Chapter 27 – WuYi’s safety depends on everyone

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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The magical “Great Transforming Hamster” scene shocked everyone that was present. They couldn’t help but rub their eyes to confirm that the scene was real.

The excited Xiao WuYi who exposed his original form was still crying on his daddy’s face and could not restrain himself at all. His tiny claws slipped a bit on Nie Xiao’s skin as they helplessly traced down his nose bridge.

Nie Xiao was covered with fluffy fur and teardrops. He felt that the little guy was about to fall so he reached a hand out to catch him.

The little dumpling had fallen off and landed onto Nie Xiao’s chest, then continued to cry “woochi woochi” while clutching his daddy’s thumb. Small pea-like tears rolled down his fur one after another as he let out little hiccups in between his sobs.

Nie Xiao’s heart was touched seeing this scene. His fingertips gently rubbed the little guy’s head as he soothed the little hamster ever so gently, “Good boy, don’t cry. It’s Daddy’s fault. Daddy didn’t recognize Choubao just now and it’s not because Daddy doesn’t want him anymore, hm?”

Hearing this, the little hamster immediately nodded his head and looked at Nie Xiao with eyes gleaming with tears. Then, using both his claws and feet, he crawled along Nie Xiao’s arms to his shoulders.

He hugged Nie Xiao’s neck, cushioned his little feet, and gently leaned toward Nie Xiao’s earlobe.


Daddy cannot not want me!

Nie Xiao knew what the little guy was doing, so in the presence of everyone present he suddenly showed a rare smile, revealing a row of orderly and spotless-white teeth. His bright smile blinded all of the people present.

Looking at Nie Xiao who possessed such a small cute thing, everyone’s faces looked like they had licked a lemon.

Ah, this father is so lucky.


When the little guy finished a full set of “kiss and hugs,” Nie Xiao stretched out his palm and let the other party climb down from his shoulders, doing a lifting motion1 in passing.

Such a series of “kiss, hug, and lifting high” streamed down, and the little crying bag’s tears finally stopped as he cutely and lovingly sat on Nie Xiao’s chest in an obedient manner.

Thoroughly forgiving Daddy who made a mistake.

The others were unable to hold themselves back at that time and came over. They curiously looked at the little dumpling on Nie Xiao’s chest and surrounded the little hamster.

The little hamster glanced at the enlarged faces, then realized that his tiny sockpuppet was exposed. He immediately became scared into tears, going directly into Nie Xiao’s sleeve to hide.

Chiwoo, baby is going to be treated as a fairy and get taken away QAQ

Nie Xiao seemed as if he heard the inner thoughts of the little guy at that moment, and through the fabric of his sleeve, he touched the trembling little ball inside. “It’s fine, don’t be scared. Daddy will protect you and you won’t be caught by the bad guys to be taken to a research institute.”

Hearing this, the tearful little hamster half-hesitatingly protruded his small head from Nie Xiao’s sleeve and cautiously looked at Xie Jun and the others.

This pitiful little look was cast on Xie Jun, and blessing arrived to his soul in an instant. He extended a finger in front of the little hamster. “Don’t worry Little Boss, we will also protect you, and will never let the bad guys capture you. We promise!!!”

“Yes, yes, we promise!!!”

The others nodded in unison. Their eyes seemed to shine and they were unable to take their gazes off of the little fairy that was so cute that he was making them lose their breath.

I never imagined that the young boy who was already very cute, could actually be even cuter, it was a dead end ah, aoaoao!!!

The little hamster was assured by everyone and immediately felt relieved and convinced. He shyly extended a small claw and patted Xie Jun’s fingertips.


That’s settled then, you mustn’t lie to this baby.

Xie Jun was patted by the claw and abruptly fell to his knees. Holding up his finger that had been patted by the little cutie, he felt his heartbeat speed up and his breathing become difficult.

Everyone looked at the tattoos showing on Xie Jun’s neck and wrists, and instantly saw beyond the facade of these tough guys’ whose hobbies were completely opposite to their appearance.

Full of tattoos on his arms Xie Jun, acted a hunk shedding tears online today.

Liu Dashan and the other younger brothers also couldn’t contain themselves and covered their chests at that time.

Isn’t this fluff exactly what tough men love the most?!

The little hamster saw Xie Jun’s intense reaction. He couldn’t help but look at his claws that didn’t even have nails jutting out, and tilted his head in confusion.

Daddy, what happened to them?

Nie Xiao stuffed the little dumpling into his jacket’s pockets. He stared expressionlessly at everybody who lost themselves in the cuteness overload and said to his child, “Don’t pay attention to them, they’re all right, baby is just too cute.”

The little hamster obediently slid down from Nie Xiao’s palm into his pocket without any resistance before grabbing the edge of the pocket to stick his head out.

Seeing that everyone seemed truly fine, he was immediately relieved and couldn’t help but nod his head proudly afterwards.

Baby certainly is the cutest.

The crowd was cut apart by the cuteness again.

The apocalypse had arrived and terrible events were seen happening all the time. Right now, everyone was more accepting of this fairy setting.

It’s the apocalypse, what else is impossible?!

In contrast with that dreadful zombie, a cute little fairy, who was so cute you could die from the cuteness which had suddenly appeared, seemed like a saving grace for everybody present.

Wu WenYu finally couldn’t help but cover her chest in excitement. With a flushed red face, she continuously punched Xie Jun while squealing. 

Her fluff control chose to die on the spot.

Xie Jun and the others recalled the many days they spent with Xiao WuYi as they mentally associated the boy with his hamster form and felt that their hearts were going to melt away.

That kind of unreasonable and naive common sense of his before was now answered and seemed to make him even more lovable.

Although Ning Feng, Duan Wenyu, and the others had already guessed the truth about the little hamster earlier before, seeing is believing, and the transformation they just saw was still quite shocking.

Before the apocalypse, although they always knew that Xiao WuYi who was raised by Nie Xiao was very smart, they never expected that one day he would really become a fae.

They would probably never question Nie Xiao’s ability to pick up baobeis anymore.

Ning Feng couldn’t help but say in envy, “He’s just like a real little fairy2could also be “genie” repaying favors, saving the life of the one who raised him. I envy him.

“I also want to pick up a little fairy to raise.”

Hearing this, Duan Wenyu patted Ning Feng’s head, shattering the other’s fantasy, “It’s just you right now, and you can’t even support yourself.”

Seeing that everyone was staring at the little guy in his chest pocket, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but cover his mouth and lightly cough, then stretch out his finger and push the little guy’s head back into his pocket, completely obstructing everyone’s view.

After bending down to pick up the strawberry backpack and the clothes that fell on the ground and putting them away, Nie Xiao straightened his composure and walked towards the third-grade zombie.

Everyone couldn’t see the little cutie anymore and could only regretfully and gloomily shift their eyes and put it back on the third-grade zombie. But after just a short glance, they felt a strong visual impact.

Compared with the adorable image of the little hamster, the zombie was simply pungent to the eyes.

“Ah, I’m going blind!”

Third-grade zombie: “……”

Do I also not want face!?

Bai Mei originally wanted to take advantage of everyone’s attention on the little hamster to quietly collect that ability core, but before he could carry out his plan, he saw that everyone was coming over.

Bai Mei couldn’t help but whisper profanities in his heart before assuming an air of gentleness on his face as if nothing happened.

Nie Xiao also noticed Bai Mei. But his gaze only swept across the other’s face before it came back to the body of the third-grade zombie.

At that time, Wu WenYu had also opened up her defensive shield to shut out the successive low-level zombies that were pouring in from the outside, creating an undisturbed space for everyone.

Ning Feng and the others couldn’t help but be amazed by this special ability.

“Brother, move faster or I won’t be able to keep holding it up later.”

“Wu Wenyu saw her older brother’s shocked expression and couldn’t help but laugh ‘hehe’ and say a little shyly, “Brother, I can also protect you from now on.”

Wu Wenqi was nearly brought to tears by these words. There was a sudden feeling of ‘my daughter finally grew up’ in him.

Xiao Yan, who was watching this scene beside him, couldn’t help but feel both amused and moved.

Nie Xiao didn’t plan on wasting time, he let out thunder and lightning from his core and was ready to completely slaughter this third-grade zombie.

However, at that moment, Xie Jun and the others made doubtful exclamations. Looking at the familiar black aperture on the third-grade zombie’s body, they couldn’t help but feel that it was strange.

“How can its ability be exactly the same as that pervert that we killed before!?”

Having said that, Xie Jun subconsciously turned around to look for Xiao WuYi’s figure and then suddenly remembered that the little guy was already in Nie Xiao’s pocket.

Xie Jun couldn’t help but touch the back of his head and look at Nie Xiao with a bit of awkwardness as he said, “Is it the little boss who tied up the zombie earlier?”

Before Nie Xiao could nod and answer, there was a very small and cute voice that came from his pocket. Then he saw a pair of small claws lift a melon seed shell and throw it outside.


“Yes, it is.”

It wasn’t known when the little guy nestling in his daddy’s pocket had begun cracking melon seeds.

Everyone covered their chests once again.

Ah, I’m dead.3Utsumuita kono odeko tonton tataita no wa
Kimi nano kana? chigau no kana?
Me wo aketai no ni mada kowain da
Yuuyake tte nan da ka samishii
Onegai, matte
Mou sugu motto motto yobu kara

Nie Xiao helplessly raised the corner of his lips and rubbed the little guy inside his pocket through the opening. He then looked at the third-grade zombie in front of him, his gaze cold as he said, “Whatever the matter it is with this ability, we will only know once we dissected it.”

Recalling the zombie’s behavior towards Ning Feng and Xiao Yan earlier, Duan Wenyu and Wu Wenqi couldn’t help but lower their gaze and stare tenaciously at the zombie in front of them.

Even Jiang Qiu’s expression became serious.

Faint blue lightning flashed and the third-grade zombie suddenly turned into a pile of ash with its own black aperture ability dissipating soon after.

Two crystal nuclei that were transparent as gem-like stones fell to the ground, issuing a crisp sound.

One was transparent and the other was light gray.

Everyone who was watching this happen was a little shocked.

“This zombie has two crystal nuclei? How is that possible?!”

Nie Xiao stepped forward, picked up both crystal nuclei, and perceived it with his mind for two seconds. His eyes suddenly shrunk, it really was according to what they had said.

“No, one of these is not the zombie’s own nucleus.”

Nie Xiao picked out the light gray one, his eyes cold as he explained, “This one, I cannot absorb its energy. If you have guessed it correctly, this should be that pervert’s ability core you mentioned a while ago.”

“We all have this kind of ability core.”

As soon as Nie Xiao’s words finished, Duan Wenyu turned a part of his body into his ability, and then everyone saw through Duan Wenyu’s transparent arm a condensed light blue ability core. It merged with the surrounding water again in a flash.

“Is this the reason why you asked me and Yan-jie to run first?”

Ning Feng couldn’t help but be alarmed.

“Yes, it should be easier to dig it out from your body than to find it in ours.”

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but rub Ning Feng’s head.

Liu Dashan, who was keeping his silence at the side, suddenly spoke at this moment. His eyes were calm and collected as he said, “There’s no need to look for it, it should be in our brains.”

When they dealt with Meng Guangyao at that time, they only let go of his head.


The author has something to say: 

Every side of hamster sniffing has been opened.

The little sockpuppet has been taken off, it is now more convenient for the little hamster to sell meng.

Let’s all happily sniff together~



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  • 1
  • 2
    could also be “genie”
  • 3
    Utsumuita kono odeko tonton tataita no wa
    Kimi nano kana? chigau no kana?
    Me wo aketai no ni mada kowain da
    Yuuyake tte nan da ka samishii
    Onegai, matte
    Mou sugu motto motto yobu kara


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