Chapter 21 – WuYi continues moving forward

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As soon as the sun rose in the early morning of the next day, the team that got bigger again set out on their journey towards the city center of Shancheng.

However, just before they left the small village, an unknown zombie came out of nowhere. It came after a difficult trip. It walked like a corpse directly towards the back mountain of the school.

The hollows of its eyes were dark and bottomless but it seemed like it was sniffing out a scent. It found Meng Guangyao’s dead body, which Xiao WuYi’s group had buried yesterday, and dug it out of the soil.

The pale, bluish-black, sharp fingernails were inserted straight into Meng Guangyao’s skull. It stirred indiscriminately inside, and eventually pulled out a transparent light gray ability core.

With the ability core in hand, the zombie stood up and blindly moved forward to an unknown direction.

Xiao WuYi and the others were completely in the dark with all of this.


At the same moment, north of China.

Nie Xiao’s group finally arrived at Harbin airport and met with Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng. After being able to reunite with their teammates and seeing them safe and sound, everyone’s spirits were uplifted.

Ning Feng looked at Nie Xiao’s group of three and burst into tears of joy. He rushed up with a bear hug. Nie Xiao’s eyes flickered and he swiftly got out of the way, allowing Wu Wenqi behind him to enjoy the luxurious treatment of being covered in tears.

“Wuwuwu Boss, you guys are finally here huh? Why is Wenqiqi—forget it, wuwuwu you guys are finally here. Duan Wenyu enslaves me every day!!!”

Wu Wenqi’s eye twitched. He couldn’t hold back anymore and delivered the habitual iron fist on Ning Feng’s head causing a big bright red bump to immediately rise up on his head.

Ning Feng: QAQ that’s good, it still has this familiar flavor.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.

Duan Wenyu: “……” Idiot.

The other teammates were actually also very excited in their hearts, but they didn’t expose their emotions like Ning Feng did. They kept their expressions relatively restrained. Duan Wenyu took the lead and shared a brief hug with the trio.

Nie Xiao looked at Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng and seeing them safe and intact allowed his heart to finally rest assured. Looking behind the two and seeing the traces of a prototype base they probably built by themselves, he couldn’t help but pat Duan Wenyu’s back and say with a light smile, “All is good, truly good. It has been difficult for you to take care of Ning Feng during this time! “

Duan Wenyu also smiled. “It’s tolerable.”

Ning Feng heard this and immediately felt wronged, bursting into tears on the spot, bawling to expose Duan Wenyu’s true colors. “Boss, he didn’t take care of me. He was enslaving and bullying me every day!!!”

Watching this scene of chicken flying and dogs jumping, Xiao Yan and Wu Wenqi both laughed at the side, even little Moye couldn’t help but cover his mouth and laugh.

Ning Feng then noticed the cute, little boy1Yo, the author actually called Mo Ye (正太 zhengtai) shota. I was like (OAO) lol whuut XD beside Xiao Yan. His head was immediately filled with question marks as he yelled, “Damn, Yan-jie and Wenqiqi’s child is already this big?”

Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu: “……”

Blind talk that contains big truths2Blurting out something that you thought was obvious but was actually a tacit understanding to keep under the carpet..

Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan instantly blushed and quickly distanced themselves from each other, no one able to make eye-contact. Xiao Mo Ye glanced at the two adults on either side of him and was filled with confusion.

Watching this scene, Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, and Ning Feng all showed identical expressions at the same time [blank face.jpg].

Ah, worrying3捉急: the complete buzzword(phrase) is 智商捉急 which literally means “one’s intelligence is worrying” ⁠—Almost the same as the “worried” WuYi mentioned before for Wu Wenyu..

At that time, Luo Yunhai and his men who had followed Nie Xiao’s group, had successfully merged with Wu Qingfeng’s troops.

Major General Wu Qingfeng learned of the situation at the border town and his eyes suddenly turned red. At the end, all of the thousand words he wanted to say were compressed into a simple action, he patted Luo Yunhai heavily on the shoulder. “All of you here are alive and well, and that’s already very good!”

Luo Yunhai couldn’t help but wipe his tears and give a vigorous and sonorous salute.

After the brief exchange, Wu Qingfeng discovered Nie Xiao’s group’s powerful presence. He looked up at Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng’s face without restraint, only to feel that the fate that brings people together was too wonderful for words. He immediately walked over and took the initiative to introduce himself to the trio.

At the end of the conversation, the topic inevitably steered towards the destination of Nie Xiao and his men. Nie Xiao did not hide this and bluntly said, “We are going to Fengcheng then to Yuncheng.”

Wu Qingfeng heard the names of these distant places and couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, “That far? Are you really planning to go back?”

“People who are important to us are still there.”

Nie Xiao looked at Wu Qingfeng with a smile, his eyes showing unshakable firmness and not the least bit of fear as if there would be no thorns or bumps in the road ahead.

Wu Qingfeng turned his head to look at the other people with him. Faced with the firmness revealed in their eyes, the words he wanted to say were thoroughly stifled in his throat. He subconsciously touched his chest pocket and his mouth showed bitterness. If it was his most important person who was there instead, he felt that he would probably also not fear the untold dangers and obstacles ahead.

“Speaking of, Major General Wu, we may have to borrow something from you!” Duan Wenyu interrupted Wu Qingfeng who had suddenly fallen into a reminiscence. He pushed his eyeglasses up and looked at the other with a smile. Because the airport had now been taken over by the military, they first had to ask permission about some things. Manners were still a necessity.

Faced with Duan Wenyu, a great hero who assisted them in building the base, Wu Qingfeng could never refuse. He spoke cheerfully. “Just say the word! As long as we have it, we will lend it to you!”

“Actually, it’s not something rare, every airport has it. It’s just an airplane, that’s all.” Duan Wenyu smiled very modestly and low-profile like, as if what he was talking about was nothing out of the ordinary.

Wu Qingfeng couldn’t help but wonder if he had heard it wrong.

“Did you really think we were going to walk on both legs?!” Ning Feng saw Wu Qingfeng’s expression and only felt that he had guessed the truth. He pouted. “That’s too far. If we really did walk back, the dishes would’ve turned cold!”

Wu Qingfeng: “……”

Blame me for being ignorant and narrow-minded.

A large part of the reason why Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng had to guard the airport before was because of the planes inside. Otherwise, with such a long distance from north to south it would have taken months, maybe years, to arrive!

Knowing the five people present here were all talents who could reach great lengths, Wu Qingfeng was completely unperturbed. He hastened to briefly meet with his colleagues at the base before coming back and shyly answering.

“Um, your team can use the airplane, of course, but can you please take our people with you and make a stop at the capital halfway?” Wu Qingfeng’s face was a little red with embarrassment as he said this. To put it bluntly, the facilities in the airport were still under the protection of Duan Wenyu’s group and they were simply not qualified to make demands.

Wu Qingfeng was afraid of being rejected and so promptly added, “The main communication network in the country is now paralyzed and we want to go to the capital to see the situation. If we can get in touch with the military in the capital, then that would be the best.”

After listening to Wu Qingfeng’s sincere words, Nie Xiao tacitly glanced at his men and  agreed without any further objection, “That’s fine. We’ll start preparing right away. We’ll have to plan the best time to leave and it must be within the next few days.”

Wu Qingfeng was instantly overjoyed when he heard this.

After that, everyone became busy.


At the moment, Shancheng.

Xiao WuYi and the others had successfully entered the urban area and had already visited the homes of several Shancheng students. However, it was regrettable that if it was not all their family members becoming zombies, what would greet them was a wreckage of a house ransacked by zombies.

Several fellow students have lost their family members all at once and they were unable to control themselves as they mourned, overcome with grief.

Their hearts were all filled with hope as they searched for their homes, but reality had torn it to shreds in the end.

A deep sorrowful atmosphere immediately enveloped everyone in the party.

This was merely the beginning.

The others’ who had yet to visit home could not help but think that the same situation had happened to their family. Thinking of this, everyone became sorrowful and cried. Even Wu Wenyu, who had always been optimistic and positive, became silent.

No one knew what they were to expect. Whether it be a living relative, a dead body, or an unconscious walking dead without any emotion.

Xiao Wuyi looked at the silent people and didn’t know how to comfort them. He fiddled with his fingers in helplessness and he suddenly began to miss Nie Xiao who didn’t know where he was.

In the end, it was Xie Jun who couldn’t bear it anymore and woke them up with a loud voice. They were orphans since they were young and their adoptive father also died at the beginning of the apocalypse. They also suffered incomparable pain yet they were still living optimistically and full of hope, so why not other people as well?

Headmaster Yuan also pulled himself together, temporarily setting aside his son’s family’s situation and boosting everyone’s morale.

“Whether we can find them or not, we are each other’s family at this moment.”

To this, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but nod heavily. His two little hands respectively pulled up Xie Jun and Wu Wenyu’s hands and resolutely rooted for Headmaster Yuan as his champion.

“Yeah, that’s right. We are one family now!”

With that said, Xiao Wuyi joined both Xie Jun and Wu Wenyu’s hands again and raised them high, as if they were doing a hand-holding ceremony4Hand-holding ceremony: This is a lovely, meaningful ritual that can be incorporated anywhere in your ceremony.  A perfect time is just before the ring exchange. there was such a thing???. This immediately made Xie Jun and Wu Wenyu blush and quickly pull away their hands.

Little Wuyi was stunned by their reaction. He looked left and right at the two blushing faces and couldn’t help but tilt his head in confusion.


“Xiaoyu-meimei, Xiaojunjun, what’s wrong with both of you? We’re all a family now oh!”

“We’re not a family!” 

“We’re not a family!”

Xie Jun and Wu Wenyu said this almost at the same time. Their blush deepened as they became flustered and they would look away whenever their eyes inadvertently met.

The little hamster was at a complete loss and innocence was plastered across his face.

Everybody’s grieving were interrupted in such a way, causing them to laugh as the heavy atmosphere was swept away. Several students from Shancheng also cheered up. Although they lost their former family members, they appeared to have gained new ones and they were currently standing right in front of them.

The road ahead would certainly be less lonely.

Everyone sorted out their mood and looked towards the north.

Their next stop was Fengcheng.

In this regard, both Xiao WuYi and Wu Wenyu were nervous and excited because they might be able to see their daddy and brother soon.

Fengcheng was where Wu Wenyu and Wu Wenqi lived so Nie Xiao’s group would definitely go there.

“Chongya! Fengcheng!”

Xiao Wuyi almost couldn’t wait to pull Wu Wenyu and drill through the door and into the outside. Then, just before touching the big door, Xie Jun agilely slipped back.

Xie Jun pointed to the sky outside, cruel and ruthless.

“It’s late. Let’s go tomorrow.”

With that said, Xie Jun asked Xiao WuYi to take some things out of his strawberry bag without any reservations. Everyone’s backpacks needed to be restocked at the moment.

Xiao Wuyi glanced at the sudden “one big family.” He rubbed his little cheeks, feeling his happiness turn into heartache.

Sigh, Daddy, baby is having a difficult time.

At night, everyone took turns keeping watch.

Xiao WuYi closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. He used his consciousness to plant seeds in the other half of the valley space. The crop seeds previously collected from the small village were all transferred from the storage compartment to the valley space and sprinkled into the fertile soil in all directions.

Suddenly pondering that supporting a family was not easy, Xiao WuYi decided to be self-reliant from now on.

However, just a few seconds after the seeds were sprinkled, fresh and tender green shoots sprang up from the ground.

Such a scene shocked the little hamster.



Countdown: 5


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