Chapter 45 – WuYi hates zombie bugs

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Night passed.

Almost all survivors in the world have discovered a very serious problem. That is, among the zombies’ ranks, animals that have never been seen before suddenly started emerging.

The lethality of these animal zombies was far greater than that of human zombies. Cockroaches, mice, ants, spiders, and so on, as well as insect zombies, appeared one after another, making it difficult for anyone to defend. If they were accidentally bitten, they would be infected and turn into zombies. At the same time, because the wound is infinitesimal, it cannot be noticed immediately.

As soon as Nie Xiao’s team woke up, they found a dense layer of zombie insects attached to the window’s glass. When they crawled past, they would make tooth itching rustling noises.

Looking at these bugs, the little hamster felt a loathing coming from the very bottom of his heart. He hid in Nie Xiao’s pocket. “Daddy, they’re so disgusting!”

Watching this scene, Ning Feng couldn’t help his scalp from tingling. He burned them clean faster than his mind could think, resulting in a lot of fine fragments of mini-crystal nuclei to fall on the ground.

Faced with such zombie insects, everyone’s expressions looked ugly, and almost tacitly, they began to worry about the situation in the base.

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but say with an awful face, “These insects will bore through places where they smell the presence of living people. The walls around the base won’t be able to stop them at all. There’s practically no hole they can’t enter.”

Ning Feng madly clutched his hair. “Then what should be done with these bugs!! The majority of the base’s occupants consist of ordinary people.”

“Fuck, it really became annoying this time.”

Nie Xiao’s face was also heavily scrunched up at this time.

However, no matter how worried they were about home, there was no turning back at this moment. Even if they do go back, it wouldn’t make much of a difference in this situation.

What they should focus on right now is rescuing those scientists as soon as possible. Solving the zombie virus is the only way to resolve all these problems once and for all.

“We’ll continue our journey.” Nie Xiao raised his hand and wiped his face, then solemnly looked at Haicheng’s direction with a resolute gaze.

Xie Jun took a deep breath, comforting everyone and comforting himself at the same time, “There’s still Xiao Yu in the base. Her ability is very powerful; it can definitely protect everyone.”

Thinking of Wu Wenyu, Wu Wenqi, and the others, Nie Xiao’s team’s expressions slightly relaxed.

“Yes, we must have confidence in them.”


At that very moment.

In the distant WuYi Base in Fengcheng.

Early in the morning, Wu Wenqi and the others were overwhelmed by the sudden uproar in the base, along with the sudden appearance of zombies inside that caught everyone off guard.

Although the zombies that popped up were quickly dealt with and didn’t cause a larger area of casualties and infections, the entire base had begun to panic.

No one knew if they would be bitten by a zombie insect that would suddenly appear while they’re sleeping, walking, or resting.

At the base’s center, in the villa district.

Wu Wenqi stretched out his hand and wiped his face. With a somewhat ugly expression on his face, he told the subordinates next to him, “First, notify everyone to wear long shirts and trousers as much as possible and tighten their socks’ cuffs to reduce skin exposure, and to also close their doors and windows during day and night. Then organize personnel to distribute and make mosquito nets. In short, start with the preventive measures first.”

Although these were only treating symptoms and not the root cause, these crude methods were the best they could employ at the moment.

Headmaster Yuan hurriedly walked in. This situation was far beyond their expectations. He sighed solemnly and said, “I just received news that there have been riots of varying degrees in several other bases, domestically and abroad. All of them are currently thinking of ways to resist these zombie insects.”

“And in China right now, our base’s circumstances are the most severe. Compared with the Capital, Harbin and Lancheng base in the northwest, the humid climate here in the south is the most suitable for the growth of insects.”

“Furthermore, the weather will only get hotter in a few days.” Headmaster Yuan looked at the clear sky outside, frowning as he spoke.

Standing by the window, Wu Wenyu felt a little uncomfortable looking at the quiet and depressing base outside. Because of the zombie insects, everyone was now afraid to go out, and the atmosphere in the entire base has become lifeless; a far cry from the excitement and liveliness of the past.

“I’m going to give it a try!”

Wu Wenyu suddenly turned around and looked at her brother, Headmaster Yuan, and the others. She created a small transparent defensive shield in her hands as her face showed firmness.

Headmaster Yuan looked at the petite girl in front of him and couldn’t help but remember the time they were at Yuncheng University. He was both moved and worried as he said, “Xiao Yu, your ability isn’t a long-term solution. The base is so big, can you cover it all the time?”

Wu Wenqi felt sorry for his sister. He rubbed Wu Wenyu’s head and said warmly, “Xiao Yu, everyone can think of a solution together, you don’t have to bear it alone.”

“Brother, I know, but let me try it first. The insects’ attack power isn’t that strong, and I’ll just open my defensive shield to hinder them from entering, it wouldn’t tire me too much.” Wu Wenyu appeased her brother, and said with a smile, pretending to be relaxed, “As long as you guys give me enough crystal nuclei, it’ll be fine.”

Wu Wenqi couldn’t refute Wu Wenyu for a while. Wu Wenyu’s ability was indeed the best way to solve the insect invasion.

However, Wu Wenqi was still unwilling to let his sister carry such a heavy burden out of his own selfishness.

However, at that moment, a dense, black cloud suddenly floated in the distant sky, and a closer look revealed that it was the zombie insects. These insects smelled the fresh smell of food in the base and were striving to outdo each other towards the source, making tooth-aching buzzing noises in the process.

Such a scene gave Wu Wenqi no room for rejection or hesitation.

Wu Wenyu immediately smiled. She cast a soothing look without any trace of fear at her brother, and then using herself as the center, she quickly propped up a transparent protective umbrella for the entire base.

“Brother, rest assured, I’m fine.”

Hearing this, Wu Wenqi’s nose suddenly turned sour and he rubbed his sister’s head. At some point, the little girl he has been protecting had already grown into a towering tree that could shelter others.

In an instant, the transparent defensive shield covered the entire base, and the momentum of the approaching tumultuous zombie insects was blocked out. The huge impact of their strike and the buzzing noises made everyone in the base unable to help coming out to take a look.

Seeing the huge defensive shield above their heads and the insects attached to its surface, everyone’s hearts trembled uncontrollably and the force of this shocking surprise made everyone’s eyes sour.

“It’s Miss Xiao Yu!!!”

“En, she’s protecting us.”

At that time, the base’s internal broadcast sounded.

——”All within the base, heed these orders. At this time, all ability users are to conduct a pest extermination operation, and the others are to offer their full cooperation, each contributing their own strength to protect our base.”


The voice fell and everyone actively responded. For a while, various abilities simultaneously appeared in the sky, neatly scrubbing away the zombie insects attached to the defensive shield.

Everyone worked together to keep the protective umbrella in its clearest and cleanest state at all times.


In addition to them, survivors in the Capital Base, Harbin Base, Lancheng Base, and in other countries and regions in the world have also taken action, whether it be defense using physical equipment or defense using various kinds of abilities. In a word, humanity was trying its best to survive.

Survivor bases who got in touch with each other also unreservedly shared measures and methods on resisting the zombie insects.



Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the others, who were trapped in the auditorium, have finally heard a trace of different movement from outside after so many days.

“Someone has come to save us.” Wei Hanming’s psychic ability quickly sensed it the moment someone stepped into his range.

Hearing this, Bai Yue couldn’t help but reveal a cheerful expression as he said, “Really?”

“Yes, and the firepower of the two ability users heading them are quite powerful.” Wei Hanming couldn’t help but feel happy as he replied with a smile, “They’re coming towards us.”

Everyone present who heard these words couldn’t help but show a joyful expression. Although they have three ability users in their midst whether it be Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, or Meng Zhongde none of them possess offensive abilities.

This was also the reason why they were surrounded by zombies and cannot get out at all. It couldn’t be better than having someone coming at this time.

Meanwhile, outside the auditorium.

Two tall and burly men were cleaning the surrounding zombies with several younger brothers. Led by the two men, all of them were holding a special weapon in their hands which they use to rip zombies apart.

“How come there are so many zombies here, are there survivors?”

A younger brother couldn’t help but wonder as he looked in the direction of the auditorium. Then he turned towards the two tall and burly men. “Two bosses, let’s go and take a look!!!”

Having been called like this, the backs of the two men in the lead couldn’t help but stiffen. Initially, they had just come out to find something to eat but were inexplicably swayed by these overly enthusiastic earthlings.

Feng Dao’s1锋刀: sharp knife/blade brain somewhat hurt. As he carried his own broadsword to harvest the zombies, his bronze skin glowed with a healthy luster. “Don’t call us boss. We’re not your boss!!!”

“Boss, you saved us, so you are naturally our boss.”

Feng Qiang2锋枪: sharp gun/ machine gun comforted his eldest brother, already a bit resigned to their fate, “Brother, let them call whatever, we can’t go back for the time being anyway.”

Feng Dao heard this and couldn’t help sighing heavily. This trip to earth was simply like a trip to hell.

These two brothers came from the interstellar’s brilliant and famous Qijiang race. They never expected that they would fall to the point where they could not return home.

Their aircraft that was originally hidden on the back of the moon suddenly cut off contact with them, and the commands they sent to it were as if stones that were thrown into the sea and sunk without a trace; completely without any response.

Until now, there has been no response even if they called every day, and any call made from Earth wasn’t working. It seems as if this whole planet was isolated from the universe.

Looking at the zombies in front of them, the two brothers, Feng Dao and Feng Qiang, felt even more vexed. A tourist destination turned into such a hellish-looking place without rhyme or reason.

Just when the two brothers were feeling incessantly vexed, a pleasant-sounding male voice was heard in their minds, shocking everyone present along. They couldn’t help but look around until finally, all their sights fell on the auditorium that was surrounded by layers of zombies.

“We’re in the auditorium, please save us! We are all scientists.”

Hearing the voice of a survivor, all the younger brothers couldn’t help but get excited. However, they couldn’t go over there with so many zombies and thus could only look eagerly at Feng Dao and Feng Qiang.

“Two bosses, did you hear that? Let’s quickly go and save them!!!”

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang: “…” So troublesome.

However, despite their faces revealing how troublesome they find it to be or how they were thinking of wanting to refuse, the two brothers’ bodies still honestly advanced towards the direction of the auditorium while killing the zombies.



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