Chapter 23 – WuYi enters the fog

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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The group wasn’t able to go far. They were surrounded by the thick fog Nana mentioned earlier. The vast expanse of whiteness made the group unable to see the road under their feet.

At that time, the sky was also gradually dimming. In order to prevent scattering and separating inside the fog, everyone decided to stay and rest at their current position, only hoping that the sunrise the next day could disperse the fog.

It puzzled Xiao WuYi and made him feel anxious. He had a gut feeling that his daddy was almost within reach but, unfortunately, he had no choice but to delay his journey because of the fog that suddenly rolled in.

He was so unhappy that oil bottles could be hung on his little mouth.

Wu Wenyu also felt a bit anxious but the more anxious she was at this time, the easier it was for something to go wrong, so she could only patiently comfort the young boy and also comfort herself at the same time.

“Be good. Let’s wait ‘til the fog clears up tomorrow morning. Let’s take advantage of the delay and take a good rest. First chance we get, we’ll enter the city in a flash.”

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi could only reluctantly breathe out a sigh bubble.

Soon, night came. Everyone gathered to eat something to fill their stomachs and took turns keeping watch. They sprinkled sulfur powder around their area to repel wild animals and snakes.

Being deep in the old forest of the mountains at night, one can hear each other’s breathing in the quiet. Rustling sounds would occasionally be heard from the grass and it would gratuitously add a bit of horror and strangeness to the night.

If it weren’t for everyone feeling the safety in numbers, staying in such an environment would’ve surely scared them out of their wits.

Everyone huddled close together. Even if they weren’t the ones to keep the night watch, they didn’t dare to actually sleep. Although these barren mountains and hills were sparsely populated, they were still worried that a zombie’s head would appear out of nowhere.

Thinking about that scene that was exactly like a clip from a horror movie, everyone became even more uneasy and restless. This situation ran counter to what Wu Wenyu said at the beginning.

In this pitch-black darkness where you were unable to see your own hands, everyone didn’t notice the fog around them getting thicker and thicker, completely unaware of the fact that there were a pair of eyes watching their each and every move in the dark.

As the fog grew thicker, everyone’s consciousness gradually became muddled. At that moment, the thick fog around the area suddenly turned into the head of a big ferocious tiger with orange and black markings.

The big tiger looked at the people who had already fallen fast asleep and noiselessly stepped forward. It was so hungry that its eyes glowed with a green light as it sniffed the smell in the air and accurately found the food inside everyone’s backpack. It bit through the packaging and began to wolf down the food.

The big tiger seemed to be very human and had no intention of hurting anyone at the camp. It just wanted to stuff itself and steal some food afterwards.

It turned the white mist around it into a huge pair of hands and towed the rest of the food, transporting it into the old forest deep in the mountain.

After finishing its raid, the big tiger was ready to leave through the fog. However, when it passed by Xiao WuYi, it suddenly smelled a hint of an inexplicably familiar taste.

It acted a split second after the thought. The big tiger brought the young boy back without further thought and carried him back to its old nest deep in the mountain.

When the big tiger left, the fog surrounding the area also dissipated. When everyone eventually awoke, they discovered that Xiao WuYi was missing and everyone immediately descended into chaos.

Inside a cave deep in the mountain.

The big tiger sniffed the young boy’s scent closely. Its eyes revealed a bit of confusion, it couldn’t figure out why it brought this person back on an impulse.

Just as the big tiger was lost in thought “pondering about its tiger life,” Xiao WuYi who was lying on the ground eventually regained his consciousness. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a huge cat’s face, and he immediately rolled far away in fright.

Shrinking in the corner with tears coming out of his eyes.

The big tiger was also startled by the young boy who suddenly woke up. However, before it could react, a huge rock suddenly fell on top of its head and smashed it into a cloud of scattered fog.

Xiao WuYi saw this and became even more terrified. He tearfully summoned his courage and “intensely fought” with the big kitty.

Ultimately, the big tiger was successfully suppressed under the little hamster’s butt.

The big tiger felt the very small ball sitting on the top of its head and simply didn’t dare budge while lying on the ground. It was afraid that it might hurt the other party by accident.

Almost on instinct, it neither struggled nor resisted.

The little hamster grabbed the fur on top of the big tiger’s head and looked down at the opponent that seemed to have conceded. He immediately let out a sigh of relief, his small little face showing a triumphant and proud expression.

——This Little Hamster Warrior successfully defeated the big kitty today!!!

After confirming that the big tiger had given up its struggle, the little hamster slid off its head. One hamster and one tiger faced each other. The little hamster’s small figure was reflected in the light golden pupils of the big tiger.

The little guy watched the big tiger’s docile figure lying on the ground and felt that what his daddy said was wrong. The “big kitty” wasn’t scary at all!

The little hamster couldn’t help but extend his small claws and lightly boop the tip of the big tiger’s nose, letting out a cute ‘chi.’

You will be my new younger brother1an addition to Xie Jun, Liu Dashan and the other younger brothers from now on!

Who knew if it understood what it heard, but the little hamster saw the big tiger nod gently, causing him to squint his little eyes in happiness.

After accepting his new younger brother, the little hamster changed back to his human form and saw the food that was transported into the cave. He reclaimed it all into his own little storage, and at the same time did not forget to console the big tiger after.

“Don’t worry! Now that you’re with me, you definitely won’t go hungry!”

The big tiger heard these words and amiably rubbed the young boy’s waist gently with his head.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but laugh happily, rubbing the big tiger’s furry head. He then surveyed the cave to see if there was anything else he needed to bring.

Then, in the deepest corner of the cave, he found a small cloth bag containing many small seeds of different shapes and sizes.

Without further thought Xiao WuYi moved it inside his little storage, planning to plant them in a few days’ time and see what specific plants they were at that time.

The big tiger watched from the side without the least bit of desire to stop him. After all the familial properties were packed, Xiao WuYi walked back down to the camp with the big tiger in lead.

At that time, Wu Wenyu, Xie Jun, and everybody with them were nearly going insane with worry.

When they saw the young boy who had been missing for a long time reappear in front of them, everybody’s heart fell into place and they even wanted to cry.

“You little villain! Where were you? Don’t you know that we were worried to death?!” Wu Wenyu rushed forward and rubbed her face against Xiao Wuyi’s, tearfully saying, “Never run around like this again next time!”

As Xiao WuYi was cuddled into speechlessness, he somehow felt as if he had been wronged. He struggled to free himself from the devil’s claws. Then he pushed the blame to the big tiger not far away. “He took me away. It’s not my fault!”

At that time, the crowd finally noticed the quiet tiger in the distance lurking in the dark. The big tiger’s light gold pupils were full of deterrence.

Everyone’s heart almost leapt out of their throats in fright.

Seeing the young boy rubbing the big tiger’s head as if he were rubbing a cat’s, there was only one sentence that remained in everybody’s heart.

——Little boss, NB!

Except in the “Animal World2 Animal World: Searched it up only to see this domestic movie that has no tiger in it, lol. So now I’m guessing that instead of it being some kind of National Geographic, this is the literal “world of animals” or the “wild”.,” no one has ever seen such a big tiger who grew up in the wild.

Everyone was extremely curious as to what had happened just moments ago. However, due to being tossed by the events, the young boy had already succumbed to exhaustion and closed his eyes.

He slept directly on top of the big tiger’s soft fur. He also didn’t forget to pull the tiger’s big tail to cover his little belly.

The crowd wanted to say something but was hesitating. They were very unsatisfied and wanted to shake the young boy to wake him up, but they immediately shut their mouths when they met the tiger’s intense light gold eyes.

Quiet as a chicken, he slept, well-behaved.

After this short episode, the night passed by quickly. Early the next morning, the sun came out and sunlight penetrated through the gaps between the trees, shining gloriously upon mother earth.

As soon as everyone woke up, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the fog had mysteriously dispersed. At the same time, everyone could still clearly see the big tiger that stood there with Xiao WuYi.

Orange with black markings, majestic and domineering, its pair of light golden eyes made people afraid to stare right into it. Its whole body was just like an iron-blooded general on the battlefield.

Only when its line of sight would fall on the young boy would its aura become a bit softer.

Everyone simply dared not approach, and only dared to wake up the young boy from far away.

Xiao WuYi, who was now awake, saw the forest where the fog had already dispersed. His face showed his pleasant surprise as he couldn’t wait to continue their journey.

As for the big tiger beside him—he wasn’t afraid of it at all, as if what happened last night was only an insignificant, trivial thing.

The people who held back their curiosity last night, couldn’t hold back anymore and finally asked. Xiao WuYi also didn’t hide it and told everyone truthfully what happened last night.

Finding out about the thrilling occurrence of being taken back to the cave by the mouth, everyone wondered whether the young boy was treated as a grain reserve then.

“It doesn’t matter! He’s my new brother now! He definitely won’t hurt me!”

Xiao WuYi promised this solemnly. He shook his head happily as his mind wandered about. He affectionately rubbed the big tiger’s head when a name popped up in his mind and he almost unconsciously blurted it out.

“General! You will be called ‘General’ from now on!”

The big tiger nodded as if he was human and understood what the little hamster had said.

Such a scene surprised everyone. Sure enough, the apocalypse had arrived. Even animals were becoming refined.

Seeing as the big tiger really didn’t mean to hurt anyone, everyone had no reason to refuse anymore. Feeling rest assured, they were now ready to continue walking down the mountain.

At that exact moment, the fog in the mountains rose again, shocking everyone. Immediately after, they watched on blanky as the big tiger, General, carried the young boy on his back and soared on a cloud, drawing in the fog.

Before everyone could pick up their jaws from the ground, their bodies were swept along by the dense fog around them, losing their bearings while being transported down the mountain.

With their feet suddenly stepping onto the pavement of the highway beneath them, everybody felt that what just happened was unreal. With hair disheveled by the breeze, they couldn’t help but look back at the towering mountain behind them in a trance.

They… really did chaotically roll down the mountain with the crazy clouds.

The young boy’s surprised voice also followed after. It seems that he had long been used to it and wasn’t surprised at the big tiger’s ability to ride the clouds and draw in fog.

“General! You’re too amazing!”

“Ahhhhh, Fengcheng! Here we come! Chongya!”

Everyone: “……”

Humans aren’t as good as tigers.


At this time, after Nie Xiao and his group had taken a rest overnight, they were on their way to Lin Mengfei’s house.

Because Wu Wenyu did not leave any address information on her note, they could only go to her best friend, Lin Mengfei’s house to try their luck and see if there was anyone alive in her family and if they knew where Wu Wenyu went.

Meanwhile, another group of people also appeared in the city center of Fengcheng, wantonly slaughtering the zombies in the city and frantically collecting crystal nuclei and supplies.

Among them, a a pale-skinned man seems to be an ability user of the space system.


Countdown: 2


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