Chapter 2 – WuYi can’t eat fish

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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The so-called “freshwater fathead fish” refers not to a real fish, but to a secret mission code that only Nie Xiao and his own talents could understand.

Among these words, “Freshwater” referred to a domestic matter and “fathead fish” referred to a mercenary mission that means to remove the head.  

Such a secret code may fool ordinary people but it couldn’t be hidden from WuYi, the little hamster who had been staying with Nie Xiao all his life.

Hearing that there would be another mission soon, the little dumpling’s small body began to make a fuss.

We can go out and play again!!

As soon as Nie Xiao hung up the call with Ning Feng, he looked down to see the little guy’s gleaming eyes and  suddenly couldn’t help laughing, “Are you thinking of wanting to eat fish with Daddy?”


The little hamster’s fluffy head quickly nodded up and down, looking at Nie Xiao with admiration. Although they were on vacation and he was happy to be able to be with his daddy every day, he still wanted to see the super handsome daddy who was invincible in the universe when doing missions!

Nie Xiao felt pleased by the expression appearing in the little dumpling’s small eyes, and the corner of his lips slightly rose. He picked up the little dumpling and returned to the bedroom upstairs. His careful appearance was like that of someone carrying some rare treasure in his embrace.

The servants in the villa couldn’t get used to it even after such a long time. So, now that Nie Xiao had to go out again, they began to think that they would finally be able to take  a leave for some days again.

These servants didn’t know anything with respect to their employer – Nie Xiao’s identity and specific line of work. They also couldn’t understand the other party’s mentality of treating a little hamster as his baby1Chinese is Baobei… some parents call their child like this. It also means treasure. And now that we know the origin of the nickname, we’re finally going to change Stinky treasure to Choubao! on next chaps ofc. They were expected to complete the work required of them and in turn, receive high salaries, without asking or inquiring about his situation.

In this world, rich people always had unusually weird hobbies.

Back in the bedroom, Nie Xiao switched on a specially encrypted computer. A faint blue light flashed slightly in the  room which was dark since the curtains were drawn. It didn’t take long for a video call request window to pop up on the computer screen.  

The window was divided into five grids, and five faces including Nie Xiao’s was displayed on each.

The little hamster lying on Nie Xiao’s shoulder looked at the four teammates on the screen and took the lead with a ‘chi,’ waving a small paw to greet everyone happily.

As the soft voice tickled Nie Xiao’s ear, he couldn’t help but scratch the chubby chin of the little guy with his fingertips.

The four teammates were also stirred up by the little dumpling.

“Ah, I’m dead! Labor Day is selling meng again!”

“It’s WuYi not Labor Day. Be careful when the little guy meets you and bites you.”

Duan Wenyu spoke with a smile on his face and extended a hand to the side. Then, at the top of Ning Feng’s grid, a fair and slender hand suddenly appeared.

Ning Feng was caught off-guard and his head was heavily hit. He turned towards Duan Wenyu and tried to fight with his teeth and claws, but was ruthlessly subdued.

Watching this happen on the screen, a rough voice sounded from another grid. Just listening to this gravelly voice, one could guess he was a very strong and burly man.

“Old Duan, why did you also go to Hawaii?” As Wu Wenqi looked at Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng who had merged into one grid, the contrast between the cutely confused expression on the firm and wild face gave off a slightly adorable feeling.

“Weren’t you in the country two days ago? Why are you with Ning Feng again?”

“Isn’t it because I fear this kid will get lost in Hawaii? I just went to supervise.” Duan Wenyu spoke, stil with a smile. With a pair of silver-framed glasses on, his whole body exuded elegance and grace.

Pwei, you’re the kid!!!” Ning Feng suddenly burst into tears, “This young master is nineteen.”

“That’s right, the youngest.”

At this time, the only woman in the team finally spoke; her beautiful face on the screen was still as unforgettable as ever.

“Okay, stop making a fuss. I’ve sent the documents for this specific mission. Go, check it out.”

With Xiao Yan’s interference, the few people who were still arguing, obediently looked over the documents quietly.

In this world, angering a woman would bring about the most troublesome results. This was especially worse in case of  beautiful women. The more beautiful a woman, the more poisonous she would be. So, unless absolutely necessary, one must by all means do what one is told.

“Let’s be good and read it at once,” the three people said almost in unison, and became as well-behaved as rabbits.

Xiao Yan raised her eyebrows: “…” Am I that fierce?

Seeing the interaction between the four teammates, an imperceptible smile crossed Nie Xiao’s eyes and the small dumpling beside his neck was also covering its tiny mouth with small claws, as if snickering.

Soon after, everyone completed reading the mission files.

The content of the mission was just a simple task of sniping down the target. The target’s information was also listed clearly on the file.  It obviously wasn’t a difficult mission.

However, just to be safe, Nie Xiao asked Duan Wenyu, the world’s top hacker, to conduct a more in depth investigation. It was often easier to get trapped with these seemingly simple missions.

Duan Wenyu received the command and immediately began to check. His fingertips flew over the keyboard as his transparent lenses reflected various complex data codes.

It didn’t take long for Duan Wenyu to come up with results.

“Boss, there’s no problem. We can take this mission.”

Duan Wenyu pushed the silver-framed glasses up his nose bridge. He managed to dig out almost the entire life history of the client who had issued this mission to ensure that there were no personal conflicts between the mission and themselves. 

“Although the mission has been issued by a British citizen, he is actually a wealthy Hong Kong businessman. His favorite little daughter was kidnapped on a trip and then  brutally murdered. Although the police had identified the murderer and also arrested him, he does not wish to deal with the murderer through legal channels.”

“He wants to catch and kill the murderer personally to relieve his hatred.”

Having explained this, Duan Wenyu sent photos of the businessman’s daughter’s crime scene, his eyes unavoidably cold.

Wu Wenqi and Ning Feng took a quick look and couldn’t help but utter a curse.

The eye-catching, tragic photos gave people an incomparable visual impact. Nie Xiao was prepared and quickly covered the little hamster’s eyes, placing the little guy in the toy house at a distance disregarding his struggle.  

“Be good, play by yourself for a while.”

“Chi!” No, baby wants to see it!

The little hamster jumped and squeaked unhappily but couldn’t shake Nie Xiao ‘s decision. In the end, he could only sit on the swing, sulking as he looked up at Nie Xiao from time to time until he could no longer see the pictures on the computer screen.

“What a beast!”

Ning Feng couldn’t help but swear. Although they weren’t law-abiding citizens, they still wouldn’t do such cruel acts to innocent girls. 

“If this happened to me, I might be even more ruthless than this rich businessman. Hiring someone to kill him would be too lenient. I would instead make sure to make him regret even being born in this world.”

Wu Wenqi added his view, his brows forming a deep frown. Unlike his teammates who were living alone, he had a sister living with him. Due to the ten year age gap, he basically treated his sister as his own daughter. If someone dared to hurt his sister like this, he may even go crazy and take revenge on the whole world.

Looking at the unremarkable, honest face of the target, who would have thought this was actually a brutal devil wearing human skin? 

Xiao Yan, who was also a woman, was deeply disgusted.  

“When the time comes, I’ll collect his head.”

Listening to Xiao Yan’s statement full of murderous intent, everyone paused, void of comments.

After confirming there were no problems with the mission, it was officially accepted. Afterwards, Duan Wenyu invaded the police’s system and quickly found the whereabouts of the target. At present, the criminal was missing and the police believed he had absconded to  Mohe. If they wanted to complete the mission, they had to hurry and find the murderer before the police.

“Interfering with the police. It feels a bit exciting, now that I think about it.”

Ning Feng spoke a little excitedly, but when he remembered the weather in Mohe, he became depressed again. “But why should I leave warm Hawaii and go to the icy and cold Mohe. It’s so far away, too troublesome QAQ”

“Just hurry back to your country,” Wu Wenqi laughed and scolded, “You deserve to be frozen!”

“You’re too inhumane.” 

Nie Xiao also paid attention to the word “Mohe” and couldn’t help but glance at the little dumpling still swinging on the little swing, face full of innocence and ignorance at the moment.

Noticing that Nie Xiao had looked over, the little dumpling tilted his head.


“Little one, Daddy might not be able to take you to eat fish this time.” Nie Xiao got up from the chair and squatted in front of the toy house, regretfully announcing the cruel news.

“!!!!!!” The little hamster was shocked by the news and lost his firm footing on the swing, instantly falling down. Nie Xiao quickly held out his hand to catch the little hamster and its face directly kissed his palm.

Nie Xiao held the little dumpling and placed him in a sitting position on his palm. Then, he met a pair of small, dark eyes filled with grievances and complaints, its eyes already teary due to being abandoned by the owner.  

Nie Xiao couldn’t bear to look at the pitiful appearance, he cast a slight glance and couldn’t take another look.


Another soft cry, full of grievances and doubt.

Why can’t you bring baby, this baby2Okay, Chinese 101 copied from qoura: A common nickname lovers give each other is 宝宝 (baobao)/贝贝 (beibei) in a hetero relationship, usually it’s the man who refers to the woman as 宝宝 and the woman who refers to the man as 贝贝. They both basically mean the same (“baby”), but because 贝贝 is considered a more feminine sound, it’s usually according to these gender roles women use the term 贝贝. _______So, I thought WuYi was referring to himself as baby – as in the child to father baby – BUT THEN, I saw the above paragraph, AND guess what,… he referred to himself as baobao…. Here’s the raw 宝宝明明那么乖 QAQ (but maybe it was baobao as in nickname for pet ( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬ we never know) is very obedient QAQ

Nie Xiao didn’t know if it really understood but he rubbed the little dumpling’s head to placate him, “Be good. It’s not that Dad doesn’t want to take you, it’s just that the climate is too cold for this mission because it’s too far off north and you won’t be able to stand it. You would freeze into a small ice sculpture at negative ten degrees.”

Mohe, the northernmost county-level administrative region in China, now at the beginning of February, had average daily temperatures never exceeding minus 11 degrees celsius.

Listening to Nie Xiao’s explanation, the little hamster sadly whined ‘chi wu’ and looked at his little paw paw and little foot foot. He was deeply disappointed at his tiny body for not being able to be of any use.   

The video call on the other end of the computer hadn’t been stopped yet. When Ning Feng and the others heard the serious inter-racial conversation between Nie Xiao and the little hamster, they suddenly wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.  

Regarding this little hamster raised by their boss, they knew about him from the start but none of them thought that Nie Xiao would really take care of him so carefully after picking him up three years ago.

Looking at Nie Xiao’s indifferent iceberg face, who could imagine that this person was actually an ‘avid hamster slave’? Just look at that body temperament which is completely out of sync with such a cute and fragile little creature such as a hamster; would anyone believe this if they were told about him?

Yet, this was a fact. And now, this clever little guy has become the mascot of their entire mercenary group.

“Don’t cry Labor, this brother will bring the Northeast Pine nuts back for you to nibble!” Ning Feng shouted across the screen causing the little guy to say ‘chi’ in anger.

WuYi not Labor!!!  

The little guy pushed out a melon seed from his cheek pouch, quickly nibbled and peeled it off. Then, lifting the peeled skin, he threw it in the direction of the computer screen.

The series of action was done in one go, deeply expressing his anger at this very moment. 

However, this cute tweeting move only brought out a burst of laughter from everyone; even the corner of Nie Xiao’s lip rose a bit.

“Oh my goodness, Nie’s Labor grew up real good!”

Ning Feng exclaimed with exaggeration all over his face.

“Chi!!!” Angry.


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