Chapter 26 – WuYi is Daddy’s child

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Xiao Wuyi successfully rescued Nie Xiao from the zombie’s mouth and immediately flew away riding the big tiger’s cloud form.

In a strange case of deja vu, WuYi was able to pull off the black aperture from everyone again by simply passing by on his tiger’s cloud. WuYi himself was not aware that he had done this but it didn’t matter as everyone was still greatly relieved by this. 

The third-grade zombie watched its prey be snatched away from its mouth and the anger from the infringement on its territory and prey nearly stunned its rotten head to dizziness.

The instinct to compete for the prey caused it to burst on the spot. Its feet kicked, producing a shallow pit on the ground, it was like watching an arrow be released from a bowstring. Eyes scarlet, it chased after the two who were leaving in a towering rage.

At that moment, even the three people remaining in the background were ignored.

The moment Wu Wenqi became free from the restrictions, he immediately grabbed a crystal nucleus from his pocket and started to replenish his abilities as he kicked the lower-level zombies around him.

Looking at the figures that became smaller as they went farther, Wu Wenqi never imagined that Jiang Qiu’s nasty and hateful mouth could also have a time of bringing light with it1开光: lit. to open light. In Buddhism, it is a ceremony where they “welcome the gods and live in peace.” Could also mean to consecrate or to bless. In other words, a blessed/consecrated mouth which wishes/predictions comes to fruition. This is also what they always say about Nie Xiao’s mouth “kissed by Buddha.”.

Jiang Qiu, who was now untied, watched the rescued Nie Xiao and couldn’t help but make a clicking sound with his tongue in astonishment. “I didn’t expect that there would actually be a little hero coming to save people. Tsk. Nie Xiao, that bastard, should be ready to devote his life to him2以身相许: lit. to promise one’s body to another ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jian Qiu could also be implying—giving Nie Xiao’s heart to the other. later ba.”

Duan Wenyu was killing low-level zombies around him while holding a crystal nucleus to supplement his abilities when he heard Jiang Qiu’s words and his hands abruptly came to a stop.

Looking at the two men who were still completely unaware, Duan Wenyu finally couldn’t help but speak, his tone faltering and hesitant.

“Actually… just a moment ago, I seemed to have vaguely heard that the boss was called ‘Daddy.’ I just don’t know if I heard it wrong.”

Wu Wenqi and Jiang Qiu: “!!!?”

At that very moment, Nie Xiao, who was taken away by the young boy, was still thunderstruck3外焦里嫩: lit. crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Most commonly used for describing food. Its internet slang counterpart is something like being hit by lightning till your crispy on the outside tender on the inside meaning given a great shock. by the two-syllable word “Daddy” to the point of thinking that his lightning ability was leaking.

For a time, he couldn’t even care less about the ferocious third-grade zombie who was chasing them from behind as his head was filled with question marks while looking at the adorable and strangely-familiar face of the young boy. Three characters had pierced through his brain.

——”Xidangpa4喜当爹: lit. happy to be a father. Mainly used to ridicule the situation in which a man finally catches up with the goddess, but the goddess is pregnant with someone else’s child. In desperation, the man has to take over.?”

Xiao WuYi was hugging Nie Xiao’s waist with both hands, practically burying his entire face in Nie Xiao’s warm embrace while rubbing into it intimately. Feeling the familiar taste of peace in his daddy’s body, all the thousands of words he wanted to say were turned into a satisfied sigh.

“Daddy, baby missed you so much!”

Listening to this soft little voice, Nie Xiao’s heart suddenly softened and swelled uncontrollably, as if burnt by the blazing hot emotion contained in those words. There was no way he could lift his hand and push the other side away.

Obviously, he had yet to figure out who exactly this young boy was.

At that time, the third-grade zombie had now approached them, interrupting their moment of tenderness.

Xiao WuYi felt a bit of a pain from a black aperture hitting his back. He immediately became angry and looked back with a bulging steamed stuffed-bun face.

Anyone disturbing his and Daddy’s reunion are big baddies!!!

Thinking that this big bad guy had almost injured Nie Xiao earlier, Xiao WuYi’s eyes suddenly burst into a blazing flame. He reached out to grab the black aperture and then threw it back.

Nie Xiao’s ability consumption had been excessive and he still hadn’t recovered at this time so he can only look on helplessly and watch the young boy’s magical assault campaign against the zombie.

It was like watching a ring toss game on the streets. The third-grade zombie was easily immobilized in place by the young boy’s attack. Finally, the zombie was bundled up into a zongzi5glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled by its own power. It resembled an ugly bug struggling and wriggling on the ground while making unpleasant hisses.

The lump of clouds under him also halted and transformed into a big tiger with orange and black stripes. The majestic big tiger walked back to the young boy’s side in a docile manner.

Nie Xiao, who was watching this series of actions was mysteriously filled with father-like pride, pride and fulfilment.

——This feeling of suddenly finding out that my own child who can only freeload and sell meng is actually very outstanding, it’s probably just my imagination.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but touch his chest, feeling that he must’ve gone insane. No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for him to have a child this old.

Wu Wenqi, Duan Wenyu, and the others rushed over. They saw the third-grade zombie tied like a zongzi on the ground and they instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Just when they were about to ask what had happened with the zombie, everyone was shocked by the scene that followed that it put a cork stopper on their mouths.

They saw the young boy pasted to Nie Xiao like melted sugar candy, crying and wanting for a hug but there was no way he could do it because of Nie Xiao’s remarkable evasion skill.

“Boohoo Daddy, baby missed you so much!”

Hearing this, Duan Wenyu’s ears couldn’t help but perk up and confirm that he had heard correctly.

He could’ve never imagined that Nie Xiao, who they had thought was a single dog, actually kept everyone in the dark and quietly had such a big child!!!

At the side, Wu Wenqi was estimating the young boy’s age. He couldn’t help but pinch his fingers as he calculated  before saying incredulously, “Fuck, the boss was actually already so talented when he was just seven or eight years old?”

Listening to this, Jiang Qiu completely conceded.

When it comes to sons, all of the people here have lost.

Nie Xiao had a bit of a headache facing the young boy who was sticking to him but he hardened his heart and pushed him away once again. His eyes looked at watery ones and he became uncontrollably softhearted that he couldn’t even dare to say one harsh word. He could only speak to him again in a mellow tone of voice.

“You have the wrong person; I’m really not your Daddy!”

Xiao WuYi who was very happy to have found his Daddy looked like a bucket of cold water was poured over him. One by one, his tears fell, and he clung to Nie Xiao’s arm like a koala, feeling too sad.

“Huhu, You are my Daddy! How can you not recognize your baby? QAQ”

Afterwards, he didn’t let Nie Xiao open his mouth to retort. Everyone in the room listened as the young boy listed all of Nie Xiao’s little hobbies and habits just like he was enumerating his family’s treasures.

The small mouth was like a machine gun. Nie Xiao’s underwear was revealed to the world6all of his secrets laid out by the continuous “tatata.”

“You are my daddy, woo. Daddy, you like to idle in bed every time you have a vacation and you won’t get up without a kiss from me.”

“Daddy takes longer than an hour whenever he takes a bath in the morning!”

“Daddy also likes to eat flower cakes but he doesn’t let others know, and is especially afraid that Jiangqiuqiu would know because he would tease you about liking to eat girly things.”

“There is also a small black mole under Daddy’s butt.”


“Boohoo, You are my daddy!”

Everyone: “…”

They could never have imagined that Nie Xiao was actually such a man. You can never truly judge a book by its cover.

Wu Wenqi and Duan Wenyu were caught off guard by hearing so many of Nie Xiao’s little secrets. They looked up at Nie Xiao and saw his face that obviously said the words ‘hit the nail on the head.’ They immediately became afraid of being killed by the boss to prevent them from divulging these secrets.

At that moment, Jiang Qiu was wishing that he could take out a small laptop so that he could record all this down. He laughed himself to the point where his stomach started to hurt and the corners of his eyes hung with tears. “So, you actually like to eat flower cakes, ah? Hahaha, I won’t tease you when you eat, Haha! Such a big person actually still needs to be kissed before he can get up.”

Nie Xiao: “…”

My lifelong legendary reputation.

Looking at the young boy who was looking at him with tears in his eyes, Nie Xiao suddenly had a faint and bold guess.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but shake his head at the thought. He pushed the idea out of his mind and calmly said, “Although I don’t know from where you got these personal information from it’s really impossible for me to be your daddy.”

As the downright single dog in their team, Nie Xiao was completely certain that he had never had a child with any woman; it was impossible for him to have such a big son.

Hearing such decisive words, the little hamster’s fragile heart was broken. He stared tearfully at Nie Xiao, as if he was staring at a downright heartless rat.

Wu Wenqi and the others at the side couldn’t bear it anymore. Such real emotions, even if he wasn’t his real son, it’s highly likely that there’s another relationship binding them.

Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but look doubtfully at Nie Xiao as he said, “You couldn’t have burned out your brain at the beginning of the apocalypse, have you? You were so careless and lost your own memory! Now, you can’t even recognize your own kid? It seems like you don’t want him, might as well just give him to me.”

“You dare” 

Nie Xiao blurted out without further thought.

Jiang Qiu was speechless. “Tsk, still saying no.”

Nie Xiao: “…”

It’s over, I’ve really been bewitched.

Nie Xiao lowered his head and looked carefully at the youth who was holding his arm. The youth’s delicate eyebrows gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity. The more he looked, the more he felt that it bore a remarkable resemblance to his family’s little pet at home.

At this moment, Nie Xiao’s heart finally brought about a trace of imperceptible tension and hesitation, his heart beating a little faster.

“You… what’s your name?”

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao with red eyes. He wrinkled his nose and just as he was about to speak, a voice from the far side was heard, directly answering the question for him.


Xie Jun was worried about the safety of the teenager, and practically rushed ahead of everyone. In his anxiousness, he called out the boy’s name.

Approaching at that moment, seeing that the young boy was safe and sound, his heart finally settled down. But he still couldn’t help but scold him afterwards.

Regarding his little boss who was simple, pure, and cute (not very intelligent), Xie Jun can be said to have always had his heart on tenterhooks throughout their journey.

“It’s too dangerous! You can’t rush forward alone again, understand?”

As Xie Jun said this, he looked around and said slightly nervously, “Right, where is that third-grade zombie? Eh? Why are you crying? Who bullied you?”

Xie Jun was looking at the young boy’s red eyes when he finally noticed the four other men around with extraordinary temperament.

Lifting his eyes, he saw Nie Xiao, whose arms were being tightly held by Xiao WuYi, and a continuous whispers of “fuck” echoed in his heart.

“WuYi, your daddy is too young!”

“Huhu, of course, my daddy is the youngest and most handsome! But my daddy doesn’t want me anymore!”

Xiao WuYi tearfully looked at Xie Jun and confided this in a very sad and aggrieved voice. He was small and weak, thoroughly pitiful and helpless.

Xie Jun: “!???”

Just as Xie Jun was filled with confusion, unable to make any sense of the matter; Wu Wenyu, Xiao Yan, and the others who were following after him, finally arrived.

Wu Wenyu was excited, seeing her brother unharmed. With big strides, she rushed up to hug him, this caused several “fossilized stone men” who were bumped onto beside him to collapse to pieces.

“Huuhuuhu Brother! I finally found you, it’s really great that you’re still alive!”

Wu Wenyu’s arrival broke the silence, revealing the four men’s different complexions.

Wu Wenqi recovered from his shocked and petrified state. He rubbed his sister’s head, but his gaze couldn’t help but fall on the young boy’s body, looking up and down, his face endlessly bewildered.

Xiao Yan keenly felt the strangeness in the air and her eyes swept across the faces of the four men one by one, her mind full of suspicions.

“What’s wrong with you guys?”

Wu Wenyu had also pulled her head out of her brother’s arms, noticing Xiao Wuyi’s listless, slumping appearance, she tilted her head in wonder.

“WuYi, what happened? Are you not happy that you found your Daddy? Why are you crying?”

Xiao Yan heard the name for the first time today, but she didn’t react. Instead, it was Ning Feng beside her who was stunned for a short time and immediately screamed in horror after. Covering his face, he looked at the young boy in disbelief.

“WuYi? That wouldn’t be Little Labor right?!”

The four men who had already been shocked by the truth, simultaneously wiped their faces.

Soon after, everyone heard the young boy who was crying earlier, softly refuting it with a bit of temper. “WuYi is not Labor Day, WuYi is a little hamster!!!

Listening to this, Xiao Yan’s beautiful eyes finally widened in shock. She looked at the teenager and let out a sound of disbelief.

——There is a little hamster named Wuyi staying by Nie Xiao’s side—this is a fact that even Jiang Qiu, an old enemy, knows.

Xie Jun, Wu Wenyu, and the others that didn’t know about this watched as the situation unfold with confused faces. Then, they saw the handsome and dashing man, whose arm was embraced by Xiao Wuyi, suddenly lower his head.

His voice was soft and gentle, with a bit of hesitation as he called towards the young boy.


Xiao Wuyi tearfully snorted. He was now recognized but he didn’t want to speak with Nie Xiao – this bad Daddy – anymore, lest his fragile heart be broken once again.

He let go of Nie Xiao’s arm and walked away while wiping away his tears.

Little hamsters also have a little temper.

“Humph, Daddy doesn’t want baby, so baby also doesn’t want Daddy anymore hmh.”

Nie Xiao instantly panicked when he heard this, and in this public place with numerous people around, he, almost subconsciously, said what he would usually say in private to coax the little hamster.

The sappy words made Nie Xiao blush afterwards, but at the moment, he couldn’t care less about his face.

If he doesn’t remedy it, it was possible that he would really lose his baobei7In case you forgot, Baobei/treasure. Also used by parents to refer to their children (And couples to refer to their lovers, sometimes kekeke)..

“Dad is wrong, come and hug.”

As soon as Xiao WuYi heard Nie Xiao’s words, he turned around and saw that Nie Xiao was waiting with open arms. After taking two steps, he finally couldn’t bear it and rushed back, crying.

Halfway through, he turned himself back into a little hamster, jumped into the air, and stuck himself on Nie Xiao’s handsome face.

Hugging Nie Xiao’s tall nose bridge, he let out a “woo chi woo chi” in a pitiful little voice.

This behavior could be described as inconsistent, simply pushing nose to face8蹬鼻子上脸: pushing nose to face can also be ‘give an inch and they’ll take a mile.’ Pft, kept the literal translation for humor? XD.

Xie Jun, Wu Wenyu, and the others who were still in the dark were shocked by this scene and immediately cried out in fright.


  • 1
    开光: lit. to open light. In Buddhism, it is a ceremony where they “welcome the gods and live in peace.” Could also mean to consecrate or to bless. In other words, a blessed/consecrated mouth which wishes/predictions comes to fruition. This is also what they always say about Nie Xiao’s mouth “kissed by Buddha.”
  • 2
    以身相许: lit. to promise one’s body to another ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jian Qiu could also be implying—giving Nie Xiao’s heart to the other.
  • 3
    外焦里嫩: lit. crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Most commonly used for describing food. Its internet slang counterpart is something like being hit by lightning till your crispy on the outside tender on the inside meaning given a great shock.
  • 4
    喜当爹: lit. happy to be a father. Mainly used to ridicule the situation in which a man finally catches up with the goddess, but the goddess is pregnant with someone else’s child. In desperation, the man has to take over.
  • 5
    glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled
  • 6
    all of his secrets laid out
  • 7
    In case you forgot, Baobei/treasure. Also used by parents to refer to their children (And couples to refer to their lovers, sometimes kekeke).
  • 8
    蹬鼻子上脸: pushing nose to face can also be ‘give an inch and they’ll take a mile.’ Pft, kept the literal translation for humor? XD


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