Chapter 37 – WuYi wants to fall in love

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(っಠ‿ಠ)っFeast your eyes on this little hamster dango that I found(/ ̄ー ̄)/~~☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆





Xie Jun and Liu Dashan would’ve never expected that they would one day be played with in the hands of two men.

Wind, sand, thunder, and lightning mingled together dizzily and confusingly.

Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi found it interesting, especially when combining their wind, lightning, and earth abilities with the two weapons. The power that erupted was even more amazing.

“It’s really the Thunder God’s hammer and Mountain Axe! It’s a perfect match!”

It wasn’t known who said something like this, but it really fits the picture right now.

Xiao WuYi was also watching Nie Xiao flip the sledgehammer in his hand, eyes sparkling. He only felt that Nie Xiao was so cool at this moment, and his clapping little hands were red in excitement.

“Daddy, you’re so handsome ya!”

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan changed back and were now fellow sufferers crying on each other’s shoulders. Afterwards, they turned to look at Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi and felt that they would be thrown around violently every day in the future, with special effects too.

“Ah, it’s too difficult for us!”

The crowd laughed unkindly when they heard what the two men said. At the same time, it also made Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng start to get restless. They don’t know if they will also be able to find such a handy “weapon” in the future.

At that time, Wu Wenyu was looking at the small defensive cover that she’d gathered at the palm of her hand. So far, she still hasn’t shown any signs of awakening, and she couldn’t imagine what she would be like after awakening.

… Maybe, a transparent cover that speaks?

Wu Wenyu abruptly shook her head, shaking off the dreadful picture in her mind.

Watching as everyone’s enlightenment speed began to accelerate, Bai Mei couldn’t help but squeeze his fists. The time given to him was truly running out.

If more and more ability users succeed in awakening, then it would only become more and more difficult to deal with in the future. The collection of ability cores was bound to be accompanied by more and more troubles.

Xiao Yan, who was looking at Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao from the side, had begun to miss Little Mo Ye who was far away in the capital base.


At that moment, at the capital base.

The Haicheng rescue team, headed by Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai, was now ready to go. Old Chief Xia personally went out to see them off. Both his hands heavily patted the two men’s shoulders, expressing high hopes.

“Please, you must bring those scientists back! Please, everyone!”

“We won’t disappoint you!”

Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and the others uniformly saluted with solemn expressions. After that, everyone lined up in a single file and jumped onto the truck in an orderly manner.

However, no one noticed the extra small sharp dagger inside the luggage they put in the car.

——”Xiao Yan-jiejie, I’m coming to you!”


The news that the rescue team sent by the capital had set off soon reached Nie Xiao and the rest’s ears through the communication device.

In regards to this, everyone didn’t dare to dilly dally and quickly decided on the list of people going, and also the route of the rescue operation.

Compared to the capital, they sent fewer people, but their combat power was not the least bit lacking. It should be mentioned that the core fighting strengths of the base were all going.

In addition to Wu Wenqi and Liu Dashan who would stay at the base to protect the everyday safety of the base, Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu, and the entire group will all be going to Haicheng together to participate in the rescue.

Duan Wenyu initially wanted to stay in the base to take care of the daily affairs of the base, but because they had to pass the sea en route to the rescue, his favored-by-nature water ability would most probably play a big role, so he could only go with everyone.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be here at the base no matter what happens!” Wu Wenqi couldn’t help laughing. He patted Duan Wenyu on the shoulder, saying, “Just hurry and come back quickly, won’t you?”

Wu Wenyu beside him agreed and nodded as if a chick pecking at rice. She patted her chest and promised, “My defensive shield will cover as it always has! Besides, there are so many ability users in the base. Although Nana and Kang Kang are young, they are also amazing! Furthermore, there are those two plants placed in the base by WuYi, your average zombies wouldn’t be able to get close at all.”

Headmaster Yuan, who had managed an entire university before, looked at Duan Wenyu. He was full of confidence at the moment. “With me here, the order of the base won’t experience a setback. Just quickly come back safely, all of you.”

Duan Wenyu felt relieved hearing the Headmaster’s words. Sometimes, it wasn’t the zombies that should be feared, but some people in the base who’ll take advantage of their absence to incite trouble.

Bai Mei was also included in the rescue team. As Bai Yue’s biological brother, it was unlikely that anyone would leave him off of the list. Plus, Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu would never let this person who they haven’t figured out yet to remain in the base.

Regarding this, Bai Mei’s heart was feeling both fortunate and regretful. He regrets not being able to attack the survivors of the base, but at the same time was also feeling fortunate…

After discussing the people who would be going and the routes that would be taken in their travel, night soon fell. Everyone would have to take a proper rest tonight and leave early the next morning.

It was the first time that everyone would be apart since they got together in the apocalypse, and it was inevitable that they would get a little bit reluctant and anxious.

The present situation during this apocalypse was totally unlike the time prior to the apocalypse. It was impossible to meet people thousands of miles away by just driving a car for a few hours. On the way to Haicheng, they even have to cross the sea. The danger throughout this period was evident.

Therefore, everybody who would be left at the base especially set up a splendid dinner party on the last night before the separation, which was also considered a farewell dinner for Nie Xiao and their team.

After the lively meal, when everyone was more or less a little sleepy, the air eventually returned to tranquility. Everyone went back to their respective rooms and got ready to sleep. In the middle of this, there were also two or three kittens quietly sneaking out of their room, wanting to talk to the person in their hearts.

Xiao Yan heard someone knock on the door and thought it was Wu Wenyu who had returned, so she opened the door without even thinking about it. Then, she saw Wu Wenqi with a slightly red face, the other party appeared to be looking for the lamest excuse in a silly manner.

“I’m here to find Xiao Yu.” Wu Wenqi scratched his head embarrassedly.

Xiao Yan looked at Wu Wenqi’s appearance and immediately replied with a smile, “Xiao Yu has just finished eating and hasn’t come back yet. I don’t know where she went. Is there anything else that you need?”

Standing at the door, Wu Wenqi suddenly became embarrassed and at a loss. As if his thoughts had been seen through, he blushed, and he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

Xiao Yan saw Wu Wenqi become like this and deliberately took a move to close the door. “If that’s all, I’ll close the door, yeah?”

“Wait, wait!” Wu Wenqi immediately became anxious, with quick eyes and fast hands, he swiftly held the door and looked at Xiao Yan’s remarkably beautiful smile. He instantly became a bit dazzled and stunned.

“If you still don’t talk, I’ll really close the door!”

“Wait for me to come back, I have something I want to show you!” Wu Wenqi said, stammering. He forgot all the words he had prepared, and his face became even redder.

“You have to come back quickly.”

Xiao Yan’s face was also stained a little scarlet when she heard Wu Wenqi’s monotonous words.

“Will do.”

At that time, downstairs. Wu Wenyu and Xie Jun were walking exasperatingly slowly into the villa from the outside, one at the front and one behind. A bit of an unnatural red was showing on their faces and neither dared to look directly into the other’s eyes.

Seeing that Wu Wenyu was about to go upstairs back to their1Xiao Yan and Wu Wenyu are roommates. room, Xie Jun’s body moved faster than his mind and took Wu Wenyu’s hand without thinking before hurriedly releasing it as if it was scalding hot.

This intimate scene clearly portrayed the relationship between the two, but no one knows that this tryst happened2or “what these two were doing in secret”. It was an idiom and I felt like tryst was fitting I just- (*/ω\) .

Wu Wenyu’s face was a little flushed. Halting in her steps, seeming to have plucked up the greatest courage she could muster in her life, she kissed Xie Jun’s face.

“You have to come back quickly!”

“I’m going to sleep! Goodnight!”

With that said, Wu Wenyu fled and ran upstairs, leaving Xie Jun standing alone, smiling like a fool.

Wu Wenyu ran upstairs and then saw her brother standing at the door of her room. He seemed to have seen all the scenes that occurred downstairs just now. He looked like a monster who was about to eat Xie Jun.

The red color on Wu Wenyu’s face had not disappeared yet and she was stunned silly on the spot.

Only four words came out from her heart, ‘Old Xie, you’re finished!’

Xiao Yan was hugging onto Wu Wenqi’s waist to prevent the other party from going berserk. She quickly sent a meaningful glance at Wu Wenyu to hurry into the room.

Xie Jun downstairs has also recovered from his stupid joy and found Wu Wenqi aggressively rushing over. He was so frightened that he quivered and immediately ran towards his room.

Soon after, sounds that scared the chickens to fly and dogs to jump3uproar, commotion resounded throughout the villa.

“Surnamed Xie, Laozi is not done with you!!!”

“Ahh, Dashan, save me!!! Brother, calm down!”

“Who the fuck is your brother!!!”

Wu Wenyu was already hiding in the room at this time. She watched as Xiao Yan walked in with all smiles and felt somewhat shy.

“When did you and Xie Jun get close?” Xiao Yan asked with a smile, “I wasn’t aware of it at all.”

Wu Wenyu was a little bit embarrassed. She blushed and looked at Xiao Yan, then asked back, “Sister, don’t ask me, what were you talking about with my brother at the door just now? Was my  stuffed gourd mouth4someone who doesn’t like to talk brother finally unable to hold back and confessed to you?”

“Did he? Sister-in-law!”

Xiao Yan blushed immediately. “Little children shouldn’t ask blindly, hurry and sleep.”

Wu Wenyu unhappily curled her lips.

Tch, this worrying couple.

The little hamster and Nie Xiao were getting ready to sleep in their room at this time. Hearing the commotion from outside the door, the little hamster suddenly felt a bit worried and wanted to go outside to take a look.


Daddy, Wenqiqi is going to kill Xiaojunjun! We have to save people!

Nie Xiao directly covered the little guy’s plump little body with his palm, settling him down. He didn’t let him move and comforted him, “It’s okay, it’s okay, Xie Jun can’t die. It’s none of our business. We’ll just inconvenience them if we go.”


… Is that so? But Daddy, why is Wenqiqi so angry?

Nie Xiao rubbed the small dumpling and coaxed him warmly, “You’re still young and don’t understand. You’ll know when you grow up. Be good, close your eyes and go to sleep.”


But Daddy, you said before that I’m already a grown-up baby, not young anymore!

Nie Xiao: “…”

Nie Xiao, who lifted a rock and smashed himself in the foot, met the little hamster’s inquisitive little eyes that wanted to get to the bottom of the matter5lit. break the earthenware pot and ask to the bottom, and suddenly felt that he wouldn’t be able to have a good rest tonight as well.

Nie Xiao could only sit up and take this opportunity to give some parenting. He briefly and concisely explained the complicated love issues between human beings and the complicated family disputes between the brother-in-law and the younger sister’s husband.

After listening to it, the little hamster seemed to have come to a realization. Sitting on the pillow, one of his small claws squeezed into a fist and was hammered into the other little claw6 without the thumbs up. It was extremely adorable.

“Chi!” So, Wenqiqi is angry that Xiaojunjun abducted Xiao Yu-meimei! Wow, Xiaojunjun is with Xiao Yu-meimei!!

This was clear, so Nie Xiao nodded in satisfaction. “That’s right, so after Baby became a human, he can no longer do too intimate actions with Daddy. A lot of things can only be done with a lifelong lover!! Otherwise, everyone who sees will misunderstand.”

“Do you understand?”

The little hamster heard these same old words and instantly became a little unwilling. He covered his small ears that were starting to have calluses from listening to these words and plunged his head into Nie Xiao’s hands, leaving his plump buttocks alone outside.


Not listening, not listening to you7lit. not listening, not listening to the great eighth scripture chanting. In denial because you know it is correct but doesn’t want to follow it. – I think this image is from chaleuria? Don’t punish me for copying pls, I just saw it on google images T_T, Baby is only a three-year-old hamster!

Nie Xiao: “…”

Nie Xiao stared at the soft dango fur of the little rascal that squeezed into his palm and played with it. After a few seconds, he could only wearily sigh.

Ah, the road to parenting is long and burdensome.

In the end, the little hamster bluffed past the conversation by sweetly acting dumb. After two final screams from Xie Jun, the night sky also turned completely quiet.

However, after Nie Xiao completely entered dreamland, the little hamster nestling on the pillow suddenly opened his eyes. His small, black, glistening eyes stared at Nie Xiao’s handsome, manly face through the moonlight. His two small claws fiddled with each other, somewhat in hesitation.

…… Then Baby can also fall in love with Daddy!

So that everyone will not misunderstand it.

  • 1
    Xiao Yan and Wu Wenyu are roommates.
  • 2
    or “what these two were doing in secret”. It was an idiom and I felt like tryst was fitting I just- (*/ω\)
  • 3
    uproar, commotion
  • 4
    someone who doesn’t like to talk
  • 5
    lit. break the earthenware pot and ask to the bottom
  • 6
    without the thumbs up
  • 7
    lit. not listening, not listening to the great eighth scripture chanting. In denial because you know it is correct but doesn’t want to follow it. – I think this image is from chaleuria? Don’t punish me for copying pls, I just saw it on google images T_T


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