Chapter 44 – WuYi learns a new kissing method

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Soon after, lunch was ready.

Possier hasn’t been on the shore since the breakout of the apocalypse, and he also hasn’t eaten cooked food for a long time. He held the bowl Jiang Qiu brought over, laid it on the edge of the black box, and slurped the seafood noodles in the bowl.

His pair of eyes would look at Nie Xiao and the little hamster from time to time, appearing a little absent-minded.

Ning Feng and the others, who were also eating noodles, saw Possier placing the bowl of instant noodles against his absolutely beautiful face and humbly1down to earth, with the common people eating it. They suddenly felt that their bowls of noodles were of a high-end atmosphere and quality.

However, just when they were thinking about it that way, they saw a certain mermaid accidentally fling out a strip of noodle and splash the spicy soup to their eye.

“Fuck ah ah ah, Laozi’s eye is going blind.”

Ning Feng, Jiang Qiu, and the others: “…”

Tch, they were clearly blinded by face value.

Nie Xiao didn’t pay attention to their side and concentrated on feeding the little hamster beside him, using his chopsticks to cut the noodles into short pieces and then feeding them to his little cub.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but curl his lips when he saw the other person’s cute and delighted face while eating.

Not changing into human form was indeed quite economic. Just a little bit from the gap between the teeth could be used to feed the small dumpling.

The big tiger immersed his head in a specially-dedicated basin and ate. Smelling the scent of mermaid meat in the air, he felt that he could eat two more basin-portions.

Possier washed his sore eyes in the water then raised his head again. He looked at the two animals, big and small, that were already very familiar with the earthlings, and thought about how to find a chance to check the code with them.

He had observed that these two were calmer than him and their performance was quite impressive.

Jiang Qiu saw Possier staring at Nie Xiao, and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He walked over and took away Possier’s empty bowl. “Have you eaten your fill? Stop looking. That person would not raise another one, probably not a fish as big as you.”

Possier’s thoughts were interrupted. He raised his head and saw the man he kissed earlier. He looked quite to his liking. He couldn’t help but raise his brow, and hook his fingers in an extremely enticingly beautiful manner.

“Then you come and raise me.”

“Crazy.” Jiang Qiu took the bowl away, turned, and left. His ears were red to their roots.

Ning Feng, Duan Wenyu, Xiao Yan, and the others were holding their bowls and making the tsk tsk tsk sound of eating melons. Who could’ve thought, Jiangqiuqiu, every dog has its day!!!

After quickly solving lunch, the team continued on their journey. Nie Xiao switched with Xie Jun and sat in the driver’s seat, vowing to catch up with the delayed time.

Afterwards, everyone experienced the feeling of riding on a roller coaster.

Xie Jun suddenly understood the reason why Ning Feng and the others would not let Nie Xiao drive the past few days; he drives the truck like it was a fucking fighter jet.

Even Possier, a mermaid that doesn’t get shaken when drifting amidst the wind and waves, experienced motion sickness for the first time today, and he was sunken in the black box like a dead fish.

Xie Jun couldn’t stand it either. He transformed into an axe and fixed himself inside a card slot in the car. He instantly no longer felt so dizzy from all the shaking.

On the side, Possier, who had seen Xie Jun’s transformation, couldn’t help his eyes widening. Holy shit!! Did someone from the Qijiang race also come to the earth to play?

Xie Jun felt Possier’s scorching and shocked gaze, and a voice came from the axe, sounding embarrassed, “This is my ability. It may be a little different from everyone’s hahaha, but I was still born and raised on earth as a native human being. I’m not an axe fairy ha2this was a one-syllable laugh and if Xie Jun were in human form, I guess he’d be scratching the back of his head.”

Possier whose emotions were as chaotic as the wind3lit: disheveled in the wind: “…” Forgive me for my ignorance.

Possier looked at the people present and couldn’t tell how many “comrades”4I translated this as person of the same trade last chap, changed it to suit the situation there were in the car. Everyone looks alike, ah, I can’t with this.

The little hamster had been staying in his Daddy’s pocket and experienced the invigorating feeling of driving a speeding car in the driver’s seat.

“Chi!!!” Daddy, you’re so cool!!

After night fell, everyone drove for another two hours to catch up to their route before taking out the villa for a rest.

Possier, who was soaking in the heavy black box, was carried into the villa by everyone and was directly placed in the living room on the first floor.

Ning Feng looked at the pearls in Possier’s box, curiously twirled some of them for a look, and asked, “Can these pearls help you get past the estrus?”

After hearing this, Nie Xiao and the others’ curiosity were also piqued a little and they all looked over immediately.

Possier had no intentions of hiding it. He nodded directly, and said seriously, “Yeah, this type of pearl is a bit special. It contains inhibitors, but it must have enough water for it to release it. As for the best way to pass the estrus period, it’s finding someone to mate with. However, a mermaid can only have one partner in their lifetime so they can’t mess around when it comes to this.”

“It is said that the most loyal race in the universe is us mermaids.”

“…?” Who are you bluffing!

Everyone saw Possier’s conceited face, and all of them, including Nie Xiao, couldn’t help but look back at Jiang Qiu.

They really couldn’t see where the mermaid race’s loyalty was.

Jiang Qiu, who was being stared at by everyone, took a step back, the corners of his mouth twitching uncontrollably.

Ning Feng suddenly came up with an issue at this time. He turned to look at the little hamster in Nie Xiao’s chest pocket and rubbed his chin with a luminous gaze as he said, “Mermaids have an estrus period, so will this little fairy hamster also have an estrus period, I wonder?”

Hearing this, Duan Wenyu and the others immediately raised their heads simultaneously, and their meaningful gazes wandered across Nie Xiao’s face.

Nie Xiao: “…”

As soon as Nie Xiao lowered his head, he met his cub’s innocent and ignorant eyes. He suddenly couldn’t bear staying downstairs any longer. He looked back up at Duan Wenyu and the others, and only felt that these people’s conscience were greatly broken for deliberately trying to corrupt his family’s child.

“Don’t arbitrarily guess. Go to sleep. We still have to continue our journey early tomorrow.” Nie Xiao dismissed everyone, and then went upstairs to the bedroom first, not giving anyone room to talk.

Duan Wenyu and the others watched his hurried figure from behind and suddenly laughed.

“Then we’ll go to bed too, goodnight.”


Possier watched everyone go back to their rooms until only he and the big tiger were resting in the living room. He then felt that his opportunity had come.

However, just a few seconds after entering his room, Jiang Qiu suddenly turned back and brought the big tiger into his room. Finally, he said to Possier in a tsundere manner:

“You don’t need to thank me. It would be scary to see a pile of fish bones tomorrow morning.”

Possier watched the back of the stinky man, Jiang Qiu, and was so angry that he spit bubbles in the water, saying swear words which appropriateness were questionable.

In the master bedroom.

The little hamster changed back to the appearance of a human, waited for Nie Xiao to finish showering, and then directly pounced on him.

Nie Xiao swiftly caught the youth with both arms and said with a smile, “Why did you transform the moment we got back to the room? You obviously didn’t want to change during the day!”

“Because Baby now wants Daddy to hold him to sleep!” Xiao WuYi spoke of a very adequate reason after deeply weighing his thoughts.

Nie Xiao was stunned by these words. He rubbed the boy’s head and picked him up, stuffed him into the quilt, and then climbed onto the bed.

“Okay, okay, let’s go to sleep.” Nie Xiao asked Xiao WuYi to find a comfortable position in his arms and then closed his eyes.

However, after a while, the youth suddenly started moving about. Nie Xiao could only open his eyes, meeting the youth’s bright and clear black eyes soon after.

“What’s wrong?”

“Baby needs to kiss to sleep.” Xiao WuYi looked up at Nie Xiao, whining like a spoiled child as he spoke.

Nie Xiao helplessly smiled, and then dropped an indulgent and pampering kiss on the boy’s forehead. “Can you sleep now, little ancestor?”

“Not like that.” Xiao WuYi wrinkled his brows and said in a somewhat dissatisfied manner. Then, he took the initiative to raise his head and close in upwards, directly kissing Nie Xiao’s lips with a bochi. Afterwards, he tentatively stretched out a pink tongue and licked softly like a little beast.

Feeling the moist touch, the color of Nie Xiao’s eyes suddenly deepened and his voice also became husky.

“What is Baby doing?”

“I saw the fickle fish and Jiangqiuqiu kiss each other like this. They looked like it was more comfortable like this, but it seems like it’s not the case for me.” Xiao WuYi wrinkled his little face, a bit sad and regretful. Every time he and Nie Xiao kissed each other, it does not have that wet sensation.

Listening to this, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but inwardly scold those two guys for misguiding his cub.

“Daddy, will you? Can you teach Baby?” Xiao WuYi grabbed Nie Xiao’s pajamas on his chest with both hands, and eagerly gazed at him.

As soon as Nie Xiao lowered his head, he was faced with the youth’s eyes that were full of longing and hope. His throat couldn’t help but tighten, and a certain string in his head stretched taut and snapped with a pop.

Today, he suddenly didn’t want to behave with integrity.

“Alright, Daddy will teach you.”

Nie Xiao was tempted by the fairy. He couldn’t control himself and leaned close. His deep eyes filled with affection, and his hoarse and deep voice seemed like a feather brushing him gently, making the young boy’s ears a little numb and itchy.

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao, who had suddenly become like the emperor of the dark night, and his little face immediately turned red. He subconsciously closed his eyes, too embarrassed to look at Nie Xiao.

His squeezed hand carried an unconscious tension.

Nie Xiao watched the teenager’s appearance, chuckled, and then drove straight in to kiss the other’s lips, giving his curious baby a vivid and lingering lesson.

After it ended, Nie Xiao looked at the youth who had been kissed so badly by him that his eyes blurred. He laughed again and decided to let him go for a while, gently biting on the fair, white cheek.

“Baby, remember to breathe.”

“Have you learned?”

Xiao WuYi panted lightly, and shyly nodded like a small shrimp. His mouth was kissed red and plump, but he unexpectedly liked that feeling when their lips and teeth mingled together.

It seemed as if his whole body was wrapped up in Nie Xiao’s scent, and it was so comfortable that he was about to melt away.

“Baby likes this kind of kiss.”

Xiao WuYi held his flushed little face. After reviving his energy, he grabbed Nie Xiao’s pajamas on the chest again, and gazed at Nie Xiao with gleaming eyes. He opened and closed his rosy little mouth as he demanded:

“Baby has learned, but Baby still wants more!”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao felt that at that moment, the fairy youth in front of him was not asking him for a kiss, but rather for his soul.

The seduced Nie Xiao practically couldn’t hold on and pressed him down with his body for another kiss. After several kisses, Nie Xiao was going out of control, and his breathing was turning chaotic.

Nie Xiao ultimately resisted and didn’t dare to continue once more. He gently wiped the boy’s moist, red lips with his fingers, and then pressed the boy’s head to his chest before saying hoarsely, “That’s enough kisses today, let’s end it here. Be good and go to sleep.”

Xiao WuYi smacked his little mouth, feeling satisfied and content. He closed his eyes, looking like a satiated little beast, and comfortably buried his head in Nie Xiao’s arms to fall asleep obediently.

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

“…Yi? Weird. Daddy, something is poking me in the quilt.”

“It’s nothing. Don’t move around, behave.” Nie Xiao’s breathing was a little messy. He caught Xiao WuYi’s hands that wanted to grope around downwards, lowered his head, and gently kissed the young man’s hair.

“There’s clearly something.”

“Behave babe5he said bao instead of baobao so I also shortened it hahahah, don’t make trouble.”

He endured until the youth’s breathing was steady. Nie Xiao was finally saved. He carefully withdrew his body, softly and quietly got out of bed, and went into the bathroom.

After a long time, Nie Xiao returned to the bed with his entire body covered in water vapor.

Then he had a good night’s sleep afterwards.


However, while Nie Xiao’s team was immersed in their sweet dreams, the apocalyptic situation was further aggravated, and all creatures on the earth would soon be facing a greater survival crisis.

The culprit who caused all of this clapped his hands lightly, left the land with glee, and returned to his secret laboratory amongst the starry sky, devoting himself to developing a cage that could confine everything.

Afterwards, Saath would only need to bring these cages he had developed back to those several planets and search for the most vibrant places so he could easily capture his little prince.

The place where the little prince who controls vitality and space-time is bound to be like a dazzling light of hope in this bleak apocalypse.

How easy to find, isn’t he?


  • 1
    down to earth, with the common people
  • 2
    this was a one-syllable laugh and if Xie Jun were in human form, I guess he’d be scratching the back of his head
  • 3
    lit: disheveled in the wind
  • 4
    I translated this as person of the same trade last chap, changed it to suit the situation
  • 5
    he said bao instead of baobao so I also shortened it hahahah


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