Chapter 34 – WuYi asks Daddy to charge

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The repaired communication device invigorated the survivors of the entire base. Headmaster Yuan and the knowledgeable talents of the university had quietly given everyone a big surprise, and perfectly taught everyone a vivid lesson.

Sure enough, no matter what era it may be, the primary driving force of productivity is knowledge.

Looking at the well-equipped communication device, Nie Xiao didn’t hesitate and let Headmaster Yuan and the other students send out a signal. No matter how many people receive this signal in the end, as long as it exists, there would be a trace of hope.

Much time has passed since the arrival of the apocalypse, surely more and more people will find ways to establish communication because exchanging information is an important way to bring forces together.

To everyone’s surprise, as soon as the signal was sent out, there were immediate responses from several places.

——”This is Harbin base, thank the heavens for this chance, we’re here with you.”

——”This is Capital Base. What is your current situation?”

——”We are survivors of Lancheng. This is great, I’ve received your news!! How is Fengcheng now!?”

Hearing the replies, everyone’s eyes uncontrollably flushed. They hugged each other with excitement and screamed.

It was truly great that everyone was doing their best to live.

Xiao WuYi was also infected by this atmosphere and was hugging Nie Xiao while crying with a red nose, causing Nie Xiao to feel both amused and warm.

“Daddy, everyone’s alive!”

Nie Xiao rubbed the boy’s head, his tender eyes also igniting with the light of hope. “En, everything will change for the better!”

Following this, Headmaster Yuan and the others began to have in-depth exchanges with the other places non-stop. Many people were destined to have a sleepless night tonight.

Nie Xiao and WuYi also wanted to stay with Headmaster Yuan to wait for more news, but because they were outside the base during the day, they were tired, plus they would probably have to go out tomorrow again, so they were relentlessly rushed to sleep by everyone.

“Go, go, go. Those of you who work physically, don’t need to come and participate in our mental activities. Hurry and go back to sleep!” Headmaster Yuan scolded, “Does each one of you want to die a sudden death at your young age?”

Xiao WuYi, who faced scolding, shrank behind Nie Xiao muttering in a low voice, “Older people should obviously rest well too!!”

Headmaster Yuan squinted his eyes and immediately put on the serious face of a headmaster, misguiding the young boy in a deadpan voice, “Older people sleep less.”

Duan Wenyu heard this and laughed, then he pointed to his head and said, “Headmaster, can I participate in your brain activities with my IQ?”

Headmaster Yuan looked him up and down, then shook his head with a cold face. “You’re not fit for it. Hurry and go to sleep.”

Duan Wenyu’s face suddenly became stiff.

At the side, Ning Feng laughed heartily without restraint. “Hahahaha, did you hear that? You’re not fit for it.”

In the end, with a burst of cheerful laughter, everyone working outside during the day was chased out of the communications room.

Only, before they left, Nie Xiao’s lightning ability was still glowing and emitting heat.

After spending so many days outside killing zombies, Nie Xiao is now capable of proficiently controlling the intensity of the electric currents. Therefore, in order to conserve the generator’s fuel consumption, as long as Nie Xiao is in the base, he would become the base’s humanoid battery.

“Daddy, can you also charge my mobile phone later? Baby wants to play video games for a while and then sleep.” Xiao WuYi followed Nie Xiao, looking very pitiful.

Nie Xiao expressionlessly refused, leading the young boy to their residence. “Can’t do, Daddy is almost out of power.”

“Eh!!? Baby is so disappointed in you!”

Ning Feng and the others lagged a few steps behind. Listening to this magical conversation of the “father and son pair”, their abdominal muscles almost cracked due to laughing.

As the stars twinkled in the sky, the base was full of merry laughter.

Bai Mei looked up at the starry night sky. Seeing the faint traces of blueish green appear on his nails made him feel a somewhat inexplicable dryness in his heart.

During these past few days, he didn’t know when he started hesitating about getting inside to gain the trust of Nie Xiao’s group.

He was powerless to protect himself yet he was still thinking about other people?

Bai Mei couldn’t help but sneer at his own stupidity. He looked up at everyone’s back, and finally clenched his fists, a trace of dark ruthless determination flickering past his eyes. He has become something that was neither human nor ghost, why can other people live so comfortably?

There were already a lot of ability users in the base, even if Nie Xiao’s group’s ability cores were temporarily unavailable, he could definitely still target other people.

… Wait for tomorrow. He must find a way to get a hold of an ability core first. That master should soon be appearing again.


Late at night.

Shortly after coaxing the little hamster to sleep, Nie Xiao heard the sound of the window being hit by a small stone. Alerted, he immediately opened his eyes and walked to the window. He saw Jiang Qiu with his hands inserted in his pockets, standing on the grass below.

Nie Xiao looked back at the small dumpling who was sleeping soundly on the pillow before nimbly jumping off the balcony.

“It’s so late, what is it?”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Jiang Qiu gestured to Nie Xiao with the cigarette case, “I can’t sleep so I came to find you for a smoke. Come and get one?”

Nie Xiao’s head was filled with black lines1. He coldly turned around and walked back. “I don’t smoke. Just take sleeping pills if you can’t sleep.”

“Tsk, it’s really different when you have a child.”

Jiang Qiu was speechless. Then, in a split second, his voice became extremely low, “I want to talk to you about Bai Mei.”

Nie Xiao stopped immediately, even if the other’s voice was extremely low, he still heard it clearly. The two looked at each other and tacitly changed their location first.

In the base, there were a few people with “super hearing2literal translation: “ears in the wind”. Can also be, “ears everywhere”” abilities like Nana. In order to avoid being detected and eavesdropped on, the two of them transformed their bodies into their abilities and left the base without anyone knowing.

The two stood together on the roof of an abandoned house, the cold night wind blowing.

“How did you meet Bai Mei?” Nie Xiao began.

Jiang Qiu didn’t hide it. He blew out a smoke ring and replied, “I was killing zombies that day, then he came out of some unknown corner and asked me to take him with me. I thought that his ability was quite convenient and brought him along without a fuss.”

“Then you noticed something wrong after that?” Nie Xiao squinted, “You suddenly became crazy that day because you wanted to test him, right?”

“Oh, you found out?”

Jiang Qiu raised his eyebrows, and then told him with a serious expression, “Actually, the word ‘awakened’ ability came from his mouth. In the first place, I simply metalized my body; I didn’t know that it was a special state. But one night, while he thought I was asleep, he approached me and I heard him curse under his breath, “Actually an awakened.”

“After some time, he would accidentally bring this word out when talking to me. He might’ve taken it as a matter of course so he didn’t even realize that suddenly saying such a word came off as strange to me.”

“After that, I began to doubt his motives.”

“So you involved us afterwards just to see if he wanted the ability cores in our brains.” Nie Xiao’s face was cold. “Then he almost had his fun with us and you if it weren’t for my child who came to our rescue.”

Jiang Qiu embarrassedly replied, “…That was just an accident.”

Nie Xiao didn’t expose him further, “Heh.”

“In short, there should be someone behind him. That someone must’ve told him pieces of information like ‘awakened’, our ability core should also be their goal. That day’s collective evolution of the zombies should be connected to him as well. It’s just that, he’s been exceptionally peaceful recently that Laozi’s thinking that I might’ve misunderstood the person somewhat.”

Jiang Qiu was a bit irritable as he pinched the cigarette out and looked up at Nie Xiao. “Or how about we just kill him directly.”

Nie Xiao suddenly felt helpless. “Isn’t it good that he’s peaceful? His spatial ability is quite useful. We’ll continue to observe him, sooner or later we’ll find out the ins and out of this matter with him.”

“Tsk, Laozi is getting a little impatient.”

Nie Xiao looked at Jiang Qiu who was about to discard his responsibilities, and couldn’t help cursing at this time. “You wanna fucking provoke someone, you must go over me first.”

“Laozi’s just annoyedwhat’re you going on about?!”

Afterwards, the two inevitably fought it off. Every time they chat, it was bound to end with coming to blows like this. In the end, both parties walked back angrily.

“My child’s about to wake up, I don’t feel like paying attention to you.”

“Every day, it’s child this, child that. Sooner or later you’ll lose control of yourself to compensate for the loss. Laozi will sit and wait until you can’t hold back anymore and eat your son. Old Pervert.”

“I will not!”

“Hah, remember what you said just now.”

The two of them returned to the base stealthily.

Nie Xiao went back to the bedroom and saw the little dumpling sleeping soundly on his pillow. He couldn’t help but recall Jiang Qiu’s final cruel words and harrumphed in his heart.

Such a small dumpling is not enough to even stuff his teeth, so he would by no means eat it. He’s also not a pervert, how could he eat this little cub that could fit in his palm.

Nie Xiao thought so, and then couldn’t help but poke his little cub’s belly. Unexpectedly, this woke up the little guy directly.


The little hamster sat up in a daze, staring at Nie Xiao in front of him in a confused manner, then pounced “cutely” into Nie Xiao’s palm.

Daddy, why aren’t you asleep yet?

This adorable appearance suddenly made Nie Xiao feel soft, and his bad mood from having that fight with Jiang Qiu suddenly improved.

Nie Xiao rubbed the little hamster’s forehead then turned over onto the bed, covering the little hamster’s chubby body with the palm of his hand. “Daddy went to the bathroom, sleep.”

At this time, the little hamster couldn’t help but crinkle his nose, smelling the faint odor of cigarette smoke. His little eyes carried a questioning look, then he uttered a tiny “chi” in disbelief.

Liar, Daddy you smoked.

Nie Xiao cursed Jiang Qiu over and over in his heart. “Daddy won’t smoke again next time, be good, go to sleep. We still have to get up early tomorrow.”

The little hamster somewhat didn’t believe Nie Xiao’s words and was afraid that Nie Xiao would sneak out to smoke later. He directly changed into his teenage appearance and squeezed into Nie Xiao’s quilt.

He wrapped his hands and feet around Nie Xiao like a small octopus and rubbed against Nie Xiao’s arms until he settled into a comfortable posture. Then he closed his eyes to sleep.

“So Daddy won’t secretly smoke!”

Feeling the soft and smooth sensation in his embrace, Nie Xiao suddenly felt that his whole person didn’t feel so good.  However, the youth, who was the main culprit, just let out a little snore in a blink of an eye.

Nie Xiao: “…”

Nie Xiao whispered softly to wake Xiao WuYi up to change back but was lightly slapped on his handsome face by the other party, “Daddy, be good, I’m going to sleep.”

After saying this, he twisted his body again.

Nie Xiao was nearly heating up due to this rubbing.

By the next morning, the word “nearly” was completely removed. Nie Xiao opened his eyes, his gaze empty. He could feel the liveliness and vigor of the early morning.

Xiao WuYi also woke up at this time, loosened his hands and feet, and sat up to give Nie Xiao a good morning kiss. “Good morning Daddy. The evil Bed Demon King was beaten by WuYi the Warrior again today!”

Nie Xiao fled directly into the bathroom.

Xiao WuYi was a bit unable to make sense of the matter. He got dressed and sat on the edge of the bed. A while later, he found out that his daddy spent an extra hour taking a bath today.

Ai, such a waste of water. Brother Yuyu is definitely going to be angry.






  • 1
  • 2
    literal translation: “ears in the wind”. Can also be, “ears everywhere”


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