Chapter 49 – WuYi and the Little Vampire

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The initial restoration of the information network has allowed survivors dispersed all over the world to see hope for survival.

Nie Xiao’s team was no exception. They have turned their inner excitement and roused spirits into an actual act of strength, finishing all the preparations for crossing the sea in just two short days.

Meanwhile, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s team naturally saw the information they received on their phones. They were so excited that they advanced forward without stopping.

In the end, they only lagged two days behind. Just as Nie Xiao’s team was ready to cross the sea, they arrived at Haicheng Strait’s port.

At that moment, the two parties finally merged smoothly.

Nie Xiao’s team, who heard the sound of vehicles not far away, all walked out of the ship to greet them.

Before the trucks even came to a stop, Mo Ye had already impatiently jumped out of it and excitedly rushed towards Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Yan-Jiejie, I missed you so much!!!”

Xiao Yan was caught off guard by this pounce into her arms. She looked at Little Mo Ye, and she couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. “How come a kid like you is here too?”

Regarding this, Mo Ye couldn’t help but sadly glance at Xiao Yan and aggrievedly say, “It was you, Jiejie, who didn’t keep our promise. You said before that you were going to return to the capital base to find me, but all of you stayed in Fengcheng in the end. If you won’t come, then I just have to run over to find you instead.”

Xiao Yan suddenly felt a bit ashamed when she heard this. She rubbed Mo Ye’s head and said very apologetically, “Sorry, this is indeed Jiejie’s fault. I missed you too.”

While Xiao Yan and Mo Ye were talking, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s group, who were a few steps behind them, jumped out of the car and walked over with uncontained excitement. They hugged everyone on Nie Xiao’s team and shared a simple greeting with each other.

“Long time no see everybody.”

“You guys arrived at last.”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but hammer his fist on Wu Qingfeng’s shoulder as he said these few words with a smile. Afterwards, he let everyone get on the ship and rest first.

As for the trucks parked outside and the luggage in them, Bai Mei placed them into his space first and brought them on board.

Aside, Luo Yunhai watched in a trance as Bai Mei used his spatial abilities and was inevitably surprised. Such a large-capacity spatial ability was relatively rare.

Bai Mei appeared to have felt Luo Yunhai’s gaze, causing him to suddenly turn his head and take the initiative to show a warm and bashful smile to the other party.

“Hello, my name is Bai Mei.”

Luo Yunhai was momentarily dazzled by this beautiful smile. His wheat-colored skin was stained with a tinge of red, and he somewhat embarrassedly scratched the back of his head as he nodded slightly. “He-Hello, my name is Luo Yunhai.”

Bai Mei saw the other person’s silly, shy appearance and couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle.

After being laughed at like this, Luo Yunhai’s heart jumped a little, and his face became even redder. In order to conceal his panic, he could only hastily enter the ship first.

Bai Mei watched the scene, not expecting the other party’s reaction to be so great. He suddenly flashed a smile as clear and bright as the moon in helplessness.

Soon, everyone boarded the ship, and the two parties briefly and concisely exchanged their experiences throughout their journey. At the same time, they also introduced each other’s identities and names, letting Xiao WuYi, Jiang Qiu, and the rest get to know people in Wu Qingfeng’s group.

As Luo Yunhai looked at Xiao WuYi and several other new faces, he couldn’t help but look around and ask with concern, “Why don’t I see Wu Wenqi? Did he not come?”

Perhaps it was because of having the earth system and its variant “sandification” and their personalities being somewhat similar that Luo Yunhai and Wu Wenqi had inexplicably hit it off since they met. Thus, at the moment, not seeing Wu Wenqi made Luo Yunhai unavoidably concerned.

Mo Ye on the side also wasn’t able to find Wu Wenqi’s figure and now couldn’t help but look at Xiao Yan.

Faced with the two’s concern, Xiao Yan immediately smiled and replied in assurance, “Don’t worry about him, he stayed at the base to calm the public, and his days are much more comfortable than us who are rushing about outside.”

“So it’s like that.”

Hearing this, Mo Ye and Luo Yunhai were relieved. But not seeing Wu Wenqi, still made them both long to see him again.

Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu didn’t expect that Wu Wenqi’s popularity here was quite high, and they were teetering a bit on whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay, don’t talk about Wu Wenqi anymore, let’s talk about the specific plan for crossing the sea. You guys came just in time. We just finished working on preparations for the ship.”

Nie Xiao spoke, returning the topic to proper business. With the subject pertaining to the situation in the sea, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai both immediately became eager.

Seeing that the adults began to discuss business matters, Xiao WuYi and the big tiger staying there got a bit bored.

Xiao WuYi was still a little timid in front of so many people, so he quietly, and obediently shrank behind Nie Xiao and sat down, observing the surroundings curiously with a pair of black, glistening eyes.

Soon after, his attention was drawn to a small figure hiding in the corner overlooked by everyone.

Behind a group of tall soldiers, there was surprisingly hiding a very pretty foreign boy. He has snow-white skin, red lips, and big eyes just like a doll.

Xiao WuYi suddenly felt that he had found someone of the same kind. He and this little friend were both somewhat afraid of strangers.

However, at that very moment, Sislow, who was squatting in the corner, felt uncomfortable. After doing shameful deeds to him, he never expected that he would meet the incarnation of the cloud and mist man here…

——Huhuhu, he’s going to be killed.

Sislow held his head in his hands, shivering as he shrank behind the soldiers, trying to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible, and wishing to bury himself in the ground.

He just hoped not to be discovered by anyone, especially not by that big yellow tiger with black stripes.

However, what he didn’t know was that a pair of big, curious eyes had already noticed him since earlier.

Xiao WuYi observed for a long time and was finally unable to hold back pulling at the corner of Nie Xiao’s clothes. He pointed at the small figure yonder, and whispered, “Daddy, Baby will go there to play for a while!”

Nie Xiao was interrupted in his conversation with everyone. He took advantage of the situation to glance at the corner pointed at, but didn’t notice that there was a child hidden there. He rubbed the youth’s head and nodded in agreement. “Go ahead. Don’t be too noisy while playing.”


Xiao WuYi obediently obeyed, and then skipped away with the big tiger. But Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai, who heard Xiao WuYi call Nie Xiao “Daddy”, now have mouths agape enough that a big duck egg could almost be inserted in them.

Ning Feng beside them evilly laughed and unkindly flaunted the climax of the story. “It won’t take a few days before you know what’s going on. I guarantee that it’ll frighten you again hahaha.”

Nie Xiao laughed a bit helplessly, but he had no intentions to explain in advance, making Wu Qingfeng and the others with him both itch with curiosity.

Aside, Mo Ye watched as the beautiful little brother and the big tiger left and suddenly couldn’t sit still. He quickly talked to Xiao Yan and then happily caught up with them. Eleven was the age when children loved to play after all.

Seeing these carefree little guys run away, Nie Xiao and the others couldn’t help but smile and shake their heads. With them here, their mood lightened up a lot.

Mo Ye, who quickly caught up with Xiao WuYi and the big tiger, found out that both of them wanted to go see Sislow, so he took the initiative to introduce them. “Brother WuYi, Sislow is actually a very timid and introverted vampire. Don’t be too surprised later or you’ll scare him. He doesn’t suck human blood so he’s a good vampire.”

“He helped us get rid of the zombie insects along the way. Now he has the best relationship with me. I’ll take you to meet him so that he won’t be afraid.”

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi’s eyes suddenly lit up. He nodded like a chick pecking at rice, and promised, “Don’t worry, Little Leaf,1Xiao Yezi: The Ye in Mo Ye could also mean leaf(yezi) I promise not to scare him!”

“But… is he really a vampire?”

“Yes, his two little tiger teeth are very cute!!!”

The big tiger listened to them silently, following behind the two young boys walking towards the small figure in the corner. With their conversation, he felt an increasing familiarity that made him squint his pair of light-golden tiger eyes.

Sislow hid in the corner, tightly wrapping his little black robe around himself, thinking that no one would find him. But unexpectedly, he had already been completely betrayed by his little partner.

Sislow heard Mo Ye calling him not far away but he still stayed motionless, pretending not to hear him.

Seeing this scene, Little Mo Ye couldn’t help but bafflingly touch his head. He turned his head to signal at Xiao WuYi and the big tiger to stay quiet and patient before he sat next to Sislow. The two children squatted in a row, facing the wall together.

“Sislow, why are you crouching here?”

Sislow looked sideways at Mo Ye then placed a finger on his lips and whispered in a sneaky voice, “Shh— keep your voice down. I’m hiding right now. You must not let anyone know I’m here.”


Mo Ye didn’t understand so he asked in doubt, “Hiding from who? Are you playing hide and seek? It’s better to let us join so we can play together, the more the merrier!”

Hearing the word “us”, Sislow was briefly stunned, and then a very bad premonition rose up from the soles of his feet. He turned his head to look at Mo Ye and swallowed with difficulty.


“Yeah, us.” Mo Ye said, completely unaware. “Brother WuYi and General are behind you. They both want to meet you and play with you.”

Hearing this, Sislow immediately went stiff from head to toe followed by a cool whoosh behind his back. His head turned around with a ‘kacha kacha’ like a rusted machine until he was met with a pair of black eyes and a pair of light-golden tiger eyes.


Seeing the almost-within-reach big tiger, Sislow was so frightened that tears burst out on the spot. He turned his head back, shut his eyes, and tightly wrapped his black robe, unwilling to accept reality as he muttered like a broken record:

“You can’t see me, you can’t see me… it’s all hallucinations, all hallucinations…”

Mo Ye was also a little confused when he saw this scene. He turned his head and both he and Xiao WuYi looked at each other.

The big tiger on the side felt the sense of familiarity increasing even more. He uncontrollably strode towards Sislow with his four paws and stared intensely at his pretty little face.

Then, the other’s little face gradually overlapped with the little figure in his mind that was causing him to gnash his teeth.

Therefore, a huge and angry tiger roar instantly resounded through the skies.

Sislow was so scared that he fell butt first on the ground. Then he let go of his black robe and flew all over the place to escape, his face clouded with tears.


“I’m gonna be killed!!!”


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