Chapter 24 – WuYi enters Fengcheng

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Nie Xiao and his men killed zombies all the way to Lin Mengfei’s house.

Although Wu Wenqi often leaves home for ten days to half a month during missions, he is still very concerned about his sister’s daily life and tries to get to know her circle of friends.

Wu Wenqi made a thorough investigation on her best friend Ling Mengfei in particular.

Lin Mengfei’s family background is very ordinary. Her entire family lives in an average community in Fengcheng District. Both her father and mother worked 9 to 5 in a company. She also has a younger brother who is in elementary school.

Relying on Wu Wenqi’s memory, Nie Xiao and the others found the community where Lin Mengfei’s house was located without much trouble. However, upon seeing the mob of zombies around, even Wu Wenqi didn’t have much hope.

As expected, all the buildings were emptied and vacant.

At that point, their trail was cut short and they had no clue as to where Wu Wenyu could be.

Wu Wenqi immediately tried to suppress the reddening of his eyes. His fists rained punches on the wall as his whole body appeared mournful.

The air sunk into silence in a split second. Only the disgusting sounds coming from the zombies outside the door could be heard, unpleasant and hateful.

It was hard for everyone to imagine how an unarmed and defenseless little girl could survive smoothly and safely in this dangerous apocalypse.

Xiao Yan saw Wu Wenqi’s appearance but she didn’t know how to comfort him. Her eyes suddenly turned red, and couldn’t help but start blaming herself.

“It would’ve been better if I didn’t take that mission and showed it to you…”


Ning Feng couldn’t help but shout loudly when he heard these absurd words, stopping Xiao Yan from continuing to speak.

“This isn’t your fault!”

Ning Feng took Xiao Yan’s hand, then turned to look at Wu Wenqi. Quite anxiously he said, “Wu Wenqi, you have to say something, won’t you!?”

This time, having heard the shout, Wu Wenqi wiped his red eyes and regained his spirits. He walked over to pat Xiao Yan’s head. His tone was both gentle and firm, “Yes, it’s not your fault. Don’t think too much.”

Xiao Yan looked up at the man’s resolute face and the tears in her eyes suddenly fell.

Nie Xiao looked at his sorrowful teammates. He became silent but he couldn’t help but speak after a while, saying the same words he had said more than once.

“It will be fine.”

Hearing those four words was incomparably effective as it caused Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan to stare at each other for a moment before their eyes suddenly sparked with determination and hope.

Ning Feng who was beside them also nodded like a chick pecking rice, and quickly echoed, “Right, right. The boss said that it’ll be fine, so it will surely be fine!”

With that said, Duan Wenyu, who was standing silently in the corner, suddenly discovered something. He quickly stepped forward, picked up a desk calendar on Lin Mengfei’s table, and pointed to the memo on it.

“Xiao Yu should be in Yuncheng.”

Everyone took a closer look and saw a small line written in the blank space under a date——“Feifei will take Xiaoyu to play in Yuncheng, plane at 8 o’clock.”

This pleasant surprise that suddenly fell above their heads served as proof once again to Nie Xiao’s mouth that seemed to bring light when it opened. Wu Wenqi didn’t hold back his excitement and gave Nie Xiao a fierce hug.

“Boss, your mouth must have been kissed by Buddha.”

Nie Xiao: “……” There’s no Buddha, but there is one little hamster ancestor.

With the latest clues on hand, everyone dared not delay and lose any more time. They immediately went back to the road leading to the fighter jets, wishing that they could just plug the wings on themselves and fly directly to Yuncheng.

Nie Xiao thought of the little hamster who was also in Yuncheng and also started to get a little impatient.

However, before they were able to walk far from Lin Mengfei’s community, they met with an old friend who had swept the road all the way to the city center.

——It can only be described as enemies on a narrow road

Nie Xiao looked at Jiang Qiu who was walking across from him, only to feel a bit of worry. Ning Feng and the others didn’t expect to encounter this mental case here.

Jiang Chou looked at the neat and complete “YunXiao Quintet1 Yun from Yuncheng, Xiao from Nie Xiao, and quintet cuz there’s five of them.“, and a cynical smile grew from the corner of his mouth. His handsome wheat color face was dyed a little evil.

“Yoh, hah, turns out none of them died ya!”

At this very moment, the most powerful figures of the mercenary world have gathered here.

Jiang Qiu was a tough man with an individual soldier combat capability comparable to that of Nie Xiao’s. He was ranked second in the dark list of mercenaries’ comprehensive strength, second only to Nie Xiao.

Every time Ning Feng saw Jiang Qiu, he would be somewhat nervous. The other party’s psychotic personality made most people afraid when they saw him and ghosts worried at the sight of him.

Ning Feng and the others simply didn’t want to provoke this kind of person at all but they had Nie Xiao in their team. From the time Nie Xiao surpassed him on the dark list, they were forced to become the enemy of Jiang Qiu as per the other’s one-sided declaration.

From robbing missions to sabotage, he would keep bothering them, compiling a period of love and hatred between them in the mercenary world since the dawn of time.

In a sense, this ill-fated relationship couldn’t be avoided at all.

Ning Feng didn’t want to have anything to do with Jiang Qiu at this time. He bared his teeth and barked, “We’re in a hurry, we have no time for your bullshit!”

Jiang Qiu didn’t put Ning Feng in his eyes at all, and he said with much enmity, “Adults are talking, wimpy brats like you shouldn’t interrupt.”

Ning Feng was immediately angered. He looked up and said, “Beware if I bomb you later.”

Nie Xiao looked at Jiang Qiu but although he had a bit of a headache, he didn’t react as intensely as Ning Feng. As his eyes couldn’t help but fall behind Jiang Qiu and on the pale-skinned man behind him, he couldn’t help but feel baffled.

Jiang Chou, who had always been used to going solo, how could he suddenly be bringing a new face around him?

Ning Feng also saw the pale-looking man behind Jiang Qiu, yet not losing grace, he grimaced and said, “He your lover?”

“The wimpy brat doesn’t want his mouth anymore, right?” Jiang Qiu narrowed his eyes. His eyes suddenly became dangerous causing Ning Feng to quickly close his mouth and unconsciously lean against Duan Wenyu’s back.

The pale-skinned man didn’t mind such wild guesses. He smiled slightly and took the initiative to introduce himself in a gentle manner. “Hello everyone, I am Bai Mei.”

“My god, he indeed is a white rose2 Bai Mei is 白玫 while white rose is 白玫瑰 . White rose means pure and innocent,  unstained as if a fairy who doesn’t eat the food of mortals. Like an elegant and graceful young knight dressed in clothing as white as snow, repeatedly indicating, ‘On this earth, only I can be your match.’ — rough translation from !” Ning Feng couldn’t help but gossip. He was so excited that he whispered in a not so quiet voice behind Duan Wenyu, causing Duan Wenyu to feel helpless and funny.

Jiang Qiu immediately frowned with indifference, but not towards Bai Mei or Ning Feng. He fixed his gaze directly on Nie Xiao. Bai Mei seems to be accustomed to this kind of cold-shoulder treatment. He just stood quietly behind him after saying his name, just like a transparent person.

Jiang Qiu looked up at the five old friends who were unscathed even in the apocalypse. The belligerent traits inside his body that were normally suppressed were now beginning to stir. The corner of his lips curled up wickedly. “I see that you guys also have abilities, am I right? Why don’t we have a match first?”

Having said that, Jiang Qiu raised his hands and metalized skin covered the surface of his body. He laughed evilly and brazenly. Although he said “we,” his line of sight was only directed toward Nie Xiao.

As Nie Xiao watched this scene, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Aside, Ning Feng who heard this familiar monologue couldn’t help but interlace his hands behind his head and wail. If this fight starts, wouldn’t it be dark sky and black earth3 troubled times; disorderly again?

“Come, come! This retard is at it again.”

Sure enough, even if it was the apocalypse, it wouldn’t hold back Jiang Qiu, the nut case, from coming up with a forced appointment of his style.

Wu Wenqi didn’t want to delay their mission to find his sister once again, and immediately went to mediate, “Jiang Qiu, we have an urgent matter right now. Wait for our affairs to be done and then we can beat you up no matter how many times you want.”

In short, it meant ‘We don’t have the time.’

With that said, Wu Wenqi and the others were about to go around them. Nie Xiao also followed behind, although Jiang Qiu’s ability looked a bit interesting, it was far less important than his family’s Choubao.

Jiang Qiu, who was snubbed and ignored, was somewhat in a bad mood. He raised his hand to control a huge metal street sign in the distance. With a ‘bang,’ the broken metal sign was inserted straight into the concrete ground, blocking Nie Xiao and his group’s path forward.

Upon seeing this, Nie Xiao and the others became silent for two seconds, before they expressionlessly bypassed the street sign and continued to walk forward, not minding Jiang Qiu at all.

The psycho was ignored completely.

Jiang Qiu: “.……”

Not giving me face?

Jiang Qiu was provoked and his psychopathic tendencies flared up. He drew in all the metal objects in the surroundings and smashed them one by one on Nie Xiao and his men’s path forward. The loud noise attracted more and more zombies, and Nie Xiao who already took a detour couldn’t help the corner of his eyes from twitching.

Wu Wenqi couldn’t help but explode with swear words on the spot. He turned back and rained curses, “Jiang Qiu, you son of a bitch! You fucking idiot!”

Before they knew it, they were surrounded by zombies. Layer upon layer of densely packed undead rushed towards them, blocking the surrounding roads so tightly that not one drop of water could trickle through.

Being forced to this point, Nie Xiao and the others had no other choice but to use their abilities to kill the zombies. Various splendid special effects emitted from abilities made Jiang Qiu’s eyes brighten.

“Since you can’t go anyway, why not have a match?”

Jiang Qiu looked at the wind blade in Nie Xiao’s hand and was extremely eager to give it a try. Seeing the ability in everybody else’s hands, he wanted to have a go at those formidable abilities.

Ning Feng manipulated the flames on his hand and burned the zombies around him until the zombies were charred and their smell became a bit unbearable. He couldn’t help but yell without restraint, “You still want to have a match? Can’t you see that there are so many zombies ah!!!”

“You psychopath! If you stay here any longer, zombies will gnaw at you until not even your bones are left!”

Jiang Qiu was cursed at but it didn’t seem to affect him in any way. With his metalized skin, he simply wasn’t afraid of the zombies biting him. Fearlessly, he charged toward Nie Xiao.

Nie Xiao had no other way out and could only move his hand to meet the attack.

Seeing this scene, even an intellectual man like Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but push his glasses up and whisper a “fuck” under his breath.

At this moment, no one noticed Bai Mei’s expression. The handsome man with pale skin watched each of the ability users present, the corners of his mouth raising in an increasingly larger arc.

A bright flicker of light of excitement flashed in his black eyes.


At this time, with the help of the big tiger, Xiao WuYi and the others were able to quickly and smoothly enter Fengcheng District and go straight to Wu Wenyu’s house.

Wu Wenyu opened the door of their house and as soon as she entered, she keenly noticed the traces of someone home. There were also torn food bags on the table in the living room, the residue inside the bags were still very fresh. Apparently, someone had been inside their house very recently.

Xiao Wuyi also caught the familiar scent of his daddy in the air and he immediately jumped up in surprise and excitement.

“My daddy has been here too!”

“Everyone came back!”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but feel happy for Wu Wenyu and Xiao WuYi. The fact that their families were able to return home safely during this apocalypse is simply the greatest fortune and good news.

However, the pressing issue right now is where Nie Xiao and his group went. It would be such a pity if they just missed them.

Xie Jun took the opportunity to say decisively, “We chase after them! I’m sure that they weren’t able to go that far.”

“But where do we start finding them in such a big region?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask the main question, causing Xie Jun to choke.

As soon as Xiao WuYi heard this, he was suddenly hit by inspiration. He threw himself onto the table, picked up a food bag, and stretched it out before the big tiger’s nose.

“General, sniff it quickly. Remember this smell, okay?”

“Carry me and let’s find my daddy!”

Big tiger: “……”

The tiger fell in Pingyang and was treated as a dog4the real proverb is “The tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by the dogs.” It means a person of high status being bullied by the weak and lowly after losing power.

As to why the tiger fell specifically in Pingyang, there’s actually a really sad story behind this, can be found here if curious 

Everyone: “……”

Little boss, NB.



Countdown: 1

  • 1
    Yun from Yuncheng, Xiao from Nie Xiao, and quintet cuz there’s five of them.
  • 2
    Bai Mei is 白玫 while white rose is 白玫瑰 . White rose means pure and innocent,  unstained as if a fairy who doesn’t eat the food of mortals. Like an elegant and graceful young knight dressed in clothing as white as snow, repeatedly indicating, ‘On this earth, only I can be your match.’ — rough translation from
  • 3
    troubled times; disorderly
  • 4
    the real proverb is “The tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by the dogs.” It means a person of high status being bullied by the weak and lowly after losing power.

    As to why the tiger fell specifically in Pingyang, there’s actually a really sad story behind this, can be found here if curious 


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