Chapter 25 – WuYi arrives riding on auspicious clouds

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During this time, Nie Xiao was using his wind ability to fight Jiang Qiu fiercely while Ning Feng and Wu Wenqi dealt with the surrounding zombies.

Meeting Jiang Qiu, a fighting madman, at this time could only make everyone acknowledge that they had bad luck.

The only surprising thing is that the handsome, pale man beside Jiang Qiu was actually an ability user, and he’s also a special spatial ability user at that.

Bai Mei stood on one side and raised his hand. He easily and skillfully released a boulder to crush the surrounding zombies. He seemed to feel everyone’s eyes on him and he could not help but show a gentle smile in a polite manner.

“Don’t worry about me, I can do it.”

Seeing this, everyone finally understood why Jiang Qiu brought such a person along.

He’s simply a good-tempered humanoid warehouse ah!!!

No wonder Jiang Qiu can walk around this city center full of zombies without even carrying a bag, it was because of Bai Mei. At first, they thought it was an arrogance and willfulness exclusive only to psychopaths!

Ning Feng suddenly felt a bit sour. “Why is this crazy son of a bitch Jiang Qiu so lucky?”

Although their team was full of combat power and quite powerful abilities, they really didn’t have the least means when it comes to supplies. Every time they passed by a large-scale shopping mall, they could only look up and sigh. At the same time, whenever the supplies in their bags were used up, they had to struggle to search for them again.

It really is the meal that could stump the hero.

Compared with Jiang Qiu who was living a comfortable life during the apocalypse where he didn’t even have to pack, they seemed to have started in poverty mode.

In this apocalypse, the existence of space ability users are just like the landlords!

Nie Xiao didn’t pay much attention to Bai Mei’s ability, he was awfully busy at the side fighting Jiang Qiu. Seeing more and more zombies around, Nie Xiao finally frowned.

Jiang Qiu saw that Nie Xiao was distracted, he became somewhat at ease. His metalized iron foot kicked straight towards Nie Xiao. “Who are you looking down on?”

A gust of wind quickly gathered around Nie Xiao’s arm. He forcibly blocked Jiang Qiu’s leg as a wind blade appeared on his other hand. With a cold face, he ruthlessly slashed it toward Jiang Qiu’s body.

Jiang Qiu’s clothes were instantly cut into revealing a big slit, however, only a shallow white mark was left on his steeled skin.

For a time, it was a ‘you come, I go’ situation and no one could do anything to the other.

Nie Xiao saw more and more zombies around the area and finally couldn’t help but speak, coldly saying, “Let’s change places.”

“Are you scared?”

Jiang Qiu wickedly raised his eyebrows and the corner of his lips, not at all agreeing. When he moved his hands, he magnetized an iron rod which became his own weapon as he continued to attack Nie Xiao.

Everyone who fought the zombies outside the encirclement gradually started to struggle a little. The zombies seemed to have no source, they were exhausting to kill and were endless. Their momentum was increasing as well.

Everyone was forced to retreat because of the unceasing zombies that came in waves. Very soon, they would almost break into Nie Xiao and Jiang Qu’s battle area.

No matter how you looked at it, this was not a place suitable for staying in any longer.

However, Jiang Qiu had obviously already entered a state of excitement, and he doesn’t listen to any persuasion at all. He simply wasn’t concerned about other people’s life or death any longer.

In response, Nie Xiao’s expression turned cold.

When Jiang Qiu’s iron rod attacked him again, Nie Xiao stretched out his hand and grasped the iron rod, his dark eyes faintly angry.

Along with the appearance of his anger, a blue lightning bolt appeared in the air. The sound of thunder resounded in the air, following the iron rod like a poisonous snake, swiftly and ferociously attacking Jiang Qiu.

Jiang Qiu’s eyes were fast and he quickly released the iron bar from his hands but his whole arm still brought about intense numbness and stabbing pain.

“You’re actually a dual-system ability user?”

Jiang Qiu narrowed his eyes, staring at the lightning snake in Nie Xiao’s hand. He licked his aching fingers and a more intense light of excitement flashed in his eyes.

Just as he was about to step forward, a faint blue streak of lightning thundered under his feet, drawing a dangerous line in front of him.

The wriggling, winding lightning snake spread and rolled in the air, making crackling blasts.

Nie Xiao’s voice that was as cold as frost and snow was heard.

“I still can’t control the thunderbolt’s volts. If you still want to try despite that, just come.”

Jiang Qiu looked at Nie Xiao’s seemingly honest look and realized that the other man truly was angry. The excitement in his eyes immediately subsided a little.

A wise man submits to circumstances. Jiang Qiu immediately pulled back his raised foot and looked at the horde of zombies in the distance.

“That’s it for today.”

Nie Xiao saw Jiang Qiu retract his foot. So, after that sentence he paid Jiang Qiu no more mind. He turned around to help Wu Wenqi and the others wipe out the zombies, trying to force their way out of their encirclement.

Bai Mei stood aside, paying attention to the two men’s battle from the corner of his eyes at all times. When he saw their truce, an imperceptible trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

Looking at the thunderbolts gathering in Nie Xiao’s hand again, Bai Mei’s eyes flickered uncontrollably as he unconsciously licked his lips.

Wu Wenqi and the others saw that Nie Xiao finally got rid of Jiang Qiu, a madman, and couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. The group worked together to kill their way out of the zombies.

However, at this moment, a zombie among the horde suddenly entered into a frenzied state and began to frantically bite the lower-level zombies around it.

Then, one by one, dozens of zombies all went into a frenzied state. They all began to bite the low-level zombies around them frantically as their strength rose dramatically.

Ning Feng and the others’ faces instantly turned awful.

It’s not that they have never met zombies in a frenzied state, but that they have never met so many of them at once!

Once they stop biting their kind, it means that they have completely become second-grade zombies. Not one of the people present here would surely be able to deal with so many of them at once if that happened.

Nie Xiao’s face has also become serious. He spoke to his teammates beside him, somewhat in distress, “Quickly kill them while they’re still in a frenzied state, otherwise, they will completely enter the second-grade and we’ll be in trouble.”

However, before Nie Xiao even finished his sentence, the zombie’s frenzied state came to an abrupt end and they collectively entered into the second-grade.

All zombies who entered the second-grade would no longer bite the same kind around them but will, instead, aim their dark and hollow eyes at the freshest piece of meat on the scene.

The zombies’ close proximity with the fresh blood and flesh made their energy boil. In their hollow eyes there glowed scarlet spots of light.

Everyone’s scalp felt numb.

“Fuck! The speed of the zombies’ evolution accelerated.”

“Boss, the fortunate timing of your mouth bringing light as it opens this time is not right!”

Everyone had no time to retort. The advance of the zombies involved suddenly jumping into the air, and attacking them frantically, hitting them straight from mid-air like a cannonball.

They opened their bloody mouths wide like a sacrificial bowl, revealing the pale pus-filled fangs inside.

Jiang Qiu was attacked by a second-grade zombie but his metalized skin could not be penetrated by a zombie. Jiang Qiu had confidence in his ability and turned into a bronze statue, standing steadily by the side lazily and not really wanting to lift a hand.

“Jiang Qiu you motherfucker! You wicked scoundrel! Hurry up and move!!!”

Seeing such a scene, Ning Feng almost flew into a rage. His irrepressible anger made the flames in his hand burn even more violently. Even the tips of his hair and the hems of his clothes were faintly catching flames.

However, he didn’t notice it at all.

Bai Mei resisted a second-grade zombie on the side, and when he caught a glimpse of the changes in Ning Feng’s body, his pupils couldn’t help shrinking.

Turning his head to look at the others, he also found traces of imminent transformations among Nie Xiao’s group.

At that moment, Nie Xiao, who was being besieged by three second-grade zombies, was the first to experience changes in his body. His two arms instantly turned into thunderbolts and gale respectively.

The zombie tried to bite his arm but not only did it bite into empty space, it was also crushed inside-out by the wind and its head was scorched by the lightning. The electric current passed through it and emitted a burnt stench.

Jiang Qiu, who turned into a bronze statue and was sitting by the side, finally opened his eyes at this time, and an evil arc of a smile that was not quite a smile hung at the corners of his mouth.

“Yoh, not bad at all, he finally comprehended it and transformed.”

Because metal system abilities are special, Jiang Qiu was able to subconsciously turn his skin into metal for defense the first time he got the ability. So, the time of his enlightenment was earlier than everyone present.

But for the ability users of other systems, how many people could possibly actively think of transforming a part of their body into their ability?

In contrast to Jiang Qiu’s interest and fascination, Bai Mei could not restrain the impatience in his heart. His eyes flashed and his lips pressed together. He moved his hand and a pale gray ability core appeared.

While everyone wasn’t paying attention, he flipped his hand and smacked it into the stomach of an average zombie nearby.

Nie Xiao looked at the changes in his body and a brief flash of surprise appeared in his eyes. He then quickly used this transformation to the extreme. He quickly killed the two second-grade zombies around him and turned around to help Xiao Yan and Ning Feng.

Duan Wenyu and Wu Wenqi saw the changes in Nie Xiao’s body and their eyes flickered slightly. Then, tightly following in Nie Xiao’s footsteps, they were able to succeed and transform as well.

“What’s the matter with you guys?”

Half of Ning Feng’s foot was already on the edge of transformation, but his dull nerves had not yet realized the deeper mystery. He looked dumbfounded at three men who had succeeded in turning their bodies into sand, gale and lightning, and rain.

Xiao Yan was looking pensive at the side as well.

Afterwards, the two watched blankly as the three men showed off their astonishing might. Together, they wiped out most of the zombies around, leaving only the last few of the second-grade zombies.

On the side, Bai Mei saw the successful transformation of the two once again and was almost unable to hold back the eagerness in his eyes. Turning to look at Xiao Yan and Ning Feng next to him who has yet to transform, his palms clenched and relaxed several times.

Nie Xiao looked at the last two second-grade zombies left, and almost immediately confronted them without the slightest hesitation. His figure was as fast as lightning and wind. Ning Feng saw this scene and only felt that the battle was about to come to an end.

However, at that moment, unexpected changes occurred.

Of the two second-grade zombies, they saw one of them suddenly turn around, and rush toward the other second-grade zombie next to it. It opened its bloody mouth wide open like a ferocious beast and directly devoured more than half of the other zombie’s head.

Afterwards, he plunged into the group of ordinary zombies. His eyes were scarlet as he crazily tore at the other zombies, making the broken remnants of carrion limbs fly everywhere.

Obviously, it has entered the frenzied state once again.

“Lying trough! This son of a bitch is going to upgrade again! Today’s the fucking worst!!!” 

Ning Feng couldn’t help swearing.

Hearing this, Jiang Qiu, who was sitting like a bronze statue at the side, couldn’t help but open his eyes.

Since the beginning of the apocalypse until now, third-grade zombies have never been born.

Seeing this scene, Bai Mei finally let out a sigh of satisfaction. He finally fell to the back in an unnoticeable manner with the corner of his mouth quietly raised into a vague and relaxed arc.

Such a scene made Nie Xiao’s expression sink and he dared not to hesitate to rush forward.

While its frenzied state was not yet over, Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, and Wu Wenqi all vowed to work together and strangle the third-grade zombie right from the cradle. Ning Feng and Xiao Yan, who were responsible for killing ordinary zombies outside the encirclement, couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat.

The second-grade zombie in a frenzied state was fully devoted to devouring the rotting flesh of its kind. Confronted with the fierce momentum of Nie Xiao and the other two men’s approach, there was nearly no reaction from it. Its sharp nails dug up a blackened heart and gorged it down with its mouth.

Just when Nie Xiao and the others felt that success was at hand, the zombie’s third-grade evolution was completed. The third-grade zombie who had successfully evolved, suddenly looked up, its entire eyes had changed into a terrifying scarlet color.

A huge black aperture suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Ahhh, be careful!!!”

Ning Feng and Xiao Yan saw this strange scene happening in mid-air and shouted anxiously.

However, it was still a step too late!

The black aperture fell from the sky and flew straight towards Nie Xiao’s group of three. The black ring suddenly tightened and Nie Xiao and the other two who weren’t able to react on time were trapped within the aperture.

After doing all of this, the third-grade zombie did not stay put, it turned its head toward Ning Feng and Xiao Yan. It controlled the black aperture with one hand and revealed its sharp black nails with the other, heading straight toward Xiao Yan and Ning Feng. It seems that it was aiming for their heads, eagerly wanting to open their skull and suck their marrow.

“Shit! Damn it!”

Wu Wenqi’s complexion was unsightly as he tried to struggle out of the confines of the black aperture imprisoning his body. Nie Xiao also responded quickly, turning parts of his body into wind and lightning, trying to escape. However, they would never have expected that this imprisoning ability would be far more powerful than they thought.

The three could only watch Ning Feng and Xiao Yan suffer under the arrival of the imminent danger.

Bai Mei who was watching this scene had an anxious face but he still couldn’t hold back the joy from showing in his eyes. He thought he was about to succeed, but he completely overlooked Jiang Qiu who was not far away.

Jiang Qiu rushed forward in big strides and pulled Ning Feng and Xiao Yan away as his steeled iron foot kicked the black aperture away.

Perfect intervention! 

The claws of the third-grade zombies only touched empty air.

“You two, hurry up and go!”

Nie Xiao faintly noticed the thing that the zombie was coveting and quickly shouted at Ning Feng and Xiao Yan.

Ning Feng was reluctant but Xiao Yan reacted immediately and took Ning Feng to escape. Bai Mei secretly cursed Jiang Qiu for meddling in other peoples’ business before quickly following Ning Feng and Xiao Yan to flee.

Jiang Qiu briefly stalled the third-grade zombie. When Ning Feng and the other two had walked far enough, he was immediately locked in place by the opponent’s abilities and was thrown besides Nie Xiao and the others.

“You’re really fucking useless!” Wu Wenqi glanced at Jiang Qiu and couldn’t help but scold, “No wonder you’re a wicked scoundrel. You don’t know when to pick a fight and you can’t read the room at all!”

Jiang Qiu silently transformed himself into a bronze statue, sitting inexorably on the spot, letting the zombie’s fangs slam on his metalized head.

“Still not thanking me for saving your wife?”

“You can go fuck yourself!”

The several other people have transformed their bodies into their abilities. Even if they were imprisoned and unable to move at the time, the zombies can’t do anything to them.

When they open their mouth to bite, they will either get a mouthful of sand, clear water, or just be looking at their fallen teeth all over the floor because of the toughened metal.

At this time, Wu Wenqi, Duan Wenyu, and Jiang Qiu all simultaneously envied Nie Xiao who hadn’t been approached and bitten by zombies.

Thunder and lightning incarnate Nie Xiao: “……”

Jiang Qiu, who was being given a cerebral concussion by the zombies since earlier, would never admit that he was envious. He said in a cold voice, “Sure enough, even the zombies are disgusted by the scourge.”

“Your mother is the fucking scourge!”

Four people were thrown into the zombie horde. It seemed that because of the third-grade zombie’s use of its ability, it had a limited range of activity. At that time, it didn’t chase after Ning Feng and Xiao Yan but, instead, sat face to face with Nie Xiao and the others.

Guarding his four mouthfuls of meat in front.

Nie Xiao looked at the ugly zombie across from him, and finally couldn’t help but issue an important question, his face very serious, “Say, can we use more energy than him?”

The three of them immediately looked up to stare at the seemingly tireless zombie. They felt that their own abilities were being constantly consumed, and they all could not help falling into silence.

“Shouldn’t there be an unrivalled hero coming with a seven-colored auspicious cloud at this time to save us?”

Jiang Qiu looked up to gaze at the sky with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Nie Xiao’s group of three: “……”

Wu Wenqi scolded: “You can shut up now!”


At that very moment, with the help of his big tiger, Xiao WuYi and the others found the center of the city. From afar, they heard movements made by a large-scale zombie swarm and they immediately went straight in that direction.

Then, they bumped into Xiao Yan, Ning Feng, and the others who were fleeing.

Wu Wenyu saw Xiao Yan and she instantly rushed up in surprise.

Xiao Yan looked at Wu Wenyu who had suddenly appeared, she was stunned for a moment before excitedly hugging Wu Wenyu in happiness.

“Great, Xiao Yu! You’re safe! That’s really great!”

Xiao Yan was about to cry from excitement. Others saw the remarkably beautiful woman but only felt that their eyes were dazzled.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t care much about the excitement and joy at this time. He looked around left and right but there was no sign of Nie Xiao’s figure. He couldn’t help pulling at Ning Feng’s sleeve. “Smelly Fengfeng, Xiao Yan-jiejie, where is my daddy?”

Hearing the intimate name they were called by, Xiao Yan and Ning Feng finally noticed the unfamiliar pretty, young boy at the side and their heads were immediately clouded with confusion. They had no recollection of meeting such a person in their memory.

Wu Wenyu also noticed the anomaly, looking at Xiao Yan and Ning Feng’s hurried manner, she couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious.

“That’s right, Sister Yan, what about my brother?”

When Xiao Yan and Ning Feng heard this, they were immediately unable to think about the other things. Recalling the situation further in, their expressions became somewhat unsightly and anxious.

“Your brother and the others are currently trapped in the middle of a zombie horde by a third-grade zombie! The few of us have just escaped from it!”

“What?! A third-grade zombie?!!!”

Hearing this, everyone turned pale with fright.

As soon as Xiao WuYi heard that Nie Xiao and the others were in danger, he was immediately overcome with anxiousness. He rode on the big tiger and flew in the direction of the zombie horde, rushing out almost on impulse.

“General, quickly! I’m going to save my daddy!”

Everyone was anxious as they watched the young boy impulsively riding the big tiger and flying out. Ning Feng and Xiao Yan haven’t finished speaking yet but they couldn’t just watch Xiao WuYi walk right into the trap and so they shouted for him to come back immediately.

“It’s dangerous! Come back! That third-grade zombie has an ability!!!”

However, at that moment, Xiao WuYi was thinking of nothing but Nie Xiao’s safety in his heart. He turned a deaf ear to their call, and he went straight forward without looking back.

Xiao Yan and the others cannot stop him, and could only quickly catch up.

Bai Mei saw the sudden emergence of this large wave of people, and his desirous secret black handed plan had to be interrupted. He could only bitterly grit his teeth in secret. Having fallen a step behind, he tried to keep up with the pace of the large group.


In the middle of the boundless horde of zombies, the four people including Nie Xiao were densely surrounded by zombies. The unpleasant rancid smell caused their noses to malfunction.

The third-grade zombies sat steadily opposite Nie Xiao and the others, instructing the low-level zombies to continue biting the four of them in order to constantly consume their abilities.

Even Nie Xiao, who was avoided by the zombies earlier, was also beginning to be attacked by the zombies. The zombies were burned into ash by lightning but there were still a continuous stream of zombies coming after him one after another.

The four people gradually started to struggle.

Abilities can only go out but not in, and their powers will soon be on the verge of depletion. Everybody’s face including Nie Xiao’s was now a bit pale and they all had splitting headaches.

The third-grade zombie also seemed to be aware of the group’s situation. It stood up immediately and dispersed the lower zombies around. Its bluish-white fangs dripped with pus.

As soon as the abilities of the four were exhausted, it could immediately bite through them and completely tear their flesh.

“Damn, Laozi can’t hold it anymore.”

Wu Wenqi was running down with cold sweat, Duan Wenyu was also on the verge of collapse, and Jiang Qiu was gritting his teeth without saying a word as his lips began to turn pale.

Nie Xiao wasn’t doing any better at the moment but was still paying attention to his teammate’s circumstances. With sharp eyes, he found out that Duan Wenyu had already begun to recover part of his skin, and Nie Xiao’s eyes couldn’t help but contract.

He also saw the third-grade zombie walking towards Duan Wenyu.

Duan Wenyu saw this happen and he spoke as if to say his last words, “Boss, Wenqi, remember to look after Ning Feng for me in the future.”

“Shut up!” Wu Wenqi scolded with burning red eyes, “I’ll still support you even if you die!!!”

It was at the moment Duan Wenyu’s ability was about to run out that Nie Xiao withdrew his own abilities without any further thought. Wu Wenqi and Jiang Qiu also made the same move.

Duan Wenyu saw this scene and wondered whether it was his water system ability that blurred his eyes or because his glasses were lost.

“What’re you doing?”

“Whoever dies first, dies.”

The four men all returned to their original state. The third-grade zombie was confused for a moment before it suddenly reacted and opened its bloody mouth ferociously toward Nie Xiao, the most powerful one in the group, almost without hesitation.



As soon as the little hamster arrived, this scene was the scene that greeted him, causing his eyes to emit raging fury on the spot. Riding the big tiger that had turned into a cloud of fog, he rushed forward at the speed of light.

At that moment of imminent peril, Nie Xiao was taken away from the mouth of the zombie.

“Daddy, baby finally found you la!”



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