Chapter 46 – WuYi is a native fairy

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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We’re already halfway through and I must confess something… I am reading this novel as I’m translating XD I have completely no idea what will happen next. Additionally, I must thank my past self for translating this and that as they are right now. Thank you past Xena.1thank you too, readers! For being patient with me and picking up this story <3


As the apocalypse’s situation deteriorated further, Nie Xiao’s team accelerated their speed, and finally, they were about to reach Haicheng Strait.

At this time, driving on the road.

Possier’s estrus period has passed by without a hitch, and his beautiful reddish-gold fishtail has turned into a pair of slender, straight legs, hanging bare on the edge of the black box, swaying up and down.

At first glance, it looks like a picture of a beauty bathing.

“My dears, can you find a pair of pants for me to change into?” Possier gathered up his hair and casually looked at everyone in the truck. Except for the key parts, almost all of his fair, white skin was nonchalantly exposed to the outside.

“Of course, if you don’t mind me running around naked, then there’s no need to.”

The little hamster staying in Nie Xiao’s pocket heard these words and immediately covered his little face in shame. “Chi!” Daddy, this fickle fish is really shameless.

“En, don’t learn from him.” Nie Xiao nodded expressionlessly and then turned his back to Possier, who was a bad influence that no eye should see.

“You unscrupulous fish!!!”

Jiang Qiu looked at Possier who seemed as if he was really about to stand up from the black box. He immediately blushed, then went over and pressed Possier’s shoulders. He scolded, “There are women in here. Are you really going to act indecently?”

Xiao Yan coughed lightly, and then also turned around like everyone else. In fact… she didn’t mind, although her family’s Wu Wenqi might likely cry.

“But I don’t have any clothes, and you all didn’t give me anything either!!” Possier pretended to be wronged, and his eyes like ocean jewels gazed pitifully at Jiang Qiu, making the man tensed and embarrassed.

“Then wear mine!”

Jiang Qiu cursed with a black face then turned around and threw over the extra clothes in his backpack.  He then turned around like everyone else, letting the other party in the black box change properly. Coincidentally, the two men’s clothing measurements were exactly the same size.

Possier examined the clothes he donned, slightly satisfied, and then informed everyone that they could turn around.

Jiang Qiu looked at Possier, who was wearing his clothes, and a peculiar feeling of unease suddenly arose in his heart. He could only uncomfortably retract his gaze and avoid looking.

Ning Feng watched Possier and found that the other not only had his fish tails turned into legs, even his fin-shaped ears and the scales adorning his neck had disappeared. Apart from being good-looking, he displayed no differences from humans.

No wonder humans haven’t discovered that there were truly mermaids in the world for so long.

Ning Feng remembered the fairy tales he had seen since childhood, and immediately interviewed the person involved with some curiosity, “Possier, is it true that your legs were contracted with a wizard like in the legends? Does walking hurt?”

Hearing this, Possier instantly burst into playfulness and said, eyes gleaming with tears, “It hurts, of course it hurts. Every step is like walking on a ground covered with needles.”

With that said, Possier fell entirely into Jiang Qiu’s arms. Jiang Qiu’s whole body went stiff and his face reddened.

“You fucking, quickly scram. The kid will believe your nonsense.”

“Jiangqiuqiu, you have no sympathy oh.”

Ning Feng saw the two’s sudden flirtatious banter and immediately turned his head away, sitting back next to Duan Wenyu. “En… the mermaid race can really play.”

“Silly boy.” Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but smile as he gently rubbed Ning Feng’s head.

Possier, who successfully molested Jiang Qiu, soon restored his stately appearance and proceeded to watch the little hamster in Nie Xiao’s pocket, feeling a little impatient.

Three days have passed since they first met. Through his observations, he found that the most probable “comrades” were still the little hamster and the big tiger, but they were almost never alone.

He thought that it was really too difficult to confirm his speculations with them.

Fortunately, he has now regained his mobility. He will definitely be able to find an opportunity to try and probe them soon.

He was unable to go home at the moment, nor could he send a signal. He also doesn’t know if these comrades could take him for a round trip.

The little hamster was nibbling at the melon seed he was holding. Seeming to feel Possier’s scorching gaze, he tilted his head super adorably and reluctantly gave the other a melon seed.

“Chi!” Baby doesn’t eat food alone.

Possier: “…”

Soon, during lunch break, Possier found an opportunity to be alone with the two “suspected comrades.”

Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu, and the others all went to a small forest not far away to release water, leaving only the three non-human beings to guard here. At that instant, Possier almost cried out due to gratefulness, thanking the humans for their timely physiological needs.

The opportunity wasn’t to be missed or it will not come again. Possier watched the few people walking away and promptly moved closer to the youth and the big tiger’s side. He suppressed his own voice very lowly as he said, “WuYi, little baby, do you know anything about Nemo?”


Hearing this, Xiao WuYi suddenly raised his head. His eyes were shining, and he looked at Possier with a happy face as he blurted out:

“Of course I like it ya! I like Nemo the most, my number one favorite in the universe!! Fickle fish, you actually like it too!!!”

At the side, the big tiger who heard this familiar word couldn’t help but move his ears towards them. But it still doesn’t know why it felt the word was cordial and familiar.

“En en, I like them very much!!”2WuYi and Possier were actually talking without pronouns {it, them} here, so it was more ambiguous in Chinese.

Possier listened to the boy’s reply, and he nodded like a chick pecking rice, practically unable to suppress the joy in his heart. As expected, these were the silly and cute little animals of the Nemo Royal Clan.

Possier merely felt that the little guy’s voice was a little too loud. He continued to lower his voice and said, “Be quiet first, I have something to tell you now.”

“Okay!” Xiao WuYi obediently sat down and earnestly and cheerfully looked at Possier.

Possier was about to say his identity, but then, Nie Xiao and the others returned. Possier’s words were all stifled in his throat, and he could only sullenly clutch his chest in pain.

“You guys are too fast!!”

Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu, Duan Wenyu, and several other people couldn’t help but stop in their steps, heads shrouded in fog3very confused.

“???” What’s your point?

Ning Feng couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and uttered a question from the soul, “Could it be that you mermaids’ time are different compared to ours? Does releasing the water even need to last long? Wouldn’t that imply impure urine4im guessing it’s a symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI), but… there might be double meanings underneath here?”

Xiao Yan, who thought nothing of it when Possier asked, now couldn’t help but snort, laughing out loudly.

The men present: “…”

Duan Wenyu rubbed Ning Feng’s head and said with meaningful and heartfelt wishes, “Silly boy, pay attention to the situation when speaking, you overthink.”

Ning Feng’s face immediately flushed crimson.

Xiao WuYi completely didn’t notice the toy car that swiftly passed by him5I am not very sure about this, but my best bet is the Winnie the Pooh toy car meme which became the most censored image in China during 2015. A reader also pointed out below that it might be a reference to “driving” which connects to things related to sex… orz they make much more sense than mine hahahha. He rushed to Nie Xiao happily and threw himself into his arms. “Daddy, Daddy!! Just now, fickle fish told me that he also likes Nemo very much!!!”

“Don’t… I…”

Possier was simply too late to stop it, his outstretched hand halted mid-air. As everyone simultaneously looked over, he suddenly felt his entire fishly being become unwell and fidgety.

Ah ah ah, it’s over. I’m done for. We’re going to be exposed.

However, the situation was far beyond Possier’s expectations. Not only did he not arouse any suspicion, but he also got everyone’s affirmation.

Have these two told everyone about their identities already?

Haven’t these two read the interstellar law? Are they not afraid of landing in prison?

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but glance at Possier at this time, feeling a little strange as he said, “You also know Nemo even though you lived in the sea?”

Possier was inwardly panicking, but he still nodded in response and said, “En, I know of it. It’s quite famous.”

Xiao WuYi was exceedingly glad at the moment as if he finally found a fellow enthusiast among a vast sea of people. He ran back to the truck to get his strawberry bag and then took out a huge fish-shaped pillow from it.

“Fickle fish, I’ll give this to you!” WuYi stuffed the pillow into Possier’s arms without the slightest hesitation and said with joyful expression, “You have to treat this Nemo well oh!!!”

Nie Xiao was a little surprised at this scene and couldn’t help rubbing the youth’s head. “But this is your favorite pillow. We only have this one in our house. It would be gone if you gave it away!”

The pillow was specially bought by Nie Xiao for the little guy before the apocalypse. Since inadvertently letting the little hamster watch the movie, the little guy has completely fallen in love with the fish, even to the point of making him unable to restrain his jealousy sometimes.

“It’s okay. Fickle fish will take care of it for me! Plus Daddy, you bought me other little Nemos before!” Xiao WuYi shook his head and replied. His little face was puffed pink, showing how happy he was.

Possier held the big fish-shaped pillow in his arms and was puzzled for a long while. He looked at everyone around him. A mermaid’s sixth sense made him swallow all his doubts into his stomach for the time being.

Jiang Qiu looked at the childish pillow and gazed at Possier with somewhat strange eyes. The youngest person present here was Ning Feng, and he was long past the age of obsessing over animations.

Tsk tsk, one can’t judge people based on appearances. “Don’t worry, it’s okay to be a bit childish. We won’t laugh at you.” Jiang Qiu patted Possier on the shoulder.

Possier: “???”

Soon after, the truck set off again.

Possier was pulled over by the young boy to lean on the big tiger’s soft fur. He was brainwashed all afternoon with a movie about a small fish called Nemo playing on the tablet.

Ultimately, Possier looked at the clownfish pillow in his arms and fiercely buried his head in it.

Did he really make a mistake? Are they really just native fairies?

Ah, my Heavens, my Earth ah!

Where are my comrades even at!!

The little hamster saw Possier burying his head on the pillow and sniffing6as in fangirling and the like the fish, and his heart couldn’t be happier. He couldn’t help sharing it with Nie Xiao.

“Chi!” Daddy, fickle fish really likes Nemo! But still, Baby is the world’s number one little hamster who likes Nemo!

Nie Xiao’s eyes instantly filled with tenderness, “Yes.”

After watching the movie for an entire afternoon, the big tiger seemed to have figured out the reason why he felt that the word “Nemo” sounded cordial and familiar to him. It must be because the other party was a fish that he remembered.

After all, fish is such a delicious thing!


At the moment, on the other side.

Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s team, who were advancing towards Haicheng, were also nearing Haicheng Strait.

Except for being startled by the child Mo Ye at the beginning, their journey went smoothly afterwards. There were no more delays after the one in the middle.

Even the zombie insects that were emerging at present were far away from their team, and they had no casualties among them even when they were going through hardships.

It’s just that some of the food they gathered would occasionally disappear, but because there was no shortage of food in the truck, everyone didn’t pay it much heed. They only thought that their companions who got hungry were the ones eating them and didn’t harbor the least bit of suspicions.

Wu Qingfeng and the others were currently looking at the route. They were very close to Haicheng, and couldn’t help but get excited.

But completely without their notice, a shadow has been constantly following their truck.

  • 1
    thank you too, readers! For being patient with me and picking up this story <3
  • 2
    WuYi and Possier were actually talking without pronouns {it, them} here, so it was more ambiguous in Chinese.
  • 3
    very confused
  • 4
    im guessing it’s a symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI), but… there might be double meanings underneath here
  • 5
    I am not very sure about this, but my best bet is the Winnie the Pooh toy car meme which became the most censored image in China during 2015. A reader also pointed out below that it might be a reference to “driving” which connects to things related to sex… orz they make much more sense than mine hahahha
  • 6
    as in fangirling and the like


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