Chapter 40 – WuYi will be good to Daddy

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Late at night, everyone was fast asleep.

After a long time of not being able to sleep, Nie Xiao sat up and looked at the little dumpling on the pillow under the moonlight passing through from outside the window.

Recalling what the other party said before going to bed, Nie Xiao’s heart inexplicably throbbed again, and when he recalled the little guy’s teenage appearance at that time, his handsome face also burned, becoming hot.

He shook his head vigorously and shook all those unclean thoughts out as well.

Nie Xiao tilted his head slightly, watching the simple-minded little dumpling sleeping with a tranquil face, his heart disrupted. He couldn’t help but suddenly stretch out his hand and forcefully rub a few times as if venting his feelings.

“Little Choubao!”

The unsuspecting little hamster was woken up by all the rubbing, and with a dazed expression struggled to sit up with his little body, but then he saw Nie Xiao move quickly to cover himself with the quilt and shut his eyes to sleep again.

Watching the man, the little hamster’s whole dumpling being suddenly felt confused.



Compared to Nie Xiao’s team who were sleeping peacefully that night, Lin Guohai’s group was very scared and on-edge all night and simply dared not close their eyes.

They used the furniture in the house to block the doors and windows so that the zombies wouldn’t be able to break in for a while. However, as the sun rose, their stomachs rumbled with hunger and it was impossible to stay in this empty room surrounded by zombies any longer.

Sooner or later, they would meet a dead end.

Arriving at this thought, Lin Guohai couldn’t help but raised his head and share a look with his wife, Liu Meijuan. Then, the two stood up, and expressionlessly walked towards the two young men sitting on the opposite side.

The two young men looked at the couple’s actions and felt something fishy, so they immediately stood up with vigilance. “What do you want?”

“I’m sorry!”

Having said that, Lin Guohai and his wife rushed straight at the two young men, and the four immediately fought with each other.

However, even if they were hungry, the two young men still had better physical strength than the middle-aged Lin Guohai and his wife, and they cannot be so easily defeated. Very soon, Lin Guohai and his wife fell into a disadvantage.

The two young men pantingly pressed the couple under them, their mouths fiercely spitting and cursing. They were completely unaware of the danger that was approaching quietly from behind.

The little fatty, who was being overlooked in the corner, noiselessly drew near with two daggers in his hands. Without the slightest hesitation, he efficiently stabbed the two young men’s backs.

These proficient movements were as if it had already been practiced countless times.

The eyes of the two young men abruptly widened, they uttered a pained groan1They censored the character for groan probably because it could also mean moan lol I cant- then lost consciousness completely as their bodies fell to the ground.

Liu Meijuan quickly got up to hug her son’s head, then kissed and stroked it. “Really deserving of being our good son, good job!”

“Mom, let’s go out quickly. I’m very hungry!”

Little Fatty said with undisturbed eyes, without the slightest sense of fear after an act of murder, as if the humans at his feet were just livestock to be slaughtered.

Lin Guohai quickly lifted the two young men’s bodies and put them at the doorway, then said to his wife and son, “Stop dawdling, hurry and stand over here!”

Afterwards, the family of three relied on the warm corpses of the two young men to attract the attention of the zombies, and smoothly escaped from the other window.

For so many days since the apocalypse, Lin Guohai’s family often used this method to get out of danger every time they encountered such a situation.

The two young men died with remaining grievances and were bitten by the zombies until not a piece of their flesh was left. They had probably never imagined that their lives would ultimately come to an end in the hands of their traveling companions.

Soon after, Lin Guohai found another car and took his wife and son to continue driving towards the direction of the base. The boy sitting in the car was so unbearably hungry that he couldn’t help but start grumbling.

“Why didn’t we kill those people yesterday? They have a big car and they also have food. We could’ve obviously killed them!”

Lin2tbh, author suddenly changed Liu to Lin which is the surname of Lin Gouhai, her husband. Idk which is the real one and which is typo Meijuan heard her son’s silly words and couldn’t help but pat the other’s head. “Silly son, those are not people we can afford to provoke. They have abilities, and if we moved against them, we would be the first to die instead. Just wait till we get to the base where we would be able to approach an ability user like them. When that time comes, we won’t have to worry about eating and drinking.”

Little fatty nodded as if he understood yet not completely, and then curled his lips. “If sister was here, we could’ve let her go and come back with a man with an ability! Then I can just eat whatever I want.”

When Liu Meijuan and Lin Guohai heard this, their eyes instantly dimmed a bit. Liu Meijuan couldn’t help but raise her hand to wipe the wetness at the corners of her eyes.


Transition to the other side. At the entrance of WuYi Base, a group of people was lining up one by one to receive inspection by relevant staff of the base.

Only after confirming that there were no signs of injury could they enter into the base.

Lin Mengfei looked up at the towering and sturdy city wall. She was in a trance as if she was still somewhat living in a dream and haven’t yet woken up. Tears unconsciously streamed down from her eyes.

——Safety, at last.

After the inspection was done, the group entered the base smoothly, and then someone led them to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the base.

Hearing that they’re all going to live in a concentration camp tonight, plus looking at the poor lodging conditions in the concentration camp’s tent, Liu Gang suddenly felt a little upset.

“I’m a fucking ability user. Is this the treatment of ability users?” Liu Gang’s face was without worry as he stretched out his hand to push the person in charge who brought them here.

The person in charge was just an ordinary person. After being pushed twice by Liu Gang, he sat directly on the ground, and his mood suddenly became unpleasant.

“It’s like this with everybody! Many ability users in the base do not have a house yet. If you want to live in a good place, then find a way to earn points in exchange for it. Providing you with three days of free rations is already very generous! If you want to stay in the base, you will have to go out to collect supplies and crystal nuclei later, then hand over half of what you’ve gathered to the base.”

“What bullshit rules!!”

Liu Gang immediately felt a puff of fire soaring in his heart. He clenched his fist for a punch, however, when his fist was thrown mid-air, it was suddenly blocked by a transparent barrier.

The person in charge opened his eyes and saw the people coming from behind Liu Gang. He was instantly pleasantly surprised, “Boss Wu, Miss Xiao Yu!!!”

Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu didn’t expect that they would encounter such a thing when they just casually came out to walk around, and also see this Liu Gang, whose expression was not too good, disrupting order. With more and more people entering the base, all kinds of people have appeared.

Wu Wenyu looked at Liu Gang and coldly said to the person in charge, “Hurting someone in the base? Deduct ten points from him!”

“Yes!” The person in charge sonorously and energetically responded without reservations, immediately feeling that he had blown off some steam. With these two people here, who would still dare to act rashly.

Liu Gang was slapped in the face like this by a little servant girl3 it’s like saying she’s a son of a bitch, and suddenly lost face. Just as he was about to speak, he was startled by the cold eyes of the burly man behind the opponent.

“If you don’t want to follow the rules, I can just throw you out of the base!”

Liu Gang and his party immediately went silent out of fear and did not dare open their mouths in this atmosphere. They looked on helplessly as the surrounding people watched the two leave with respect and admiration.

From a distance, the dialogue between the brother and sister pair could apparently be heard.

“Brother, you looked super handsome just now!”


Lin Mengfei, who was standing from afar, has her gaze firmly fixed at the backs of Wu Wenyu and Wu Wenqi as if to bore a hole.

She never thought that Wu Wenyu was still surprisingly alive. Not only was she alive, but she had also found her older brother who doted on her and had also become a major figure in this base.

Lin Mengfei touched herself who had heavy makeup and gaudy dress. Her appearance has changed beyond recognition since the last time they met. A heart burning feeling of jealousy once again filled her chest, and she was gritting her teeth with hatred.

Why is Wu Wenyu so lucky!

Zheng Wenjun was also staring at Wu Wenyu’s back in a daze. The feeling of guilt that he had been tightly pressing down inside his chest instantly loosened a little bit, and tears welled up from his eyes.

Zheng Wenjun raised his head to look at Lin Mengfei, deep resentment buried in his eyes.


At this time, WuYi and the others had set foot on the road early and continued to move forward in the direction of Haicheng.

In the truck, Xiao WuYi was leaning on the soft fur of the big tiger, playing games on his phone, while looking up to glance at Nie Xiao from time to time.

“Daddy, are you thinking about falling in love with me now?” Since waking up this morning, the youth has been asking this every so often, which made the entirety of Nie Xiao unwell.

Nie Xiao: “…” It’s too difficult for me.

Jiang Qiu, Duan Wenyu, and the others’ eyes were closed. They sat there, calm and unperturbed, preserving and nurturing their energy. Hearing the youth’s opening, all of them immediately became spirited, and they all pricked their ears to listen to gossip.

The whole truck was inexplicably4honey juice very quiet.

Being pressed hard by his own cub at every step, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but hold his forehead. He quietly raised his eyes and instantly met with WuYi’s bright ones.

Nie Xiao was speechless for a while. “I…”

However, all of a sudden, Nie Xiao was once again hit by inspiration. Nie Xiao immediately looked serious and looked at Xiao WuYi in a deadly earnest manner.

“Child, I actually like women.”

Everyone in the truck: “…” You lying ghost.

However, Xiao WuYi, the adorable ghost, believed it. Looking at Nie Xiao’s serious expression, his eyes suddenly became covered in a layer of mist, tears quickly gathered and whirled in his eyes until he cried with a pouting mouth.

“Wuwuwu, Baby doesn’t want a stepmother!!!”

Xiao WuYi stretched out his hands and suddenly plunged into Nie Xiao’s arms, feeling sad. He didn’t care about the phone anymore, he hugged Nie Xiao’s neck and won’t let go.

Pitiful, and extremely wronged.

Nie Xiao didn’t expect that the youth’s reaction would be so great. Immediately afterward, his heart hurt and became sour. Those tears of sadness poked at his chest like a knife.

Nie Xiao’s heart was suddenly thrown into disorder.

The surrounding condemning gazes around him also pierced through Nie Xiao, as if the word “Scumbag” was written on the top of his head.

“Sweet Xiao WuYi, come over to Jiejie. Don’t mind your stinky father.” Xiao Yan was really distressed when she saw WuYi’s appearance. A rare fierce glare was then given to Nie Xiao.

Nie Xiao felt that the youth was really going to push him away and almost subconsciously locked his arms tight to prevent the other person from leaving his embrace. In a split second, it was as if he had accepted his fate.

“Be good, don’t cry. Daddy won’t find you a stepmother.”

“Really?” The youth raised his head, still in tears. Half-doubtingly, he said, “But Daddy, you said you like girls.”

With that said, WuYi seemed to want to cry again.

“I lied to you.”

Nie Xiao helplessly rubbed the youth’s soft hair and said this as if he had accepted his fate. However, in his heart, it seemed as if a stone had fallen5I think this was in connection to the saying lifting a stone then hitting your own feet with it. If so, it would mean that he ate his own words… (Jiang Qiu won skskksk).

He has to admit that he was indeed eaten to death by a teenager.

“Daddy likes Choubao.”

Nie Xiao thought about it carefully. In his life, except for the little guy in front of him, he really couldn’t be with others anymore. After a while of thinking clearly, Nie Xiao felt at ease about what he said.

After he finished speaking, Nie Xiao took the initiative to kiss the youth on the cheek. His attitude changed in an instant, and everyone in the truck was suddenly blinded6by the display of affection.

Shouldn’t you struggle again for a while! You fickle and spineless man!!!

Damn, this hamster food is too greasy.7hamster food = dog food

The youth didn’t react for some time. With tears still in his eyes, he looked up at Nie Xiao blankly and then smiled sweetly and in a silly manner. His two small dimples were incomparably cute.

With a shy and excited flushed face, he pounced.

“Daddy, Baby will be good to you.”




The author has something to say: Daddy Nie is finally united in body and mind, a pervert through and through. Congratulations.







Xena: Sigh… The apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree. I hope I was wrong and little fatty’s name is really Xiao Pangdun (little fatty). You’ just a little piece of fat you fatty!

Koi: Jiang Qiu will gloat about this forever >~<

  • 1
    They censored the character for groan probably because it could also mean moan lol I cant-
  • 2
    tbh, author suddenly changed Liu to Lin which is the surname of Lin Gouhai, her husband. Idk which is the real one and which is typo
  • 3
    it’s like saying she’s a son of a bitch
  • 4
    honey juice
  • 5
    I think this was in connection to the saying lifting a stone then hitting your own feet with it. If so, it would mean that he ate his own words… (Jiang Qiu won skskksk)
  • 6
    by the display of affection
  • 7
    hamster food = dog food


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