Chapter 30 – WuYi will help build a base

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Compared with their fruitless search of relatives in Shancheng previously, they don’t know just how fortunate they were with the turn of events that time around in Fengcheng.

Not only did WuYi and Wu Wenyu find Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi, but several other Fengcheng local students also successfully found a few surviving relatives. They really didn’t end up empty-handed.

The picture of their reunion seemed to have washed away some of the boundless despair that was brought upon the people by the apocalypse.

The team got bigger again and the group temporarily returned to the suburban villa area, where Wu Wenqi’s house was located to take a brief rest.

Ning Feng hadn’t forgotten the three fighter jets parked on the roof. He had promised Old Chief Xiao that he was going to take care of them.

“Little Labor, I have to ask you to store them away later!” Ning Feng put his hands together and looked earnestly at the little hamster in Nie Xiao’s pocket. However, because of the nickname, the little hamster did not feel the slightest hint of sincerity from Ning Feng.

“Chi!” It’s WuYi, not Labor!

The little hamster angrily threw a piece of melon seed shell at Ning Feng’s forehead.

Ning Feng’s head instantly suffered a “critical meng hit.”

Nie Xiao rubbed the little hamster’s small head, unable to hold back his smile. He then led everyone on the way back to the rooftops of the surrounding villas.

Soon after, seeing the three newly released fighter jets that were announced publicly on China’s news just before the apocalypse, everyone’s knees buckled.

Headmaster Yuan also almost fell due to his soft legs that were not able to stabilize. It was a close call, good thing he was supported by a student next to him.

Originally, when they heard Nie Xiao and the others’ story of how they flew back, they already thought it was very hardcore but they never expected that this flight back was not taken with ordinary helicopters.

Isn’t the hard in this hardcore a bit too hard? Truly unconventional, ba.

In the end, their imagination is still limited by poverty. Xie Jun and the others looked at Nie Xiao’s group, eyes suddenly full of reverence.

On the contrary, the little hamster didn’t have much of a reaction to this. He knew that Nie Xiao and the others could fly a plane way before the apocalypse so he didn’t feel that it was anything unusual.

As a little hamster, he really can’t differentiate between these planes at all, merely because of following his “resolutely safeguarding Daddy’s property” principle is he going to put the jets into his own little storages.

With two claws rubbing his small cheeks, all three fighter jets disappeared in place with a “swoosh.”

Bai Mei was watching this scene from the back and his eyes couldn’t help but flash. The size of the other’s space was so huge that it’s probably even more powerful than the ability core in his head.

At this time, Ning Feng finally didn’t feel jealous of Jiang Qi and was feeling elated instead. As long as there is Xiao WuYi, they will also be rich and handsome1Mr. Perfect (tall, handsome, rich) during the apocalypse.

On rising from poverty and becoming rich, we rely on raising a hamster.

However, the little hamster soon realized that he had accidentally used his ability in front of everyone and he couldn’t stop his guilty conscience. The tiny claws pointed at his little cheeks, he tried to cover it up but only made it more conspicuous as he stated.


This time it’s baby’s cheek pouches that can be specially loaded!2Flashback to the strawberry bag and thresher.

Xie Jun and the others didn’t need Nie Xiao’s translation this time when they heard the cute cry. They nodded their heads and went along with it, “Un un, everything the little boss said is right.”

Upon seeing this, Nie Xiao and his men, together with Jiang Qiu and several others were confused: “…?”

Although we don’t really understand what roleplay game they’re playing, since everyone is like this, let’s just cooperate.

Nie Xiao and the others with him thought so and followed suit to agree.

The little hamster raised his head and looked at everyone who looked like they believed it. He was immediately relieved and shook his head happily.

Baby is really the most quick-witted little hamster.

Everyone: “…” As long as the little cutie is happy.

The group entered Wu Wenqi’s villa to take a break, and they inevitably began to chat about where they were going in the future.

They were still one big family but now that both Wu Wenyu and Xiao WuYi have found their family, the others were too embarrassed to continue to ask them to go all the way north to help them find their relatives.

Perhaps Wu Wenyu and Xiao WuYi were willing to help them but they couldn’t guarantee that Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu would also be willing.

Such powerful people must have more important plans and tasks planned in their hearts rather than wasting more time on the road to help them find their relatives.

The three new types of fighter jets just now were the best proof. Nie Xiao and the others still needed to consider driving the jets back and report on their mission.

Headmaster Yuan looked at Nie Xiao’s group and spoke slowly and comfortingly: “You don’t have to incur any burdens. We can also search for our family members by ourselves. If you have more important things to do, then go! The more capable a person is, the more important tasks they need to shoulder, and it absolutely doesn’t matter if we part ways now.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao and the others couldn’t help but turn silent.

According to their original plan, they had intended to return to the capital immediately after finding Wu Wenyu and WuYi, and then assist Old Chief Xia to share some of his pressure.

But now, looking at these ordinary people in front of them, they couldn’t help but hesitate.

The speed of the zombies’ evolution was constantly accelerating and at the same time, they possessed the ability to swallow ability cores. If such a group of ordinary people aren’t protected by an ability user, their way forward would be very dangerous.

Even if Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were present, in this increasingly dangerous apocalypse, it would be difficult to protect every single person with only the two of them.

Headmaster Yuan noticed Nie Xiao and the others’ silence and he seemed to have already gotten his answer. The eyes of the other students also contained a trace of sadness, but they were not in any position to oppose it.

Compared with their small family matters, there were bigger things waiting for capable people to take action on.

On behalf of everyone, Headmaster Yuan took the lead and said, “Since this is the case, then we can just split up like this!”

Wu Wenyu heard this and couldn’t help but glance at her silent older brother. After so many days of living together, she couldn’t bear to separate with them just like this.

Much more so, she was the one who originally suggested being fellow travelers along the way. It would make no sense if she would withdraw halfway just because she found her relatives first.

“Brother…” Wu Wenyu pulled at his elder brother’s sleeve, eyes pleading.

Before Wu Wenyu could finish speaking, Headmaster Yuan directly interrupted and looked at Wu Wenyu lovingly, “Xiao Yu, you don’t need to do this, your brother and his group should go and deal with greater things.”

Looking at such a scene, the little hamster somewhat couldn’t understand why the need for the sudden parting. He also couldn’t bear to separate with Xie Jun and these younger brothers and couldn’t help but look up at Nie Xiao at that moment.

For a while, the atmosphere in the entire room seemed to have become quiet and emotional because of the upcoming separation.

Nie Xia hadn’t said a single word since the beginning, as if he was pondering about something. Just when everyone thought that the matter was settled conclusively, Nie Xiao finally raised his head and looked straight at everyone.

An unexpected sudden clap of thunder was dropped.

“We are not leaving.”


Hearing this, Ning Feng couldn’t help but look flabbergasted at Nie Xiao, wondering why he suddenly changed plans, “Aren’t we going to the capital to help Old Chief Xia?”

The others were also not clear about the reason why.

Duan Wenyu faintly guessed Nie Xiao’s thoughts and rubbed Ning Feng’s head. “In fact, what Old Chief Xia wants to do at present is to do his utmost to protect everyone’s family.

“We are helping everyone now, but it might be that we are exactly helping Old Xia and sharing his burden.”

Duan Wenyu’s voice was heard. Nie Xiao also nodded and then directly stated his daring plan.

“I want to build a base here.” Nie Xiao’s eyes were calm and collected, not the least bit of a sign of a joke.

Headmaster Yuan could not help being shocked when he heard this. Looking up at the young man in front of him, he couldn’t believe the other’s mind and ambition.

Not only did he want to help them find their families, he also wanted to directly establish a base where they can live in peace and survive.

Jiang Qiu at the side also couldn’t help but raise his head and glance at Nie Xiao, speechlessly saying, “With your passionate universal sympathy, Laozi is really specially3“specially,” as in a euphemistic curse fuck. ashamed of being inferior.”

Nie Xiao looked down as if he didn’t know how much effort he would have to put in after saying that sentence, and tenderly touched the little hamster on his shoulder.

Wu Wenqi, Duan Wenyu, and Xiao Yan didn’t expect that Nie Xiao would want to make matters that big. But after a brief surprise, they did not have the slightest objections.

They had nothing to worry about at the moment. Since Nie Xiao said so, they will just listen to the boss.

Ning Feng cheeks reddened in excitement, and he no longer wanted to go back to Old Chief Xia. At this time, there was no better way to help Old Chief Xia and share his worries than to establish a base in the south.

The little hamster’s eyes couldn’t help but gleam as he looked at Nie Xiao in adoration and delight. He could not hold back, and the previous education was forgotten and thrown to the back of his head. He hugged Nie Xiao’s neck and gently leaned on his earlobe.

His daddy is indeed the best daddy in the world.

“Chi!” I will help Daddy too!

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, as well as the other students, couldn’t help but look at each other in surprise. They suddenly discovered that there seemed to be more meaningful things that can be done.

Searching for their family members was also searching, so why not search for all the other “families” who survived in this apocalypse as well?

The more people found, the greater their strength will be. When the time comes, everyone can even separate into groups and go to different directions and find more and more surviving families faster and quicker.

The male student from Harbin suddenly stood up, and with a touch of determination on his face, he declared, “I also want to stay and help. The base is already under construction in Harbin. I am not so worried anymore. I won’t be able to go back for a while but if my family is still alive, they will certainly be rescued.”

“On the contrary, when we passed Yuncheng, Shancheng as well as Fengcheng, what we encountered was much more severe than that of the north.”

Along the way, they never met any rescue organizations.

“I’m saving someone else’s family here and maybe at this moment, another person is saving my family there.”

The male student finished his speech and soon, a couple of students also stood up. Headmaster Yuan looked at his lovely group of students, and his eyes could not stop warming up.

When the views change, an incomparably formidable force will surely gather.

“Then we will use this villa area as a stronghold and expand the scope of our base from here.” Duan Wenyu pushed his eyeglasses up and looked at everyone with a smile.

Ning Feng was a little excited and directly announced the name of the base, “Hahaha, starting today, our ‘WuYi Base’ will officially be established!”

Hearing this name, Headmaster Yuan couldn’t help laughing, “The laboring people’s4could also be working people but labor = Labor Day utmost honor and glory! Hahaha, this is a good name!”

The little hamster, who was suddenly covered with care, raised his head confusedly. He looked at his daddy and then he looked at everyone else, unable to make heads nor tails of it.

Everyone looked at this cute little dumpling and his cute little appearance, and couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

Even Nie Xiao’s lips couldn’t help but raise into a shallow smile.

Bai Mei who was standing on the outside watched this energetic and hopeful group of people and his eyes involuntarily flickered a few times.


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