie whale practically summoned all the deep-sea behemoths in the surrounding waters.

With the procession of these huge whale sharks akin to small hills, the ship they were surrounding looked like a pitiful, frail willow leaf in contrast.

It could be easily overturned.

At this moment, everyone only felt as if they were drowning in despair.

  • 1
    lit. with the strength of nine oxes and two tigers


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