Chapter 43 – WuYi meets a mermaid

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Imagine the black box as a horizontal rectangular box, somewhat like a casket or a coffin. 


Jiang Qiu was stunned.

Everyone present was stunned.

Do you need to be bursting with passion as soon as you speak?

Even though Nie Xiao quickly covered the little hamster’s ears, the little hamster still heard everything.

Jiang Qiu was sweating profusely at this time. Both his hands tenaciously grabbed onto the edge of the black box, determined not to be pulled in. Since being born twenty-seven years ago, this was his first time encountering a chastity crisis and was in panic.

He shouldn’t have derided Nie Xiao, because sure enough, his retribution had come.

The creature in the box couldn’t pull in the unmoving Jiang Qiu. Its body was stirring restlessly from the extreme discomfort, thus, unable to hold back, it finally stuck its head out of the pearls.

Jiang Qiu, who was the closest, was instantly shocked when his wide eyes met the other’s face and he stood rooted in place, staring blankly.

Then, he was kissed by the other party.


Xiao Yan saw this familiar scene and her girlish heart exploded once again. She couldn’t help but cover her red cheeks and let out a bashful and repressed shriek, “Oh my gaaaahhh, another kiss ahh!”

Nie Xiao then quickly covered the little hamster’s eyes, but still, he saw what he should see.

The little hamster blinked his small, glistening black eyes. He suddenly learned a new way to kiss his Daddy.

After a wet french kiss, Jiang Qiu’s collar was released and he directly sat butt-first on the ground. His wheat-colored face had started to burn long ago, and red had permeated to the roots of his ears. The warm and soft sensation of the other’s lips seemed to still remain on his mouth.

The peerlessly beautiful mermaid that emerged from the box now stared at everyone with beautiful, deep sea gem-like eyes.

Although he got a bit of relief after the kiss, there was still a hint of unnatural flush on his fair skin and the sweetness in the air seemed to be more intense than before.

“What are you looking at! Never seen a mermaid in estrus before!!?”

Everyone simultaneously shook their heads: “…”

We really have never seen one before.

Everyone stared in a daze at the male mermaid in front of them. They had lived on Earth for so many years and it was truly their first time seeing a living mermaid straight from the fairy tales and legends.

Following the little hamster becoming a fairy, their worldview was refreshed yet again.

In this apocalypse, truly all types of magical species have appeared.

Speaking of…

Everyone couldn’t help but lower their heads to glance at a certain little hamster. The method of approach of these related species was exactly the same.

Are you non-human races all this passionate and straightforward?

The little hamster didn’t care about everyone’s meaningful glances. Lying in his daddy’s pocket, his glossy eyes looked straight at the big mermaid in the black box.

He tilted his little head as the feeling of familiarity increased.

The big tiger sniffed the familiar scent of fish in the air and only felt his saliva about to flow down. He looked at the big fat fish with his eyes flashing green.

It smells so good, I really want to eat fish!

Possier keenly felt the big cat’s covetous1literally ‘tiger watching his prey’ gaze next to him and his whole fishly being suddenly felt uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but move downwards the pearls.

However, the dryness in his body was still intensifying, so much so that even his entire body was beginning to weaken and soften.

“Do you have water?! Quick, pour some water into my box!! Laozi really can’t stand it anymore! If there’s no water, Laozi is really going to fuck someone!” Possier yelled impatiently, his entire face flushed.

Hearing this, Jiang Qiu immediately covered his collar firmly and stepped back far away in fright. At this time, his tough guy image had all but disappeared.

Nie Xiao returned to covering his little hamster’s ears. Looking at the erotic2horny xD fish in front of him, he suddenly felt that, indeed, his cub was way more lovely.

Duan Wenyu looked at the box full of white pearls that were gradually losing their luster. He seemed to have understood something at that moment so he immediately used his ability to fill Possier’s box with water.

The white pearls absorbed the water and released inhibitors which instantly relieved Possier a lot. The delicious sweet smell in the air also diminished a little.

Possier breathed a sigh of relief, then appreciatively looked at Duan Wenyu while nodding in satisfaction. “You have a pretty good water technique, I might consider marrying you.”

Duan Wenyu: “…”

……I refuse.

Jiang Qiu: “…”

I lost my first kiss to this saying three in the morning but four in the evening3indicisive, fickle, spicy chicken4trash fish?

Ning Feng, who also heard those words, sparked a flame in his hand, expressionlessly looked at the big tiger next to him, and said, “General, let’s eat grilled mermaid today!”

The big tiger hummed in complete agreement.

Possier heard this and his entire fishly being was immediately terrified. He buried himself in the pearls, spitting bubbles in the water super quietly which translates to, “I’m just kidding, you earthlings are really stingy!”

Everyone: “…”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but rub his temples at this time. Smelling the somewhat greasy sweet smell in the vehicle, he just thought that it seemed to cause a lot of trouble. Those zombies were obviously attracted by the smell of this mermaid.

“Can you restrain your smell?”

Hearing this, Possier poked his head out of the water again, at the same time exposing a small part of his beautiful golden-red fish tail. Quite proudly, he said, “This is my pheromone, it will disappear when my estrus period is over. Currently, the mermaid tribe’s pheromone has the most beautiful smell in the universe. It smells particularly good, right? Being able to smell it is a gift to you.”

Nie Xiao was expressionless. He said without any intentions of giving him any face, “Then how long will your special period end? It’s attracting zombies which is really troublesome.”

Possier’s face suddenly stiffened when he heard this. The most narcissistic figure from the most narcissistic race in the universe could not accept such cold-shoulder.

However, the others nodded in agreement one after another.

Possier was speechless. Having suffered a full-on psychological blow, he stretched out three fingers with a blushing face and said, seething, “It will take at least three days. You fish-lipped5a literal insult, i guess —-me: searching fish images to see if my lips look like a fish’s humans don’t know how to appreciate!!”

Everyone: Tsk, really troublesome.

Possier who immersed himself in the water: …I hate you QAQ.

Duan Wenyu looked at Possier and remembered the abnormal changes in the water he had seen earlier. He immediately asked, “Have you always lived in Yangtze River before? When did the fish in the water become zombies?”

Nie Xiao and the others heard his question and immediately braced themselves as they looked at Possier.

Regarding this, Possier was unable to make heads or tails of it. He also felt so angry that his beautiful fin-shaped ears were releasing steam. “I did not live in the Yangtze River. Laozi escaped from the sea overnight. Originally, only you on land had a problem, it was still alright under the sea. But in one night, all of the marine fishes inexplicably changed into something that was neither fish nor ghosts.”

“I finally managed to swim away but as a result, half a day had yet to pass and all the fishes here changed into zombies, and it even happened right when it’s my estrus period. What the hell!!” Possier angrily ranted. He wouldn’t be able to go back to seawater or freshwater in the future.

Nie Xiao and the others who were listening, immediately looked at each other in dismay, the expressions on their faces not looking good. This only proves that the apocalypse was taking a more severe form.

Ning Feng was watching the gradually warming weather when he suddenly hugged his arms as he felt a shiver all over that wasn’t caused by the cold. “Animals are starting to become zombies, then after a while, will mosquitoes also become a mode of transmission for the virus? When that time comes, it will be impossible to defend against it even if we have established a base.”

“We must go to Haicheng quickly and rescue those scientists.” Nie Xiao said, his expression also not very good. If this continues and that time indeed comes, all living creatures on earth will simply be waiting for extinction.

Possier was looking down at this time, feeling a little depressed and irritable. This sneaky runaway trip was thoroughly unlucky. If he had known earlier, being forced to go on that blind date would’ve been better than encountering this disaster.

Possier rubbed the sapphire ring on his finger. It has been almost half a month since his transmitter sent a signal, but his family still hasn’t given him any response.

Looking at these earthlings who have not yet entered interstellar civilization, Possier can only take it one step at a time first.

…As long as he keeps a low profile and not expose his alien visitor identity, the interstellar law probably won’t sentence him.

Possier saw everyone’s acceptance of the mermaid race setting and expressed his thanks to his ancestors who had secretly visited the earth before.

Nie Xiao’s group could never have imagined that while humans were still guessing whether there were aliens or not, the earth had already been secretly considered as a tourist destination by many aliens.

It was already noon. After such a delay, their speed during the previous few days cannot be maintained, let alone accelerate.

However, no matter how pressing hastening the journey was, everyone couldn’t bear the hunger anymore. So, they had to stop for a short time halfway through and eat something in the back compartment.

The little hamster had been quietly staying in his daddy’s pocket, thinking about the inexplicable familiarity of Possier’s smell. Speaking of which, he had also felt this familiarity with the big tiger.

But he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

The little hamster suddenly rubbed his little furry head with his claws in distress.

When Nie Xiao noticed, he took the little guy out of his pocket, looked at Ning Feng and the food they were almost done preparing, and asked with concern, “What’s wrong Baby? Do you want to change into human form and eat?”

“Chi.” I don’t want to change today.

Nie Xiao didn’t force it. He rubbed the little guy’s head, and said, “Then I will just feed you some noodles later.”

The little hamster nodded obediently.

Possier, who was soaking in the black box, finally noticed this inconspicuous little dumpling, and his eyeballs were about to pop out of his eye sockets.

He stared at the little hamster on Nie Xiao’s hand, bewildered and doubtful.

“Is this your pet?” Possier, who heard Nie Xiao and the little dumpling’s conversation, swallowed his saliva before asking tentatively.

At the question, the little hamster suddenly raised his head. His small eyes stared straight at Possier, causing two pairs of eyes to meet.

“Chi!” Baby is Daddy’s boyfriend.

The little hamster took the initiative to answer, his voice cute, soft, and sticky. It doesn’t matter if other people could understand it or not.

He looked at the little guy’s sincere expression, then at Nie Xiao; Possier, a mermaid with excellent language skills, slowly issued a question mark: ?

……Your circle is really messy.

Nie Xiao: “…”

Hearing the signs of activity on the other side, Ning Feng turned his head to see what was up. He then saw the scene of these two races, one with big eyes and one with small eyes staring at each other. He was immediately cheerful, and rushed to speak, “Possier, his name is WuYi. He’s a hamster fairy raised by our boss who can also transformed into human form. He’s similar to you, not an entire person hahahaha.”

“Is that so?” Possier responded with a dry smile, then stretched out a finger, intending to shake hands with the little hamster. “It’s nice to meet you.”

At this time, the little hamster still couldn’t understand what this sense of familiarity was about, so he gave up thinking about it. He looked at the outstretched fingers of the mermaid before him and then held it with his claws a bit shyly.

“Chi!” Hellow!

Possier dazedly watched the cute and familiar comportment and almost couldn’t hold back the scream in his heart.

Aaaahh you earthlings, your thinking is too simple.

This innocent and pure appearance has the exact same flavor as those of the little animals in that silly and cute royal clan that he knows!!!

Possier couldn’t help but glance at the big tiger with a familiar aura next to him, and he suddenly had a bold conjecture in his heart.

……They might all be “people of the same trade”.










Ning Feng and General teaming up to eat Possier be like:



  • 1
    literally ‘tiger watching his prey’
  • 2
    horny xD
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    a literal insult, i guess —-me: searching fish images to see if my lips look like a fish’s


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