Chapter 28 – WuYi loves Daddy the most

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At the moment of their awakening1悟化: enlightenment and transformation. It would be called “awakening” from now. Though transformation would still be seen when someone turns a part of their body into their ability, just note that awakening only happens once., Nie Xiao and the others had perceived the ability core within their bodies. But their ability core would only take shape and reveal itself when they willingly take the initiative to condense it.

Simultaneously, during the awakening, their ability cores that had originally existed in their body melted, causing it to circulate and blend into the different parts of their body. Unless they actively condensed it, others simply wouldn’t be able to easily extract it.

However, for those people who hadn’t awakened yet, their ability core would still be contained in a certain part of their body. Therefore, when the third-grade zombie suddenly changed directions and attacked Ning Feng and Xiao Yan, Nie Xiao immediately ordered the two to leave.

When Jiang Qiu made his maneuver at that time, he was able to see what the third-grade zombie was aiming at.

Compared to their formless ability cores, the zombie would naturally prefer the ones that could be dug out directly.

Ning Feng who heard this analysis couldn’t help but hold his head and shudder.

“Then the ability core inside my head is now a delicious pastry in the eyes of the zombies?” 

“Yes.” Duan Wenyu patted Ning Feng’s head and said gently, “You have to do all that you can to protect that core inside your little head before your awakening.” 

When Headmaster Yuan and the other ordinary students heard this, they couldn’t help but worry as they looked towards Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s heads.

They shuddered at the thought that once the ability core inside them was dug out by a zombie, the powerful abilities could be exploited by the same zombies.

If a single zombie monopolized a bunch of ability cores, what a terrible scenario that would be!!! 

Some students near them couldn’t help but speak in a panic, “Brother Jun, Brother Dashan, you must protect yourself, ah. I don’t want to be hacked or hammered to death by a zombie who has robbed you of your ability.” 

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan also nodded, their expressions inevitably a bit serious.

Today’s incident can be said to have refreshed their awareness. Had it not been for Meng Guangyao’s abilities which they happened to be familiar with, they would’ve never known that the zombies also had the capability to swallow their ability core. 

Bai Mei watched these people figure everything out, and his expression fluctuated. He couldn’t help but purse his lips and clench his fists.

He knew that it would be harder if he wanted to accomplish his plan the next time.

Apart from Nie Xiao’s group that increased their vigilance, Xie Jun, Liu Dashan, and the others needed to be constantly on guard as well.

“Oh right, what should we do with that ability core?” 

A student looked at the light gray ability core in Nie Xiao’s hand and couldn’t help but ask. If it wasn’t handled properly, there’s bound to be endless troubles that would follow. 

Hearing this, Bai Mei’s eyes instantly lit up. He raised his head with a snap and wanted to suggest keeping it in his space for safekeeping.

But then a cute, soft voice came out of Nie Xiao’s pocket. The little hamster stuck his head out and bravely volunteered himself. He stretched out his little claws and beckoned, wanting that ability core. 


Give me, give me! Baby will take it for safekeeping! 

Upon seeing this, Xie Jun and the others immediately felt relieved and nodded at once. “Then let’s hand it over to the little boss for safekeeping. There definitely won’t be any problems!” 

Nie Xiao listened and handed the ability core to the little hamster. The little guy holding the ability core happily burrowed back into Nie Xiao’s pocket and when he came out again, the ability core was already nowhere to be found.

“Chi!” Daddy, praise me! 

Although Nie Xiao knew that this was probably the little guy’s ability, he still couldn’t help but suspect that it was stored inside the little cheek pouches. His two fingers pinched the chubby little cheek pouches and rubbed them, only when he confirmed that there were no foreign objects hidden inside did he feel assured.

The little hamster was rubbed until he was crumpled. He became angry and protected his plump little cheeks as he withdrew back into the pocket.

 “Chi!” Hateful! 

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but smile gently.

Those who were watching had their eyes turn red with jealousy. Huhu, those little cheeks must be particularly soft and especially good to rub. Huhuhu, we want to be daddies too. 

Those envious and jealous looks made the resentful expression on Bai Mei’s face appear less improper and out of place.

Bai Mei stared at the bulging little dumpling inside Nie Xiao’s pocket and took a deep breath. He tried to press down the ire and dissatisfaction in his heart and tried to direct his attention elsewhere.

Who would’ve thought that he would not only receive anything today but also lose a powerful ability core with it.


At night, the group found a relatively safe house to cool off. After an exhausting day of rushing around and encountering various problems and excitement, everybody’s tense nerves finally got a brief moment of relaxation. 

Everyone had a lot of things they wanted to say that it accumulated in their hearts, and so taking advantage of this rare tranquility, they poured it out all at once.

Wu Wenyu told Wu Wenqi about everything that they had encountered along the way and Wu Wenqi also briefly talked about their trip. 

After learning that Harbin and the capital are already building bases, several students whose hometowns were located there couldn’t help but burst into tears from excitement and joy.

The little hamster also had a lot to tell Nie Xiao about at that moment and thus, was also leaning against Nie Xiao’s ear and whispering quite a lot of chichi. 

From time to time, Nie Xiao would nod in response to what the little hamster had said.

The people next to him saw this scene and were inevitably a little surprised. Almost suspecting that Nie Xiao was also an animal-turned-fairy, otherwise, how was it possible that he was able to reply quickly and fluently.

Ning Feng noticed the curiosity on everyone’s faces and directly blew the cowhide up2bragged and boasted for Nie Xiao. Nie Xiao frequently held video calls with the little hamster and would stay on call for a dozen hours. Anyone who had eyes could see it.  

“Our Boss is well-versed in multiple languages, especially in hamster language; he’s actually extremely fluent.” 

Nie Xiao: “…” Although he didn’t know what the little hamster was saying, he did understand the general ideas and meanings he was trying to convey.

The little hamster couldn’t help but nod his head at this.

“Chi!” Isn’t my daddy the best daddy in the world? 

Nie Xiao who heard this sound then looked at the little hamster again and saw his proud look. He couldn’t help but amusingly gather him into a ball and put him in the palm of his hand before pet, pet.

The little hamster who hadn’t been petted by his daddy for such a long time, comfortably melted into a puddle of hamster cake, his little face showing a look of enjoyment.

Daddy’s hand is so warm, pwuah~

So comfortable, hah~

Nie Xiao became amused again.

The people around them watched this interactive dialogue between the “father and son pair,”  and their hearts and lungs were itching to know what this man and hamster duo were talking about.

“WuYi, please change back, okay? We can’t understand what you’re saying right now.” Wu Wenyu looked eagerly at the little hamster in Nie Xiao’s hand, begging humbly. 

The little hamster glanced at Nie Xiao and then glanced at everyone’s confused faces and could only profoundly let out a sigh bubble.

“Chi!” Indeed, there is nothing to be done about you guys. Sure enough, it’s still my daddy who is the most awesome. 

Nie Xiao, who was listening, couldn’t help but laugh again.

The crowd watching this scene felt so sour that they had to start biting their handkerchief. Huhu, Why isn’t this child ours? Why can’t we understand anything!!! 

Soon after, everyone saw the little hamster run to his own strawberry bag with a “chichi” as if to say something to them.

Nie Xiao, the hamster language tenth-level expert, then helped to translate for everyone: “WuYi said he’s going to change back, he’s telling you not to peek.” 

With that said, Nie Xiao helped his child take out his previous clothes from the bag.

The crowd obeyed and immediately turned their heads.

Showing an appearance of ‘don’t look if it’s evil, don’t listen if it’s evil.’

However, when Nie Xiao looked at the back of so many people, he suddenly felt a bit uneasy. So he stood up, carried the little hamster out of the room, went into another empty room, placed the master there, and stood outside the door while waiting for the little hamster to finish.

When the crowd saw this, they wrung their hands in lament.3

Tsk, what a pity.

Nie Xiao: “……” As expected.

Not long after, a young human boy wearing clothes reappeared in front of everyone. As soon as the door was opened, he jumped straight into Nie Xiao’s arms.

Nie Xiao was pounced on by the youth and instantly became stiff. However, seeing that this naivety and cuteness was no different from the little hamster’s, he quickly became familiar with it and his heart was filled with tenderness. 

My child turned into a human being but that’s still my child.

Having adjusted his mindset, Nie Xiao treated the boy as he would usually treat the little hamster. He let the other party nest in his embrace, not feeling uncomfortable in the slightest.

“Daddy, look at my paws, it’s just like yours! But it’s a little smaller than yours.” Xiao WuYi grabbed Nie Xiao’s hand to compare and play with, causing Nie Xiao to grasp the youth’s hand and pinch it in turn. 

“Baby searched very hard to find you. Oh, right! Daddy, you said you would give me two big strawberries when you come back!” 

“Daddy will owe it first and will give it to you later.” Nie Xiao couldn’t stop showing his gentleness as he reached out to rub the little youth’s head. 

The people next to them watched the ”father and son pair” who continued to become intimate even after the latter had changed forms. They suddenly felt something was strange, but also could not point out what.

Jiang Qiu, who was also watching this scene, suddenly couldn’t help but open his mouth, breaking the mystery known only known to the Heavens and speaking out everyone’s inner thoughts, “Nie Xiao, oh, you are looking like a proper pervert right now.” 

The crowd understood in a flash.

Looking back in the past, this picture was really quite that of a beast.

Nie Xiao: “……”

The young boy tilted his head, “Chi?” 

Nie Xiao also couldn’t help but lower his head at that time. Looking at the delicate appearance of the youth, he realized what was wrong in a split second, causing his thick-face to suddenly blush. He stood up and sat alone on the side so that the youth could also sit on his own. 

Xiao WuYi saw Nie Xiao’s sudden indifference and was a bit confused. At a loss, the cute boy could only wail. Brimming with tears and incomparably aggrieved, he said, “Daddy, are you abandoning Baby now that he’s not good-looking?” 

“Of course not.” 

“Boohoo! You are! You’re not kissing or hugging me anymore!”  

Nie Xiao: “……”

The crowd: “……” Wow, a powerful burst of a mouthful of melons would be good.

Jiang Qiu looked at the deflated Nie Xiao. At that moment he didn’t know whether to intervene or pull out a packet of melon seeds and cheerfully eat with everyone while they watched this drama together.

If you teach your child crooked ways, you’ll have to correct it again by yourself.

“Be good, you’re an adult now, I can’t kiss and hug you anymore.” 

“No! Wuh!” 

Nie Xiao felt a headache beginning to form as he looked up towards the sky. He was thinking about how to organize his words properly to tell the little hamster turned human about the customs of humans. But the following scene stopped him and shocked everyone enough to drop the melon seeds in their hands. 

Xiao Yan and Wu Wenyu also couldn’t help but scream, covering their blushing faces, their delicate maiden hearts thumping madly.

They saw the heartbroken and sad youth suddenly rush and throw Nie Xiao who was sitting beside him to the ground, taking the initiative to throw himself into his arms. “Smack,” He kissed Nie Xiao on the lips and tearfully held on to Nie Xiao’s neck, not at all letting go.

“Daddy, you promised that you cannot not want Baby!” 

“Baby likes you the most!” 

Nie Xiao’s entire body became completely rigid at that moment.

If you teach your child crooked ways, sure enough, the one who’s responsible is none other than yourself.

  • 1
    悟化: enlightenment and transformation. It would be called “awakening” from now. Though transformation would still be seen when someone turns a part of their body into their ability, just note that awakening only happens once.
  • 2
    bragged and boasted
  • 3


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