Chapter 52 – WuYi and the Zombie King Whale

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As soon as the three people’s voices fell, a huge shadow appeared before everyone’s eyes, causing their scalps to feel numb.

Nie Xiao yelled a ‘not good’ in his heart and promptly shouted at Ning Feng in the control cabin.

“Quickly speed up and drive to the right!!!”

Ning Feng and the others dared not hesitate when they heard this and vigorously turned the helm at once, causing the ship to change course to the right at an extreme speed which hardly evaded the huge shadow.

Afterwards, everyone saw a giant zombie whale emerging from the bottom of the sea like a small mountain full of oppression.

Its appearance spurred huge waves, causing the surrounding innumerable small zombie fish to fly up, with some falling on the deck, issuing crackling and flapping sounds as they struggled to leap.

The entire ship also abruptly tilted, instantly tossing the people on it into a mess. Duan Wenyu and Possier exerted effort to manipulate the sea, and only then barely managed to stabilize the hull and avoid their tragedy of capsizing.

Looking at the huge and dreadful zombie whale before them, everyone who had steadied themselves by grasping, with difficulty, at the surrounding railings couldn’t help taking in a breath of cold air, their faces pale.

At the moment, Possier only hated that sentence he previously said. What huge whale sharks from the deep sea? Sure enough, speak of the devil and the devil appears.

Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but say, “You shouldn’t have set up such a big flag earlier!!!”

The little hamster poked his head out of Nie Xiao’s pocket and stared at the huge and ugly zombie whale in front of him with eyes wide and mouth agape. His mouth let out a “chi!” in fright.

As the gigantic zombie whale swam, the ship began to intensely rock once again. The little hamster gripped the edge of Nie Xiao’s pocket tightly with his small claws so that he wouldn’t be flung out.

Ning Feng and the others inside the control cabin dared not relax. They operated the ship to accelerate and flee away from the giant whale. However, in terms of speed, they were completely inferior to the enormous zombie whale pursuing them closely from behind.

At the same time, the dense tide of small zombie fish under the water brought immense resistance along the ship’s route. For a while, cold sweat dampened Ning Feng’s entire forehead and back.

“Boss, it’s not good!! Small scale zombie fishes are wreaking havoc at the propeller!!!”


Hearing this, everyone’s complexion uncontrollably whitened.

At this critical juncture, they couldn’t afford to think too much. The speed of the ship slowed down, and confronted with the zombie whale chasing behind them, everyone could only stand up to meet the enemy head-on and fight to the death.

Nie Xiao circulated his wind and lightning dual-system ability and directly leaped into the air to attack the terrifying zombie whale in front. Lightning with thunder, together with wind blades smashed straight onto the whale. However, although only a shallow injury was left on the opponent, it caused the other to boil with even more hostility and ire underwater.

“Damn, its skin is actually so thick!!”

Seeing this scene, Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but curse and then control his own abilities along with the others. They fought fiercely against the zombie whale, trying their best to prevent the other party from continuing to approach their ship.

Bai Mei’s face was very ugly at this time because he found that the surrounding zombie fish were no longer controlled by his power of coercion, and they were constantly pouring toward this side.

And the reason for his loss of control was evidently the zombie whale at hand. The other party should be a whale of the zombie king level that was a bit more powerful than him.

The zombie king whale was angered by everyone’s assault, and it continuously issued loud cries. For a moment, even Bai Mei almost couldn’t steady his mind and nearly fell to its control.

The only fortunate thing now was that the intelligence of marine animals aren’t as high as that of humans. Even if this zombie king-level whale has already attained sentience, its ability to manipulate the zombie tide to engage in combat in an organized manner still wasn’t strong enough, otherwise, the consequences would be completely too horrible to contemplate.

Luo Yunhai was tidying up the small zombie fishes on the deck. As he came out of his concentration, he saw the pale Bai Mei and couldn’t help asking with concern, “Bai Mei, are you okay?”

“I’m okay!”

Bai Mei shook his head, bit his tongue to try his best to stabilize his mind, and then regardless of arousing suspicion, he shouted for everyone, “This whale should be a king-level zombie which can control and summon low-level zombie fish. We must quickly deal with it, or else more and more zombie fish will come to form a zombie tide, and our ship will be overturned in mere minutes!!!”

Furthermore, while at sea, they simply don’t have any place to hide.

Hearing this, everyone present couldn’t help but burst into swear words. The big tiger directly transformed into cloud and mist, then took Xiao Yan, Wu Qingfeng, and others into the sky, making it easier to fight the zombie king whale.

All of a sudden, various abilities of different colors were on the battlefield, all aimed at the giant zombie king whale. Bai Mei was defending the ship while continuing to use his power of coercion to contend with the whale.

However, the whale’s HP seemed as if it was endless. Nie Xiao and the others’ red and blue bars1imaginary mana and HP bar combined were not as thick as the whale’s.

At that moment, everyone seemed to have understood the concept of king-level zombies.

While all of these were happening, the zombie king whale was staying under the water. As long as it opened its mouth, it would have an abundance of low-level zombies flooding into its mouth, continuously replenishing its energy.

Faced with a giant whale king of this sort, Nie Xiao and the others had a bit of a ‘spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ issue. Even if they were constantly absorbing crystal nuclei, it was unable to match with the speed of their abilities being consumed.

Nie Xiao was going all out at the moment, but both his speed of absorbing crystal nuclei and the lethality of his own abilities seemed to have reached a bottleneck, unable to achieve further breakthroughs.

This feeling of encountering a bottleneck, Duan Wenyu and the others deeply knew of it from experience.

Since awakening, their abilities have not changed further. Even if they absorb crystal nuclei every day, the strength of their abilities was never enhanced.

At this very moment, as they faced such a powerful and terrifying zombie king whale, this feeling of reaching a bottleneck became even more vivid.

“Shit! This bastard is so unyielding!”

Possier couldn’t help but curse. At this time, he has changed back to his original mermaid form to bring out his innate water ability and sound ability to the extreme. Currently, even every word he says carries an all-encompassing buff.

However, the “milk nanny”2healer effect of a mermaid’s voice was still far from enough.

The giant whale zombie seemed to sense that everyone’s attack power was reaching the limit, and it began to counterattack.

Its huge fishtail slapped the sea surface, setting off a torrent of huge waves and simultaneously sending numerous low-level zombie fish flying and sprinkling from the waves.

Zombie fishes came down like rain. Several ordinary soldiers on the ship’s deck weren’t able to escape in time and unfortunately got bitten and infected by these zombie fish.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes reddened.


Standing on the ship’s deck, Ning Feng’s eyes reddened in sorrow, and his angry mood ignited the flames all over him ablaze, burning all the zombie fish that fell on the ship to ashes.

“Think this Young Master can’t kill you all?!!”

After doing all this, Ning Feng raised his hand and wiped his red eyes then shouted to Duan Wenyu in the distance, “Ge, can you help me churn out the zombie fishes stuck in the propeller? And Jiangdaqiu3Remember my footnote on Jiangqiuqiu before? It’s the same qiu here, the da simply means big. A higher form of nicknaming I guess hahaha, help me add a steel mesh cover around the rudder and propeller so I can continue to drive the ship out!!!”

“On it!”

“What the hell is Jiangdaqiu? Call me ge!!!!”

Duan Wenyu and Jiang Qiu immediately went their separate ways to solve the problem requested of them. The jammed propellers soon became operational again, and Ning Feng returned to the control cabin to drive the ship far away.

Seeing its biggest prey about to run away, the giant zombie whale became even more infuriated. It made increasingly intense calls, summoning more and more low-level zombie fish over.

Because of this call which carried power of coercion, Bai Mei secretly wiped a trace of blood away from the corner of his mouth.

At this time, he had a profound realization that his identity as a zombie king may not be a sole unique entity on earth, and certainly not the strongest as there were other zombie kings stronger than him.


At this moment, practically everyone was giving their best to resist the zombie king whale in front of them, and they squandered their abilities without holding back.

Meanwhile, the little hamster staying in Nie Xiao’s pocket saw how everyone was contributing their own strength and only felt somewhat useless.

However, in this kind of ocean environment, his “heavenly justice” couldn’t play much of a role, and the only thing he could do right now was to provide crystal nuclei to everyone.

He watched as everyone sunk into a bitter battle while he could only stay in his daddy’s pocket. The little hamster receiving Nie Xiao’s protection suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

He also wanted to help everyone.

But he was rather useless.

The little hamster frustratingly clutched the edge of Nie Xiao’s pocket and poked his head out to observe the giant whale resembling a hill outside. The other party had rough skin, thick flesh, and extremely fast recovery ability. Nie Xiao and the others altogether couldn’t deal with it.

The little hamster looked at the big tiger next to him, as well as Possier and Sislow, and keenly felt that they were all a bit exhausted.

They could not replenish their abilities by absorbing crystal nuclei like Nie Xiao and the others, and they were almost at their limit.

Seeing everyone starting to fall into a disadvantageous position, the little hamster’s heart also began to fall into anxiety. If the ship capsized, they would all be finished.

“Chi!” Daddy, General and Fickle Fish seem unable to hold on any longer!

Nie Xiao, who heard the little hamster’s voice, immediately turned his head and looked around. Then he saw that the big tiger had already changed from his cloud and mist state back to a tiger, leaving only his four limbs to retain a cloud and mist appearance.

Possier and Sislow’s faces were pale, apparently on the verge of their limit.

When he looked again and saw that the ship hadn’t sailed that far, Nie Xiao’s expression became even more serious. He pursed up his lips to soothe his little hamster. “Don’t be afraid Baby, Daddy will defeat the big monster!”

With that said, Nie Xiao turned towards General and Possier to say, “If you can’t bear it anymore, just go back to the ship first, we’re still here to hold the fort!”

Possier could only say “sorry” with a pale face and return to the ship with Sislow.

They indeed couldn’t bear it anymore.

The severity of this disaster on Earth has once again refreshed their understanding. In the absence of high-tech weapons, even if every race came to respond, it was estimated to be fruitless.

Possier and the others’ combat strength were withdrawn, making Nie Xiao and the rest withstand a greater impact. It was extremely difficult to stop the giant whale from continuing to advance, and they dared not relax for even a moment.

The zombie king whale seemed to be very annoyed by this entanglement. It looked at Nie Xiao who had the strongest attack power before its huge tail swept straight out, launching its body above the sea’s surface with its ferocious, wide-open mouth full of fangs aiming to bite Nie Xiao.

The waves surged high, showering rain.

The low-level zombie fish mixed in it made it hard for everyone to guard themselves.

Nie Xiao was distracted in order to avoid these zombie fishes and was nearly swept along by the giant whale’s tail, causing the heart of the little hamster inside his pocket to rise to his throat.

“Its skull is too hard and thick. Without digging out its crystal nucleus, there’ll be no way to end this battle.” Duan Wenyu said with an ugly expression.

With the giant zombie whale being able to regenerate its wounds by devouring low-level zombie fish, their full-strength attacks were becoming more like mere tickles.

Even if they concentrated their attacks on its eyes, it would still be useless.

The little hamster heard Duan Wenyu’s words and couldn’t help sweeping his gaze over the rough-skinned, thick-fleshed giant whale. Soon after, his line of sight paused at the blowhole on top of its head, and his heart couldn’t help but be slightly moved.

The little hamster lifted his glistening eyes and looked quietly at Nie Xiao with clenched little claws. He suddenly made a bold decision in his heart.

When the giant zombie whale launched into the air for the second time, the little hamster seized the opportunity. He loosened his claws and slid out of Nie Xiao’s pocket, falling straight towards the giant whale.            

When Nie Xiao dodged the attack, he felt his chest pocket become empty. He saw the little hamster fall out and he urgently stretched out his hand but it was already too late to get the little dumpling back.

In that instant, Nie Xiao’s heart squeezed, his whole body seemed to have fallen into an ice cave, and his eye sockets were about to burst open.


In the blink of an eye, the little guy’s figure disappeared.





Xena’s biology corner:

Kids, whale sharks breathe through their gills unlike the mammal whales that need to take in air through their blowhole, in short, whale sharks don’t have blowholes. And they have teeth, yes, but they don’t use it because they’re filter feeders, maybe the fangs grew after it became a zombie?

Well, in the author’s defense, Bai Mei said “whale sharks from the deep sea”, but when the whale did appear, the author never used whale shark again and always stuck to whale so that’s a good way to end this corner 🙂 


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    imaginary mana and HP bar
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    Remember my footnote on Jiangqiuqiu before? It’s the same qiu here, the da simply means big. A higher form of nicknaming I guess hahaha


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