Chapter 50 – Mediating WuYi is online

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Everyone was startled by the sudden clamor. They looked confusedly at the little vampire who was fleeing and the at big tiger chasing him in the sky.

Nie Xiao took the lead in coming out of his daze and walked quickly to Xiao WuYi’s side. Seeing his cub intact, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“Baby, what’s going on?”

Xiao WuYi also didn’t know what was going on. He looked at the two in the sky and innocently shook his head towards Nie Xiao.

“Baby doesn’t know what’s going on either. It was obviously fine at first, but when General saw Sislow’s face, he suddenly rushed towards Sislow. The two of them seem to have known each other before!”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao looked up at the boy scurrying in the sky again, and his expression turned a little weird as he said, “…General knows a foreigner human child?”

“Daddy that’s not it oh, Sislow is a vampire child!” Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao and shook his head as he seriously explained.

Nie Xiao and others: “………!?”

Ning Feng who was listening to this highly informative conversation couldn’t help but gulp. Then he looked at Wu Qingfeng and the others and asked with a slightly arduous tone, “That… a vampire? Is it that kind of vampire I’m thinking of?”

Wu Qingfeng couldn’t help but wipe his face as he watched the commotion in the sky, then he nodded a bit seriously and said, “…Although there are some inconsistencies in some aspects, it is indeed the kind that you’re thinking of.”

“…Awesome.”1Niubi (NB) makes a cameo after a long time.

Ning Feng had his mouth agape and could only utter this word in the end. Looking at the tiny kid and the huge tiger in the sky, he was suddenly full of reverence towards earth’s “species diversity”.

Originally, he thought that the little fairy hamster and the mermaid were already very astonishing, but facts have proven that they were still lacking in knowledge.

However, at this moment, as someone of the magical species, Possier was almost unable to contain his excitement. His eyes were scorching as he stared at the two big and small figures conducting a chase in the sky.

A signal light seemed to have appeared on the top of his head.

Ding, successfully found a little vampire!!!

Just as everyone was inside the void of shock caused by the existence of vampires, the chase in the sky had entered its climax.

Sislow’s black robe desperately flapped, but he was still unable to escape General’s tiger claws.

Ultimately, he was directly swept into the cloud-and-mist-transformed big tiger like a small piece of clothing thrown into the washing machine, ruthlessly spun and stirred inside.

For a time, the entire sky was full of Sislow wailing and howls.

“Wuwuwu I was wrong, I’m sorry, don’t clean me up! I will return everything to you later!!!”


Sislow was rolled away by the violent clouds. His entire vampire being was ravaged into discoloration by the “cloud and mist brand washing machine,” and his face was covered with tears, looking very pitiful.

However, the big tiger, who was confronted with Sislow’s plea for forgiveness, was not relieved of his anger at all. Although he was unable to recall his memory, the teeth-gnashing feeling seemed as if it had only happened yesterday.

With this, Sislow could only give up his struggle. Like a rag doll, he was ruthlessly toyed with and tossed by the big tiger, thoroughly rinsing his spirit in the clouds and mist.

Completely repented and reformed.

He swore that he will never make trouble again from now on.


Xiao WuYi looked at the two who were still tangling in the sky and felt a little worried. He couldn’t help but yell upwards, “General, you guys don’t fight anymore. Come down quickly. If you fight again, I will ask Daddy to take care of you two!!!”

Nie Xiao heard his cub’s words and very cooperatively gathered a small tornado in his hands. It would be very simple to blow the two down.

The big tiger heard Xiao WuYi’s voice and his anger suddenly loosened a few notches. He reluctantly let Sislow go.

The white cloud with mist bounding the little vampire into a pitiful silkworm flew down from the sky.

As soon as the two landed on the ship’s deck, Mo Ye who was at the side hurriedly rushed up, supported the silkworm Sislow to sit up, and stretched out his hand to gently wipe the dust from the other’s cheeks.

“Sislow, are there any misunderstandings between you and General? I believe that you’re certainly not a bad vampire!!!”

Listening to Mo Ye’s words, Sislow’s small mouth suddenly pouted. His head with messy curled up hairs hung heavily, and his eyes flushed as he said, “…I’m sorry, I did do a bad thing wuwuwu.”

“But I know now that I was wrong wuwuwu!”

As he said that, Sislow bawled, tears pattering out, looking weak, pitiful, and helpless. Soon after, he kept saying “I’m sorry” towards the big tiger’s direction.

The big tiger looked at Sislow’s miserable appearance and huffed two puffs of breath through his nose. With a flick of his tail, he collected back the cloud and mist that were restricting Sislow.

As soon as Sislow was freed, he threw himself into Mo Ye’s arms, crying for comfort. He wrapped himself into a ball with his little black robe, and his pitiful appearance induced compassion in everyone’s heart.

Xiao WuYi walked over. He stretched out his hand, rubbed the big tiger’s head, and asked placatingly, “General, what bad thing did Sislow do to you? It actually made you this angry!”

Hearing this, Sislow’s back instantly stiffened, and he shrank into a little quail.

The big tiger was still at a loss regarding this, so he could only shake his head towards Xiao WuYi. He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but as soon as he saw Sislow, he became very, very angry!

Contrarily, Possier had seen to the root of the matter. He walked out from behind the crowd and looked at the curled up Sislow with no sympathy in his heart.

If it happened to him, he probably would’ve resolutely cleaned up the brat.

“I roughly know what’s going on.”

As soon as Possier spoke, he attracted everyone’s attention. He cleared his throat a little bit and said, “If I guessed right, it should be Sislow who secretly bit General without permission then erased General’s memory. So it’s no wonder General would be so angry.”

“Apart from the vampire race’s special sonic ability, the vampire race possesses two more innate abilities which are respectively bestowed to their two unique fangs. One of them is the neoaplexum ability, and the other is the forced life tracking ability. The neoaplexum2拥抱新生: to embrace a new life. I translated it as latin words, neo (new) aplexum (to hug/embrace) ability can make people forget everything in the past and gain new life.”

Hearing these exposing words, Sislow was completely terrified as he dumbly looked at Possier, almost unable to suppress the shock in his heart.

“You’re actually…”

“A merman.”

Possier cut in to answer and then smiled to explain to everybody besides him, revealing the big truth in a deadly earnest manner, “A long time ago, the vampire race established diplomatic relations with our mermaid race.”

Everyone: “…………”

After hearing these words, everyone couldn’t help but swallow hard. They just felt that the speed of the refreshing of their three views today makes it a bit hard for them to keep up.

Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s group looked at the peerlessly beautiful young man in front of them, and they suddenly became a bit disheveled in the wind3yep it’s that idiom again, refer to previous chapters if you forgot. It turned out that following after their little vampire, there would even be the legendary mermaid race.

Moreover, the two races had unexpectedly… established diplomatic relations?

If the apocalypse didn’t arrive, how many more things in this world would have left them human beings in the dark?

In the end, everyone struggled to digest the huge amount of information. When they looked at Sislow again, they suddenly felt that this brat was lacking a fix-up.

Xiao WuYi also understood. He hugged the big tiger and suddenly felt a little distressed as if it happened to himself, his tears about to come out.

“Then how can General recover his memory? How sad would it be if one forgets their important people!”

Nie Xiao saw his cub’s sadness and immediately walked forward in distress to soothingly rub the top of his baby’s head, “Sweet baby, don’t cry.”4Sweet baby hei hei, hei hei hei

The big tiger also rubbed against the youth’s palm to comfort him.

Mo Ye looked at Sislow’s two cute little tiger teeth, his eyes now suddenly full of complexity.

Erasing memory… This was simply scarier than their blood-sucking trait in the legends.

Being watched by Mo Ye and everyone in such a complicated manner, Sislow fell into a panic. He promptly spoke to remedy the situation while grabbing Mo Ye’s hand and anxiously crying:

“I didn’t completely erase General’s memory. I merely wanted to tease him at that time and let him temporarily be ‘neo’ for a few months!!! As long as the specified time has passed, his memory will be automatically restored after a few days! Wuwuwu I already know I was wrong!”

“Never casually bite people again!”

At this time, the big tiger also heard the whole story clearly, and he was suddenly so angry again that he bared his teeth at Sislow, raised his paw, and rubbed it against the floor Sislow was stepping on.

Sislow was so scared that he wrapped himself into a small ball again, his eyes full of tears.

“Wuwu, I’m sorry QAQ.”

Everyone: “…” So it turned out to be timed amnesia, awesome.

When Xiao WuYi heard that there was still room for restoration, his grief turned into happiness. He hugged the big tiger’s head and rubbed it. “That’s great, General, you’ll soon remember all your memories. You didn’t forget it. That’s really great!!!”

Being petted by the youth, the big tiger squinted his eyes in delight and docilely rubbed against the young man’s palm.

Nie Xiao saw Xiao WuYi and the big tiger’s happy faces, and his lips couldn’t help but rise into a smile. When the big tiger’s memory is completely restored, his cub’s past should also be revealed.

At the side, Sislow watched this image of a seemingly intimate “family of three” and was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered the big tiger’s human form and tears welled up again as his little face flushed from crying.

He could guarantee that once the big tiger regains his memory, he would probably be fiercely dealt with again wuwu QAQ.

This experience will for sure become a piece of black history that that man would want to eradicate.

Sislow swallowed his saliva hard, then plunged into Mo Ye’s arms, clutching Mo Ye’s clothes at the chest, seeking comfort and protection.

Mo Ye saw how the little vampire seemed to have really acknowledged his mistake, so his heart softened and he stroked the other’s head, saying, “You can’t use this ability indiscriminately in the future. This kind of teasing joke is not fun at all.”


Sislow had repented from the bottom of his heart.



All personnel directly rested on the ship.

During the day, in addition to the big tiger and Sislow’s episode, everyone also finished arranging the plans for crossing the sea the next day. As soon as the sun comes out, they could set sail.

Both Sislow and Possier were now well aware of each other’s identities because of what happened during the day, so at night, they both found an excuse to sleep in the same room.

They owed it to consolidating the friendly relations between their races.

Regarding this, apart from Jiang Qiu and Mo Ye who were a little uncomfortable, everyone else completely didn’t pay heed to such a trivial matter.

The bright moon hung in the sky. In the dark ship’s room, Sislow and Possier were sitting on the bed, big eyes staring at small ones; the two were communicating through sound waves that ordinary people could not hear.

The relationship between the mermaid race and vampire race was indeed very good throughout the interstellar and it was all because both were races that use sound as their main weapon.

Possier looked at the brat in front of him and couldn’t help but bafflingly ask, “Sislow, you should still be underage right now. Why did you come to earth alone? Are there no adults who came with you?”

“Also, what’s going on between you and General? General should be from the Nemo Royal Clan, right?”

As he faced the adult mermaid in front of him, Sislow knew that he couldn’t hide it so he explained everything clearly with a guilty conscience while his little fingers fiddled with each other.

“Actually… I hid and snuck out of the spaceship of two big brothers of the Qijiang race because I had a fight with my parents.”

Possier suddenly choked in silence. “So you… ran away from home? You’re too courageous at such a young age! Won’t your family go insane with worry for you?!!!”

Sislow was feeling guilty and ashamed at this time. He embarrassedly pulled his robe to cover his face and said bitterly, “That’s why I’m on my way to find the Feng Dao brothers of the Qijiang race so that they can take me home. I had secretly bitten them before to put the mark of ‘forced life tracking’ on them and now I sense that they are both in Haicheng!”

“As for General, he is indeed from the Nemo Royal Clan but I don’t know what his real name is. I ran into him when I was wandering around earth. He saw that I was a minor without an adult accompanying me so he wanted to capture me and send me home which I wasn’t willing to do, so… so I bit him while he wasn’t paying attention.”

Possier: “…”

Possier couldn’t help holding his forehead. The little vampire in front of him was a genuine brat, and now he really felt sorry for the no-name General.

It’s too difficult to be a good person these days.

After talking about this, Possier could be regarded as having received good news. Since someone from the Qijiang race was here, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to take him home with them.

Possier was completely relieved. He lifted the quilt and lay down, wrapping Sislow in as well. “Alright, time to sleep brat!”

“I’m not a brat! I won’t sleep with you tomorrow anymore, hmph!”

“I don’t want to sleep with you either. The smell of milk on my body hasn’t completely gone away yet.”

“You’re always asking me questions while you yourself haven’t even said the reason why you came to earth. I remember that it’s the season for your mermaid race’s estrus blind date5or estrus marriage interview these days.”

“Why the heck does a kid like you know so much!”

  • 1
    Niubi (NB) makes a cameo after a long time.
  • 2
    拥抱新生: to embrace a new life. I translated it as latin words, neo (new) aplexum (to hug/embrace)
  • 3
    yep it’s that idiom again, refer to previous chapters if you forgot
  • 4
    Sweet baby hei hei, hei hei hei
  • 5
    or estrus marriage interview


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