Chapter 41 – WuYi is the Little Prince

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Jiang Qiu and the others never thought that Nie Xiao would change his mind so quickly. They thought it would be a see-saw battle for at least another week and a half, but they could not have expected that it would be like this in a flash— Nie Xiao decisively selling himself to the little hamster.

He was obviously the most reluctant and unwilling at the start, with an ‘I will resist even until death’ appearance.

Looking at the fickle man opposite them, everyone was expressionless as they silently ridiculed.

Hah, men.

Nie Xiao also perceived the gazes cast on him by his teammates. Hugging his little cub, he rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

He was just a little bit unable to adapt to his cub’s teasing1This can also be phrased as “his cub’s loving”. Wow, I truly suffered with this slang. It can mean so many things, but I like this certain explanation: it can express love for someone or something, just want to hold him (it) in your hands and knead repeatedly in your heart.. Suddenly saying that he was going to change his identity and be a boyfriend, there ought to be some part in his heart that couldn’t get past the “old father” hurdle, that’s all.

…He never said he didn’t like it.

Nie Xiao looked at the youth in his arms, his eyes full of tenderness and pampering. As long as he let go of this knot in his heart and “stop being a human”2because ur both ability users now and ur cub is a fairy? hehe… hehehehe…., the feeling of being eaten by his own cub didn’t seem so bad.

Everyone looked at the brilliant, unrestrained smile that appeared on Nie Xiao’s face and once again felt that their eyes were going blind.

Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but wring his hands in lament as if the cabbage was dug up by a pig. “Nie Xiao, you really are a freaking old pervert. You must’ve been having designs on your cub early on but you hypocritically acted coy. You stubbornly played with your cub and made him cry, then you promised to respond to him while assuming a distressed appearance.”

“You’re too scheming, too perverted, too shameless!!!”

Nie Xiao: “…” I am not, I did not!!!

He obviously realized just a moment ago and agreed then!!!

However, the other people who heard Jiang Qiu’s words now simply felt that they were actual facts, and their eyes that looked at Nie Xiao were full of scrutiny and questioning.

Nie Xiao helplessly opened his mouth, but he couldn’t argue even if he had a hundred mouths.

Xiao WuYi didn’t care about this so much. At this moment, he was the happiest existence in the audience, and he was stickily hanging in Nie Xiao’s arms.

From now on, whether it be day or night, he can do kisses, hugs, and be lifted high with Daddy openly and confidently. They can also sleep together la!!!

“Regardless, Daddy has already promised Baby. Baby is very happy ya!” Xiao WuYi buried his head in Nie Xiao’s arms and rubbed hard as his eyes narrowed in joy.

Everyone saw this scene and was suddenly speechless. Well, alright. It’s also very good to be able to be together early, at least the little cutie is happy.

It’s just that, looking at this innocent, soft, and cute face, Jiang Qiu suddenly held a bit of schadenfreude.

This pure appearance seems like it’s the ‘doesn’t know what obligations should be fulfilled after becoming a lover’ appearance ah.

Nie Xiao will have to simmer again.

On the side, Duan Wenyu and Xiao Yan couldn’t help but start to reflect on the progress of their romantic relationships which on the contrary, were like a snail moving forward, and immediately felt ashamed from the bottom of their hearts.

Even if Nie Xiao still has to simmer, at least his relationship has already been confirmed. It was better compared to theirs, QAQ.

Duan Wenyu looked at Ning Feng beside him; Xiao Yan thought of Wu Wenqi at the base, and they sighed together.

The big tiger watching the little hamster successfully subdue such a powerful man was also happy for him in his heart.

However, later, after his memory was restored, Grand General MoYan of the dignified Nemo Royal Clan only hated himself for not sticking a tiger palm on Nie Xiao’s face at this time.

His young majesty was actually swindled by a savage man under his nose.

His intestines turned blue with regret.


At that very moment, on an attractive and beautiful green planet covered with verdant, lush forests in the vast and bright starry sky.

A refined and elegant man wearing a moon-white chang pao was gazing sadly at the distant stars.

In addition to this man, in this ancient great hall3大殿: I imagine the hall like this, but with a lot of verdant plants around. permeating with nature’s forests, there stood many small animals and many beautiful men and women in different clothing.

“Damned MoYan, he was ordered to go find the young majesty, but he himself was found missing in return! When he comes back, this dove will peck him to death!!!”

His Excellency AnYi was dressed in a white robe. He kept clutching at his smooth, long hair, causing it to become messy. It was worrying whether his beautiful dove hair would go bald. Distraught with anxiety, he couldn’t help spinning back and forth in place. Anyone watching him spin in place with their eyes would gradually notice their eyesight becoming distorted.

A small squirrel standing nearby placed his pair of small claws on his chest and couldn’t help but speak in comfort, “Your Excellency AnYi, with the abilities of the young majesty and General MoYan, they will definitely be fine. Finding them will only be a matter of time.”

“Right, right, the young majesty and the general are out of harm! Your Excellency AnYi, don’t worry, didn’t we send someone else to go and find them again!”

Others also echoed in succession.

AnYi was so worried that his hair had completely lost its luster, and he could not help but sigh.

Three years ago, their young majesty awakened his innate skill for the first time. However, because he could not control his power over space-time at that moment, he directly tore through space and disappeared without a trace.

They tried their best to suppress the news and then secretly sent Grand General MoYan to look for him, and have also found some clues bit by bit. But not long ago, even General MoYan lost contact entirely.

No matter how they transmitted their race’s signal, the other party seemed unable to receive it, and there was no response at all.

Recently, news of their young majesty’s disappearance spread throughout the whole Star Alliance somehow. Now it is unknown how many people are secretly mocking their Nemo Royal Clan as they watch, and how many sworn enemies are gearing up to take advantage of the Nemo Royal Clan’s disadvantageous situation.

The affairs that were piling up every day could really lead His Excellency AnYi to worry until his head became bald.

It’s been three years, where is their young majesty…

Saath stood at the corner of the great hall, listening to the internal discussion of the Nemo Royal Clan. With the various ability cores he had collected over the years, he could conceal his body with practically no difficulty.

No one noticed his existence.

However, Saath had been here for so many days, but every day he only hears such monotonous, dull, and unpalatable conversations.

His patience was now exhausted, and he didn’t want to count on these silly animals of the Nemo Royal Clan to give him clues anymore.

His searching efficiency might even be higher than theirs. After searching for three years and failing, he shouldn’t expect anything from the efficiency of the Nemo Royal Clan.

Saath flicked his sleeve and was about to leave, but at that moment, a snow-white carrier pigeon hurriedly flew into the great hall and landed directly on His Excellency AnYi’s hand.

“Your Excellency AnYi, there’s news! There’s news! We found General MoYan’s communicator!” With that said, the carrier pigeon handed a black communicator to AnYi.

AnYi took a closer look and quickly confirmed that it was indeed General MoYan’s communicator. With his level of authority that was higher than MoYan’s, he directly opened the communicator page.

Subsequently, the information inside popped up.

Information containing General Moyan’s final location indicated that he was actually in a starfield that has not yet officially entered interstellar civilization and is currently under the protection of the alliance law.

From a distance, Saath could see the orientation map clearly, causing his mouth to suddenly curl up into a smile. His heart’s delight was hard to suppress, and he wanted to let out a hearty laugh for this help from the Heavens.

Saath didn’t delay. He lifted his foot forward and disappeared directly from the great hall.

AnYi was a bird with the strongest innate ability. He was extremely sensitive to the surrounding airflow, wind direction, and navigation. He keenly looked towards the place where Saath had just stood as his eyes suddenly became extremely chilly and grave.

“Who was standing there just now?”

Saath returned to his secret research room and happily looked at the starfield outside which had not yet entered interstellar civilization. He had long treated this place as his experimental site.

Soon after, Saath circled the few of the starfield’s natural planets that could enable life to exist in the starfield map, including the beautiful blue earth.

Thinking of the little prince’s space-time power that could tear space and let him escape, Saath felt the need to use the ability cores in his hand to create a space cage.

Even if it could only stay closed for a few seconds, that was enough for him.

Oh, that’s right, he still has to find a way to force out his little prince.

Saath’s eyes suddenly narrowed, the corners of his lips hooked up, and he looked at the circled planets maliciously.



Xiao WuYi’s group resided in the big villa in accordance with their routine operation. Their driving speed on the road was hardly without any stopovers. According to the plan, they should be able to reach the banks of the Yangtze River tomorrow.

Then, they would proceed to Mingcheng via the suspension bridge. As long as there are no mishaps, they would be able to smoothly reach Haicheng Strait in about a week.

Nie Xiao’s brows slightly creased as he looked at the moon outside the window. He was just thinking that their speed should be accelerated a bit more. It was unknown how long the scientists in Haicheng could hold on.

Nie Xiao was plagued with many thoughts when he heard the sweet and soft voice of the youth on the bed. His little face was innocent and without troubles as if all these worries had nothing to do with him.

“Daddy, time to sleep!”

Xiao WuYi patted the soft quilt beside him as he eagerly looked at Nie Xiao. “I want to sleep like this today. I’m not changing into a little hamster.”

Nie Xiao looked at the youth’s appearance and the gloom between his eyebrows immediately dispersed. He smiled gently and said, “Anything’s fine if Baby is happy.”

Xiao WuYi stared at Nie Xiao’s handsome face, his cheeks inexplicably blushing. He shyly withdrew into the quilt, closed his eyes, and cleverly pretended to sleep.

“Baby’s asleep la!”

Nie Xiao smiled and climbed onto the bed, lowered his head to gently drop a goodnight kiss on the youth’s forehead, and placed his arms around the boy to sleep.

Their relationship had changed. Nie Xiao no longer hesitates, and the hugs were completely natural.

Nie Xiao closed his eyes and embraced his warm and tender little darling4Nie Xiao called WuYi  Xiao Baobei [小宝贝], different from the 宝宝 they both usually use. in his arms, hoping from the bottom of his heart that the apocalypse would quickly pass so his cub could continue to live a peaceful, simple life carefreely and happily instead of running around all over the place like this, which was severely dangerous.

In another room of the villa.

Bai Mei hasn’t fallen asleep either, or better yet, he doesn’t need to sleep.

He was lying on the bed with his eyes closed when his eyes suddenly shot open. He sensed low-level zombies walking towards them not far away.

Facts have proven that there are indeed many ability users who have died before they could become powerful, and those ability cores in their heads still remain undiscovered.

Bai Mei sensed that these zombies had delivered more than one ability core. He finally let out a sigh of relief, as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. The rim of his eyes was red as a smile plastered itself on his face.

However, looking at the metal fence outside, Bai Mei didn’t dare move rashly for the time being. He was not sure if he could climb over the wall without Jiang Qiu’s notice.

In consideration of this, Bai Mei decided to wait until it was daytime before stealthily summoning a few groups of zombies. Then, he would fish in troubled waters; quietly collecting ability cores.


  • 1
    This can also be phrased as “his cub’s loving”. Wow, I truly suffered with this slang. It can mean so many things, but I like this certain explanation: it can express love for someone or something, just want to hold him (it) in your hands and knead repeatedly in your heart.
  • 2
    because ur both ability users now and ur cub is a fairy? hehe… hehehehe….
  • 3
    大殿: I imagine the hall like this, but with a lot of verdant plants around.
  • 4
    Nie Xiao called WuYi  Xiao Baobei [小宝贝], different from the 宝宝 they both usually use.


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