Chapter 39 – WuYi’s portable big villa

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Nie Xiao and the others had assumed that they might encounter some survivors on their way forward, but they did not expect for people to appear so quickly. Faced with five ordinary people entreating them so piteously, Nie Xiao and the others couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“We can’t take you along with us. Our destination is Haicheng. The journey will be long and difficult, and there is no way we can attend to your safety.” Nie Xiao said truthfully in blunt refusal.

Lin Guohai and the others with him were immediately dumbfounded when they heard this. Haicheng and Fengcheng were miles and miles apart1if I was right about the places, then using an online app the specifics would be: Distance: 550.68 mi (886.23 km) Driving route: 697.09 mi (1,121.85 km), and it wasn’t known what they would encounter along the way…

“Then what should we do…” The two young men suddenly hugged their heads and squatted down in distress. Formerly, they thought that they would be able to hug their thighs2have a big backer and break away from this sea of bitterness, but who knew that they would still have to continue spending their days on tenterhooks like before.

This apocalypse, when is it really going to end? And when can one sleep peacefully?

Lin Guohai and his family were also as pale as paper at this time, and their backs were slumped and disheartened.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but curl his lips and say, “You’ve all managed to survive for so many days with both hands and feet attached and you’re still so afraid at this point? Tsk, Laozi will point you to a bright road. The original Fengcheng west hills villa district now has an established base. We came from there. From here, you can drive and reach there in just half a day.”

Hearing these words, Lin Guohai’s group were instantly shocked. They raised their heads, faces full of hope and excitement.

“Is this real!?”

“You don’t say!” Jiang Qiu rolled his eyes over the horizon. “Find a car by yourselves and drive through an area where there are fewer people, you can get there before dark!”

“We’ll go! We’ll go!”

Lin Guohai’s group excitedly wiped their tears, temporarily placed little fatty there with Nie Xiao, and looked for a car at the roadside. They didn’t have the least bit of desire to want to rely on Nie Xiao’s team again.

Compared with the unpredictable road to Haicheng, the nearby base gives them a sense of stability.

Soon, four adults came in with two cars. The thing that was the least lacking in the roads of the apocalypse were exactly these, cars.

Bai Mei gave the several people a barrel of gasoline before parting, and then the two parties went their separate ways.

Looking at the back of Lin Guohai’s group’s cars, Ning Feng couldn’t help but sigh and say, “It would be great if the communication network could be better. As long as we announce where the base is, these people probably would’ve found it by themselves earlier on. To be able to live till now, it goes without saying that some ability and courage were needed.”

Duan Wenyu rubbed Ning Feng’s head. “The communications will definitely be improved soon. When the time comes, more and more people will know of the existence of the base.”


At this very moment, there was another group of people also moving in the direction of WuYi Base. It wasn’t known where they got the news.

Leading them was an obese man embracing a dressed-up coquettish woman, who was wrapped around the man’s arm like a water snake.

“Xiao-Fei, wait until we reach the base. Gege will bring you delicious food and drinks!” The obese, greasy man kissed Lin Mengfei’s cheek. With a wave of his hand, the zombies in the distance were overwhelmed by the poured hot oil until they were beyond recognition.

“Brother Gang, you’re so kind!” Lin Mengfei looked at Liu Gang’s greasy face while enduring the nausea in her heart, her voice coy and soft.

The people next to them were all used to this scene, – even if the two weren’t compatible, what they have was a matter of mutual consent all except a frail and awkward boy who was lagging behind, looking at the two people in front with a trace of struggle and hatred flashing in his eyes.

Zheng Wenjun’s eyes were full of hatred and humiliation as he carried the heavy supplies. His thin shoulders seemed as if they were going to collapse under the weight.

Soon after, loud voices shouting at him came from the front.

“Trash, keep up!”


Nightfall. Nie Xiao and his party were getting ready to take a rest inside the truck wrapped in sleeping bags, and Nie Xiao had completely forgotten about the big villa in WuYi’s space.

When they saw the big villa appear out of nowhere in the open space, Ning Feng and the others almost knelt.


“Little Labor, you’re practically a big treasure!!” Ning Feng looked at the villa, wishing he could directly seize the youth by the neck and kiss him twice.

“It’s WuYi, definitely not Labor!” The little hamster was immediately fuming.

Nie Xiao never expected that it would provoke such a big reaction from the little guy. He smiled a helpless and doting smile. It was even more like a real vacation this time.

“Everybody can stay in my and Daddy’s house, but you can’t let the zombies dirty and damage it!” Xiao WuYi stared intensely at everyone as he told this easy request.

Jiang Qiu directly attracted the surrounding metal objects and then turned them into a copper and iron wall3could be taken literally, but also as “impenetrable defense” encircling the villa, making it like an iron bucket. There was no need to worry about it getting dirty or damaged.

Jiang Qiu brushed his hands against each other4clapped them against each other to clean them or in a figurative sense, it could mean the completion of a job.. “This way isn’t so bad. Laozi is no worse than Wu Wenqi.”

“Jiang Qiuqiu5姜球球: The original characters for Jiang Qiu’s name are 姜仇. Whereas 球 means ball. It could be lit. translated as Gingerballball or Jiangballball  😂, you’re also very amazing!!!” The young boy almost clapped his palms red.

Jiang Qiu flung back his head very proudly.

Looking at the steel perimeter wall, Xiao WuYi thought that he could put it back along into the space tomorrow morning. En, to conserve resources.

Bai Mei looked at the huge villa and then back at the cheerful Xiao WuYi. The size of the young boy’s space refreshed his understanding once again.

The group of people happily moved into the villa, and Bai Mei put the pickup truck away.

After entering the villa, everyone looked around Nie Xiao and the youth’s house before randomly picking a room to rest in.

“Xiao Xiao, let’s go to sleep too!” Xiao WuYi happily shouted at Nie Xiao. This sudden change of address made Nie Xiao somewhat unresponsive.

Xiao Yan thought he was calling herself, but when she turned her head, she found that the youth was holding Nie Xiao’s arm, shouting “Xiao Xiao” again and again.

Nie Xiao became quite the helpless Buddha man6Buddha man: to focus on one’s own interests or work, a man who is unwilling to spend time or associate himself with the opposite sex. Characteristics: Acts at his own pace; Dislike love troubles; Don’t want to worry about others in particular;No need to have a girlfriend at all; Like to be alone; Feels tired when gets along with girls (term came from a Japanese magazine, started to become a buzzword during 2018). Before leaving this morning, his cub suddenly changed the way he addressed him. He himself didn’t know what the other was playing with or how it came about.

Jiang Qiu, Ning Feng, Duan Wenyu, and the others heard this cutesy name, and then looked at Nie Xiao’s ‘life is meaningless’ expression. They immediately burst out laughing. He’s better off being called “Daddy” ne.

It sounds like a nickname for a girl.

Xiao Yan also felt curious, so she couldn’t help but smile and ask, “WuYi, why did you refrain from calling Daddy so suddenly?”

“Because if I call him Daddy, I can’t fall in love with Daddy! □□ is not good.7fufufuf, I found the uncensored version— 乱伦是不好的 –> Incest is not good.” Xiao WuYi said with innocence across his face.

For a while, everyone, including Nie Xiao, was shocked to petrification by these tiger-wolf words8terrifying ambiguous words.


Nie Xiao absolutely didn’t expect that his big teaser cub’s true concern would be his virtue, and suddenly felt that his whole being was a little unwell.

Chaotic as the wind.jpg9mood as chaotic as the wind, or downcast, sullen, melancholy

Jiang Qiu and the several other people finally recovered, and they immediately picked up a handful of small melon seeds and sat on the side to watch the show unfold.

They’ve felt them too intimate before, and sure enough, has the day really arrived?

To watch father and son change to lovers.

Tsk, one good, big mouthful of seeds.

Nie Xiao wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked at the youth’s very eager gaze, and suddenly missed a person called “Quiet” very much.

“Cub, don’t joke with Daddy.”

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao and said with a pouting mouth, “It was Daddy who said that being too intimate will cause everyone to misunderstand. So as long as I’m in love with Daddy, everyone will not misunderstand ya!”

Hearing these words, Jiang Qiu and Ning Feng were shocked, and then couldn’t help but clap in the bottom of their hearts. What a logical ghost with surprising bones10crafty logic, wondrous courage.

Nie Xiao almost knelt.

Hearing the innocent and frank words of the youth, Duan Wenyu and Xiao Yan couldn’t help laughing and shaking their heads after. 

Sure enough, he was still young and ignorant. It was more like playing and joking around instead of making trouble.

Nie Xiao also straightened his face at this time and rubbed Xiao WuYi’s head helplessly. “Don’t make trouble.”

“Baby is serious!” Xiao WuYi immediately felt wronged as he looked at Nie Xiao with pitiful eyes. “Baby just wants to fall in love with Daddy ma!”

Nie Xiao looked at his family’s cub’s appearance then also released his trump card. Righteously, he said, “Then, if you want to fall in love with Daddy, you can’t sleep with Daddy. You can’t sleep in the same bed before marriage!”


The little hamster was as if suddenly struck by thunder. It was totally unacceptable, not being able to sleep together would be too awful!

Seeing that the youth was a bit stumped, Ning Feng and the others felt that today’s scene would be more or less the same as before, so they were about to leave the theater to wash and go to sleep.

But then they heard the logical ghost little hamster shouting golden sentences again with great speed, which can even be described as earth-shattering statements.

“Then before getting married, can Daddy be a daddy at night and Xiao Xiao during the day?” Xiao WuYi fiddled with his little fingers and looked at Nie Xiao shyly.

At this moment, even Bai Mei wanted to give the youth a thumbs up.

Everyone felt that they can no longer look straight at those two nicknames.

Ah, they were dirty.11as in green-minded

Nie Xiao: “…”

For teaching this child that he has become like this, I’m guilty.

Xiao WuYi saw that Nie Xiao didn’t respond. Conveniently treating that as tacit agreement, he transformed himself into a hamster and jumped directly onto Nie Xiao’s shoulder.

The small dumpling’s body almost sent Nie Xiao staggering.


Dad, it’s evening now. We can sleep together!

Nie Xiao turned to look at the soft and cute little dumpling on his shoulder and couldn’t help but clutch his forehead. He suddenly felt as if he’d been eaten to death, and he didn’t know if it was just an illusion.

Ah, my Heavens, my Earth ah!

As Jiang Qiu returned to his room, he passed by Nie Xiao and couldn’t help but glance at the hamster, which has a natural ignorance ability, on Nie Xiao’s shoulder before patting Nie Xiao’s shoulder sympathetically.

“I was wrong before. I am now waiting to see you be eaten.”

Afterwards, Ning Feng, Duan Wenyu, and Xiao Yan patted Nie Xiao on the shoulder one by one and expressed deep respect for the little hamster.

Even Bai Mei couldn’t help but say “Jiayou” to Nie Xiao.

The big tiger lying on a blanket lifted his eyelids and glanced. In his heart was indescribable confidence and pride. There were no such thing as hard bones that their family’s little hamster can’t nibble at in this world.

In terms of “eating someone”, compared to the little hamster, all of the people present have lost.

In response to this, the little hamster innocently tilted his head.



At this moment, Lin Guohai’s group wasn’t able to arrive at WuYi Base before dark according to expectations.

There was a collision with the zombies that suddenly appeared which destroyed their cars.

They had no choice but to jump out of the cars and then quickly hide in a nearby house.

The zombies were incomparably active during the night. Initially, it was just one or two zombies, but the smell of fresh flesh and blood gradually attracted more zombies.

The door was slammed against, sounding with a bang bang. Little fatty paled with fright. He covered his mouth and hid in his mother’s arms, not daring to make a sound.

Lin Guohai and his wife guarded their child and looked up at the two young people next to them, only hoping that they would be able to pass the night safely.






Xena: I knew it. Water Snake Fei won’t die so easily.12Thot patrol! Thot patrol! Now, I just hope her family isn’t as bad as her. And as of now, her brother little fatty still doesn’t have a name, poor fatty. 

Koi: WuYi kills me ><, so persistent in the face of rejection


  • 1
    if I was right about the places, then using an online app the specifics would be: Distance: 550.68 mi (886.23 km) Driving route: 697.09 mi (1,121.85 km)
  • 2
    have a big backer
  • 3
    could be taken literally, but also as “impenetrable defense”
  • 4
    clapped them against each other to clean them or in a figurative sense, it could mean the completion of a job.
  • 5
    姜球球: The original characters for Jiang Qiu’s name are 姜仇. Whereas 球 means ball. It could be lit. translated as Gingerballball or Jiangballball  😂
  • 6
    Buddha man: to focus on one’s own interests or work, a man who is unwilling to spend time or associate himself with the opposite sex. Characteristics: Acts at his own pace; Dislike love troubles; Don’t want to worry about others in particular;No need to have a girlfriend at all; Like to be alone; Feels tired when gets along with girls (term came from a Japanese magazine, started to become a buzzword during 2018)
  • 7
    fufufuf, I found the uncensored version— 乱伦是不好的 –> Incest is not good.
  • 8
    terrifying ambiguous words
  • 9
    mood as chaotic as the wind, or downcast, sullen, melancholy
  • 10
    crafty logic, wondrous courage
  • 11
    as in green-minded
  • 12
    Thot patrol! Thot patrol!


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