Chapter 35 – WuYi belong exclusively to Daddy

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Nie Xiao came out of the bathroom and saw the adorable youth sitting on the edge of the bed, swaying his legs while waiting for him, bored. He couldn’t help but purse his lips, his eyes lighting up with strict determination and awe-inspiring justice.

Yes, he was definitely just experiencing a normal physiological phenomenon happening to a normal man.

He wouldn’t eat his child.

He absolutely does not think of those ideas in his heart.

Nie Xiao thought firmly, then turned around to change clothes.

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao who seemed as if he had just held an important national-level conference, and couldn’t help tilting his head, slightly confused.

He stretched out his little hand and directly patted Nie Xiao’s still bare, strong, and muscular lower back, wiping off the water droplets that hadn’t been completely wiped dry.

“Daddy, what did you do in there just now?”

“Wow, Daddy’s muscles are so hard ya!”

Xiao WuYi touched wildly, and Nie Xiao who was touched seemed like he was electrocuted. His entire body quivered and the roots of his ears uncontrollably turned red. He hurriedly pulled the youth’s little hands away and educated him with seriousness written all over his face, “You cannot touch so casually in the future.”

“Eh!? But Daddy touched Baby all over before! Daddy, you’re having double standards!”

Xiao WuYi crossed his arms and looked at Nie Xiao with his puffed little face full of indignance, applying the new vocabulary he learned recently. With his appearance being that of a human, he had no idea just how misleading the tiger-wolf words1[key word- terrifying] ambiguous speech that once spoken, becomes impure. he was speaking were.

Nie Xiao: “…”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but wearily wipe his face.

Ah, it was his teaching method that came out wrong.

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao, whose back was turned to him, and the accumulating dark clouds about to rain on top of Nie Xiao’s head, and he couldn’t help but worry. He turned into a hamster and climbed onto Nie Xiao’s shoulder.


Daddy, what’s the matter with you?

“Daddy is fine.”

Nie Xiao said tiredly.

Fortunately, at this moment, someone knocked on the door and pulled Nie Xiao, who was beside himself with self-reflection, back to reality.

Hearing the knock on the door, Nie Xiao almost instinctively put the little hamster dumpling into the palm of his hand, and then into his pocket. Immediately after, he heard a cute, small cry once again.


Daddy, you touched me again la!

Nie Xiao almost staged a flat-ground-fall2[when you fall on flat ground for no reason at all (happens to me all the time).

Xiao Yan, who was standing on the other side of the door, saw Nie Xiao come and open the door with an exhausted face. She couldn’t help but become a bit baffled, but soon, her attention was attracted to the cute little hamster in his pocket.

“Wah, today WuYi is in the form of a small hamster!”

“Chi!” Yes!

Xiao Yan couldn’t last in the face of meng, her maternal love was so great. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hand, wanting the little hamster to crawl into her palm. The little hamster also tried to crawl out of the pocket in cooperation.

However, halfway through this hand-over, Nie Xiao suddenly cut it off. A big hand directly stuffed the little hamster back into the pocket again.

Recalling what the little cub had said earlier, Nie Xiao’s face immediately turned somewhat dark. “My cub can only be touched by me from now on!”

Xiao Yan: “???”

Xiao Yan watched Nie Xiao’s back as he went downstairs in a disarrayed manner.

Oh no, Boss has some hormonal imbalance today.

At this time, the little hamster was comforting his jealous Daddy. Holding up two small paws, he assured him with a ‘chi.’

Don’t worry Daddy, Baby has always belonged to you! If others casually touched, Baby will bite back.

Only then did Nie Xiao’s face somehow clear up. “En.”

When they arrived downstairs, they discovered that everyone had gathered together at some point in time, and their expressions were quite serious.

Xiao Yan, who fell a step behind, sat in the seat next to Wu Wenqi, marking the completion of her task of calling people down from upstairs.

Jiang Qiu, who had already been waiting since earlier, was now a little impatient and sized Nie Xiao up and down. “You’re the last person we’ve been waiting for. You must’ve been secretly sniffing your cub, still needing someone to go upstairs and call you down, tsk.”

Headmaster Yuan mediated and said with a smile, “It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not too late, it’s good that everyone is here. Now we can discuss business.”

Nie Xiao looked at Headmaster Yuan, and dark circles had gathered a bit under his eyes. He guessed that it should be related to the communications last night.

Headmaster Yuan also went straight to the point, telling everyone the news he had obtained through communicating with survivors from different regions last night, “Currently, there are three bases that are in contact with us; the capital, Harbin, and Lancheng. There are also several groups of survivors scattered in small counties and cities around Fengcheng who’ve also sent us signals for help.”

“The overall situation is optimistic. At present, several talents have gathered in the capital. Our next course of action is to find a way to send messages through a portable communication device like a mobile phone, and announce the locations of our four bases so that more lone survivors who have requested shelter can have a clear goal.”

“In addition, Lancheng had gotten in touch with the Russian border base. Although the population density abroad is lesser, their situation isn’t any better than ours. The overall situation in this apocalypse is very severe, but everyone is working hard to survive.”

As Headmaster Yuan spoke, everybody in the room dared not make a sound and listened carefully. This kind of situation was actually already much better than what they’ve imagined.

“The three bases have also sent us the list of survivors’ names in their bases, and it may continue to increase in the future. I have already posted the lists on the outer wall. Afterwards, we will also collect a census of our population and send it to the other bases to inform them of the news that we are alive.”

Before Headmaster Yuan could finish his sentence, there was a sudden uproar outside, and the loudest voice was of that male student from Harbin.

“Ahhhhh, I saw my parents’ names! They’re in the base, hahhhh, they’re really alive!!!”

“I saw my mother’s name too!”

These cries and wails of joy seemed to shock people’s hearts, and together with it came the smell of hope. It seemed as if a surge of strength was bubbling up in everyone’s chest at this moment.

Headmaster Yuan also wiped the corners of his moist eyes at that time, smiled, and choked with emotions as he said, “My son and them are also safe and sound at Lancheng Base, although the name of my daughter-in-law is still missing… this is already a great fortune despite all of the misfortune.”

The little hamster looked at the old Headmaster whose eyes were teary, and couldn’t help but crawl out of Nie Xiao’s pocket to give the grandpa Headmaster a thumb hug.

It made everyone in the room smile in comforting happiness.

After talking about these things, Headmaster Yuan finally talked about the most serious matter. His expression couldn’t help turning slightly grave.

“According to information from the Capital Base, a group of scientists and scholars are still alive in Haicheng, waiting for rescue.”

“Among them is the familiar and renowned Senior, Mr. Meng Zhongde!”

Hearing this, everyone was greatly taken aback. Senior Meng Zhongde is a figure whom everyone knows and whom no one does not recognize in China. It was not an exaggeration to say that everyone seated in the room grew up benefiting from his works3lit. grew up eating other people’s food..

In addition, there was the case of Headmaster Yuan and the students who set up the communication device. They all understand how precious the brains of these scholars and scientists are.

“Are they really alive?”

“That’s great!”

When Xie Jun, Wu Wenyu, and the others heard the news, their faces blushed with excitement.

What everyone didn’t notice was that when Bai Mei in the corner heard the words “Haicheng and scientists”, his body stiffened unnaturally.

Headmaster Yuan’s words were not yet finished. He continued to throw surprise bombs at them. “In addition to Senior Meng Zhongde, there’s also Dr. Wei Hanming, the top genius of the Chinese scientific research community, as well as a genius young man who has obtained the healing ability.”

Hearing this, Bai Mei finally couldn’t hold back his inner fluctuations. He abruptly raised his head, and then as if unexpectedly but also expectedly at the same time, he heard the words “Bai Yue”.

In an instant, Bai Mei’s whole heart seemed to have experienced the changing temperatures of the four seasons.

Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu keenly noticed something wrong with Bai Mei. The two immediately looked over, the others couldn’t help but follow and look over as well.

Bai Mei suppressed the emotions in his heart, and raised his head. Tears uncontrollably fell from his eyes, his beautiful pale face appeared pitiful as a smile showed itself at the corner of his mouth.

“Bai Yue is my brother.”

Hearing this, everyone including Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but be astonished.

Xie Jun and the others hadn’t noticed even the slightest abnormality in Bai Mei. They only thought that Bai Mei was crying tears of joy, and couldn’t help but quickly say, “We haven’t heard you mention it before. It turns out that Bai Yue is your brother and your family is still alive. Congratulations! You’re a spatial ability user, and your brother is a healer. The two of you are worthy of being brothers, both of whom are powerful!!”

Ning Feng couldn’t help but feel happy for Bai Mei. “After White Rose, here comes White Moonlight4White Moonlight is 白月光, and Bai Yue is 白月. White moonlight means a spotless woman (in this case, a man) whom a man cherishes in his memory whom he loved but is no longer with him. Or in other words, the cherished love of one’s life. Source is here. You two brothers obtained some very poetic names!”

Bai Mei wiped his tears and laughed.

“Thank you.”

Following this, everyone learned more information from Bai Mei’s mouth.

His younger brother Bai Yue is 16 years old, a veritable young genius who was invited by the Scientific Research Association to Haicheng this winter vacation and ran over there by himself.

Everyone could not help but turn speechless when they heard this.

They thought about what they were doing when they were sixteen.

Headmaster Yuan looked at Bai Mei, surprised that this coincidence would fatefully bring people together. He raised his hand to gesture at everyone to quiet down, and then went on to say, “Bai Yue’s healing ability is very important, and is likely to become a major breakthrough in this apocalypse. It seems that he also volunteered himself to cooperate with Dr. Wei Hanming and them for research. But before that, our most important task is to rescue them from Haicheng first.”

“Old Chief Xia is very happy to hear that we have established a base in the south. Because Fengcheng is closer to Haicheng, he hopes that we can cooperate with the ability users and military personnel dispatched from the capital to go to Haicheng and aid them in rescuing the group of scientists.”

Having heard this, everyone was naturally willing to cooperate and lend help. Especially after learning about Bai Yue’s selfless willingness, they were even more moved.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but glance at Bai Mei, the brother of said person, again.

Bai Mei pulled the corners of his lips, and showed a seemingly gratified and moved smile as he said, “My brother’s desire since childhood was to practice medicine to save people and develop medicines for diseases. If it can really resolve this apocalypse, he will not refuse. I will also respect his wishes.”

After listening to these words, Xie Jun and the others simply held esteemed admiration in their hearts.

A sixteen-year-old young man can have such a high level of awareness which an adult might not even compare to.

Everyone hadn’t met him yet, but they have already unconsciously expressed their fondness for Bai Yue.

Bai Mei watched this scene, lowered his eyes slightly, and quietly clenched his fists, so that people wouldn’t be able to see through his true emotions.

A young savior; what a beautiful title it is.

Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but pay even more attention to Bai Mei at this time. Seeing that there was no abnormality, they continued to discuss the specific details of the rescue operations with everyone.

Bai Mei listened absentmindedly from beginning to end.


Time passed quickly, and the curtain of night descended.

The news of his younger brother Bai Yue completely disrupted Bai Mei’s plans for today. He was in a trance for the whole day and simply forgot about looking for ability cores.

Bai Mei lay on the bed alone, staring blankly at his nails that were starting to turn blue, when he heard the familiar beckoning in his mind.

Bai Mei immediately sat up from the bed and walked towards the window.








WuYi Base is in Fengcheng, in case anyone forgot. i forgot

  • 1
    [key word- terrifying] ambiguous speech that once spoken, becomes impure.
  • 2
    [when you fall on flat ground for no reason at all (happens to me all the time)
  • 3
    lit. grew up eating other people’s food.
  • 4
    White Moonlight is 白月光, and Bai Yue is 白月. White moonlight means a spotless woman (in this case, a man) whom a man cherishes in his memory whom he loved but is no longer with him. Or in other words, the cherished love of one’s life. Source is here


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