Chapter 38 – WuYi sets off to Haicheng

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Early the next morning, everyone saw Xie Jun walking out of his room with a pair of panda eyes. His devastated, miserable appearance caused everyone to laugh very unkindly as playful glances were exchanged between him and Wu Wenyu fleetingly.

Wu Wenqi was like an old father protecting his daughter as his ferocious gaze fixed rigidly on Xie Jun. It caused everyone to start laughing again.

In order to prevent Wu Wenqi from exploding again, Xie Jun and Wu Wenyu could be said to have been well-behaved in the face of their parting.

After a brief farewell, Nie Xiao’s party set foot on the road to Haicheng under everyone’s gazes.

“Have a safe journey!!”

“You have to come back quickly!!!”


At this very moment, the other side was also on their way to Haicheng. Wu Qingfeng and the others were looking at the kid Mo Ye who suddenly appeared in the vehicle, only to feel a headache coming!

Currently, they were already tens of thousands of miles away from the capital base, and it was absolutely impossible to send the child back. They could only pinch their noses and admit their fate of taking an extra along.

Little kid Mo Ye, who had been hungry all night, was gnawing on the compressed biscuits in his hands while comforting the uncles and brothers in the car, “I’m also very amazing. I won’t slow you down. Plus, I also eat less.”

Wu Qingfeng and the others: “…”

Ah, it’s too difficult for us!


According to their interactions and arrangement of plans through the communication device, Nie Xiao’s team would be rendezvousing Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s at Haicheng Strait.

Their two forces were taking two separate paths, and after meeting, they would cross the sea to Haicheng together.

Nie Xiao’s team were all sitting in the same truck, speedily advancing without stops along the established route.

There were (only) nine people on this trip, including the big tiger. Everyone was an ability user, and one of them could even stand against a hundred zombies. Because they were small in number, they all stayed in the same big truck that had more than enough space. 

Xiao WuYi was currently in his little hamster form, lying comfortably on the soft, warm belly of the big tiger. The bumps on the road didn’t affect him at all, and he slept deeply without a care for the world, which was nothing but beautiful.

When Ning Feng and the others saw it, there was nothing they could do but envy. They could only pass the time by playing single-player games on their phones. When their cell phone would almost be out of power, they would simply plug one end of the charger into Nie Xiao’s hand.

“Boss, help me charge up!”

Nie Xiao looked at the charger head in his hand and helplessly resigned to his fate. Soon after, the sizzling electric current flowed through from him, causing the dead cell phone to run again.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Qiu was unwilling to be outdone and also inserted his charger between Nie Xiao’s fingers, clicking his tongue and sighing. “This is really convenient!”

Nie Xiao with the corner of his mouth twitching: “…”

At first glance, this group of people didn’t seem like they were on a journey taking risks, but more like on a vacation.

At that time, Xie Jun and Duan Wenyu sitting at the driver’s seat in front suddenly spoke. The road ahead was suddenly blocked by a horde of zombies.

“Stop playing with your phones and work!”

Xiao Yan stretched her head outward, scouted the zombies outside, and said directly, “You guys just rush forward! I’ll cover!!”

Having said that, a piece of ice froze the zombies in front into ice sculptures.

Seeing this scene, Xie Jun stomped his foot on the accelerator pedal. The frozen zombies were knocked to pieces. Some zombies slammed against the body of the vehicle with a bang bang, and the zombies that were run over also sent out a tooth aching ka ka noise.

Duan Wenyu sat in front, steadily protecting the glass of the car windows while also washing away the bloodstains on them. The water that was flowing out gave Xiao Yan another boost.

Such a jarring battle eventually awakened the little hamster on the tiger’s belly. He opened his eyes in a trance, appearing a little dazed.

Nie Xiao picked up the little guy, put him inside his pocket, and jumped out of the back of the truck with everyone. There was no reason not to pick up the crystal nuclei sent to them free of charge.

Bai Mei looked at the shattered zombies and helped everyone collect crystal nuclei without any superfluous words. The spatial abilities of a spatial ability user were indeed quite convenient and useful during times like this.

The little hamster rubbed his small eyes and looked outside at the zombie remains that suddenly appeared. He had no idea of what had happened while he was sleeping. Seeing that everyone was collecting crystal nuclei, he also stretched out his small claws and filled his own little storage.

Where Bai Mei walked, the surrounding zombie’s crystal nuclei were all put into his space, but when he walked past a certain zombie, his footsteps suddenly paused, and then he continued to walk forward without his face changing color and without any fluctuations in his expression.

This small episode did not delay too much of everyone’s time. After everybody had finished collecting the crystal nuclei, they continued to drive forward.

The little hamster had already been woken up and couldn’t fall asleep anymore, so he took out the little hamster toy that was previously in their house. He would take advantage of this rare leisure time and ask Nie Xiao to play.

Watching this intimate “father and son pair”, everyone’s teeth were aching.

Ning Feng was also looking for something to do. He abruptly took a photo of the little dumpling on the swing with his cell phone and sighed. “When this apocalypse is over, Young Master is going to show those melon seed-eating netizens this real-life little fairy and frighten the melon seed in their hands.”

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this. The appearance of the end of the apocalypse was really something to look forward to.

The little hamster also actively struck a pose and took a few group photos with everyone and Nie Xiao, which was incredibly adorable.

Even Jiang Qiu couldn’t refuse and took a group photo with a cool pose.

Bai Mei also smiled and took two photos with the little hamster. The photos were shared with him through Ning Feng’s Bluetooth. Seeing himself as if it was no different from before the apocalypse, he was having complex feelings.

If the apocalypse really did pass, will he still have a foothold at that time?

Bai Mei couldn’t help thinking like this. He leaned on the cargo bed and closed his eyes to rest his mind, with both of his hands placed on top of his abdomen, one empty and one clenched. Then, without anyone noticing, a light blue ability core appeared in his palm.

After carefully rubbing it a few times and confirming that he wasn’t mistaken, Bai Mei put it back into his space again. He never expected that him getting off the vehicle and randomly collecting crystal nuclei would give him such an unexpected gain.

Bai Mei opened his eyes and looked at the sudden drizzle as well as the muddy road outside the vehicle. Suddenly, he now had a new way of obtaining ability cores.

Taken from the dead, just like the pale gray ability core he got at the beginning.

It was time for dinner and the road was also slippery because of the rain. That afternoon, everyone had taken turns driving, so everyone decided to stop and take a rest. 

The big tiger couldn’t help but lift his eyelids at this moment. Now, apart from the soft and cute little hamster, the matter of eating could also make the seemingly lazy big tiger feel excited.

The little hamster and Bai Mei’s space had everything they needed, so they simply took out a portable gas stove and cooked food inside the cargo bed. Even Ning Feng’s fire ability didn’t need to be used.

Bai Mei actually doesn’t need to eat anymore. He usually doesn’t eat when he’s at the base. He basically doesn’t need to eat when it’s not necessary but right now he seems to be under Nie Xiao’s watchful eyes all the time, and he would appear very suspicious if he didn’t eat.

Xiao Yan saw Bai Mei eating very little, and she was actually quite surprised. “Do you want more? I’m trying to lose weight and I eat more than you.”

Bai Mei smiled a little embarrassedly, and whispered softly, shy and polite, “I don’t eat much.”

Looking at Bai Mei’s slender figure, Ning Feng couldn’t help but speak while looking at Xiao Yan, “Jie, next time you lose weight, you have to learn from Bai Mei. You eat that much and you have the nerve to say that you’re trying to lose weight!”

Xiao Yan smiled and gave Ning Feng a burst of chestnut1Srsly, I thought that’s all Ning Feng’s gonna have for dinner hahaha. But no, Xiao Yan actually flicked Nie Xiao on the head_(:3」∠)_ the sound of knocking someone’s head/forehead sounds like how a chestnut bursts when roasted. without losing elegance.

Ning Feng: QAQ

“Sure enough, as long as Wu Wenqi isn’t around, you change, and you’re no longer so gentle and soft!!!”

Everyone immediately laughed when they heard this, and Xiao Yan’s face turned unnaturally red.

The little hamster had transformed into his teenage form and was currently holding a bowl and giggling, with Nie Xiao watching after him for fear of him choking.

“Don’t laugh while you’re eating. Be careful, you might choke!”

Jiang Qiu seldom gets along with anyone this close, and seeing Nie Xiao’s overly careful appearance, he clicked his tongue in wonder.

Sure enough, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

After the meal, Bai Mei offered to clean up the tableware. It wasn’t good for anyone to fight with him over it so they just let the other party bring water beside the car for washing.

At that moment, several staggering figures suddenly rushed towards them. Everyone took a closer look and found that it was not zombies.

“Save us!!!”

After hearing this call for help, it was naturally impossible for everyone to just watch them die. Thus, they straightforwardly solved the few zombies chasing after them.

The several people who received a renewed life after a calamity slumped to the ground, looking at each of the remarkably powerful ability users in a dazed manner. The tears in their eye sockets instantly trickled down, and they wept bitterly.

They smelled the scent of food in the air and ran desperately in that direction. They didn’t expect that they would really be saved.

Looking at Nie Xiao’s formidable team, they only felt that their safety in the future would be guaranteed. They knelt down on the ground with deep gratitude to seek shelter.

“Thank you for saving us! Please take us in, we can do anything!!”

Nie Xiao and the others looked at the several people who were kneeling on the mud, especially at the weak mother and son pair among them, and suddenly had a bit of a headache. They were going to Haicheng on this trip, and it was impossible to bring these unrelated personnel with no combat power.

“Get up first.” Nie Xiao’s brows furrowed seeing light rain still falling from the sky. He brought the people onto the vehicle first.

A total of five people were rescued. Aside from two young boys in their early twenties, the other three were a family of three, and their son was younger than ten years old. In this apocalypse, a family of three living together and complete was truly rare and fortunate.

The boy was so starved that his cheeks had turned yellow and his complexion was not good, but his figure was not at all thin, which shows how a steadfast little fatty he was before the apocalypse. At this time, having smelled the scent of food that has yet to disperse from the car, his hungry stomach rumbled, and he loudly voiced out his hunger directly at his mother.

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

Seeing how miserable the five people’s condition was, Nie Xiao and the others took out some food to cushion their stomachs.

After the dirty middle-aged man wolfed-down his food, he wiped his mouth, looked at Nie Xiao imploringly, and took the initiative to introduce himself. Everyone then got to know the names and identities of the several other people.

The middle-aged man was named Lin Guohai and he had taken his wife and son out to visit their relatives. Before the apocalypse, the husband and wife were ordinary company employees. The other two young people were strangers who they got acquainted with by chance during their escape.

Xiao WuYi and Xie Jun looked at the middle-aged man’s wife. They only felt that she was somewhat familiar but they didn’t know where they had met her.

If Wu Wenyu and Wu Wenqi were here, they would definitely recognize these people as Lin Mengfei’s parents and brother at a glance. Lin Mengfei and her mother looked very similar.

Although Nie Xiao and the others had been to Lin Mengfei’s house before, the other didn’t have the habit of hanging pictures in her house, so they didn’t think about it at all in that direction and merely treated them as unfamiliar survivors.

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    Srsly, I thought that’s all Ning Feng’s gonna have for dinner hahaha. But no, Xiao Yan actually flicked Nie Xiao on the head_(:3」∠)_ the sound of knocking someone’s head/forehead sounds like how a chestnut bursts when roasted.


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