Chapter 18 – WuYi looks at the roadside flowers

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Nameless little wildflowers fluttered gently along the road with the breeze. As soon as Xiao WuYi and the others stepped into the small village, they felt a distinctive atmosphere floating in the air.

As they walked further in, with an exception to the slow-moving zombies, they found no trace of another living person. They didn’t even see any active zombies and the supplies in the villagers’ houses were emptied as well.

It was a large village but it was quiet and empty, like a place that had been dead for a long time.

Xie Jun looked around at the old infrastructures around him. His keen nerves made him feel uncomfortable and he couldn’t help saying, “The more I look, the more I feel like this place is a ghost town straight from a horror movie.”

“Fuck!” A younger brother that felt goosebumps all over his body exclaimed. He rubbed his arms and loudly hissed, “Brother, don’t say such scary things!”

“Everything here has been pillaged. It should be that someone has been here before and the living young people must’ve escaped early on. Look closely at these zombies, most of them are older people!”

Wu Wenyu analyzed the scene while touching her chin. She was born brave and did not feel afraid. A closer look at the zombies’ remains reveals that the crystal nuclei in the zombies’ heads have also been clearly pulled out.

“That should be the case.” Headmaster Yuan also nodded his head, and then he looked at the road ahead and said, “Let’s continue to go forward. There wouldn’t be anything nice here.”

Seeing as everyone already decided so, Xie Jun could only nod his head and suppress the strange feeling in his heart. He picked up his pace to catch up with everyone.

However, Xiao Wuyi pulled his sleeve at this time, pointing to a few unremarkable wildflowers on the ground, he asked innocently and with curiosity, “Xiaojunjun, what kind of flower is that?”

“So small, how cute!”

Everyone could not help laughing when they heard this. They turned back to look at the cute appearance of the young boy who seemed to be taking an outing in the countryside and their moods also instantly relaxed.

The well-informed Headmaster Yuan looked closely and immediately spoke the scientific name of the wildflowers as he smiled and touched the head of Xiao WuYi, “This blue flower is called Veronica persica Poir1 and it’s a very common wildflower in the country.”

Wu Wenyu came over and took Xiao WuYi’s hand in case he wandered off again, “Okay, okay, stop looking at the flowers, we still need to get into the city by today.”

The little hamster who was being led away looked back after three steps and seemed to perceive something. “Xiao Yu-meimei, Xiaohuahua2little flower flower seems reluctant to let us leave!”

Everyone listened to the naive words of the young boy and couldn’t help but laugh. They brushed it off, thinking it was just the boy liking the pretty wildflowers too much.


At that moment, in a primary school on the mountainside of the village, a thin little girl opened her beautiful eyes and stared at the void in front of her.

Seeing Xiao WuYi’s back speeding away, she suddenly cried out in a hurry.

“Brother, what do we do? They’re leaving! They won’t find us here!” The little girl raised her hands and wiped the tears in her eyes. Her power was too weak to see beyond the limited range.

“It’s okay. Don’t cry, your brother is here to protect you!” The little boy reached out and patted his sister in assurance. There were bruises and scars on his wrists and neck that couldn’t be covered by clothes but his eyes showed endless courage and strength.

At this moment, the sound of an adult’s footsteps suddenly came from outside the door. The two children flinched, looking nervously at the direction of the door. The little girl hid behind her brother in fear as her whole body trembled with extreme dread.

The boy stood firmly in front of his sister. The moment he saw the man pushing the door open, the most bitter hatred broke out in his eyes.

Along with the man, there were two little boys with numb and empty eyes. They looked like older children from the 4th and 5th grades. One of them was holding a dying boy who had been tortured to near death.

Seeing this scene, the little boy burst with hatred. The sister hid behind him, covering her mouth tightly, not daring to cry out loud.

The man stared at the two children left in the room. He licked his lips with desire, hesitating for a moment before choosing to bear with it instead. It seems that because one of them had already been broken today, he has to wait and bear with it until it’s time tomorrow.

The greedy gaze focused on the little girl’s body for a moment causing the boy who was in front of her to go rigidly still.

Fortunately, the man turned around and roughly pushed the two boys with empty eyes and the unconscious one inside the room before heavily locking the door.

When the man’s footsteps were no longer heard, the brother and sister quickly walked towards the injured boys. The departure of the devil made the two older boys conscious enough to express their anger before suddenly bursting into tears.

“Sorry, sorry, we couldn’t protect Tao Tao.” The two eleven-year-old boys continually wiped their tears with their arms, revealing the bruises and pinch marks on their cheeks and neck. “The devil tied me and Haozi. We couldn’t move and we could only stay by the side as we watched him continue to torture Tao Tao. “

Hearing this, Nana cried even more violently as she gently grasped Tao Tao’s hand, daring not to use too much force because the boy had already been tortured until there was no patch of skin that was not filled with cuts and bruises.

“Wuwuwu Taotao! Wake up ah!”

As the elder brother, Kang Kang couldn’t help his eyes from turning red. He hit his head heavily with his fists. “If I was stronger, I could’ve killed the devil. This is all my fault!!”

At this time, Tao Tao lying on the ground opened his eyes and looked at his little friends weakly. With a hard smile at the corner of his mouth, “I’m okay. Fortunately, he didn’t start with little sister Nana.”

Listening to this, all four children surrounding him suddenly burst into tears. After Tao Tao finished speaking, his breath seemed weaker.

Kang Kang immediately held Tao Tao’s hand nervously, his hate for the devil seeping deep into his bones. He uttered a ruthless resolution, “I must kill him tonight!!!”

However, the two big boys next to him cried as they shook their heads. “He’s noticed your strangeness for some time now. He won’t be looking for you anymore!”

Kang Kang had survived death more than twice and only after a few tries did the man notice that something was strange about him. So this time, he didn’t pay any attention to Kang Kang at all who suspiciously volunteered himself and grabbed Tao Tao instead.

Hearing this, Kang Kang suddenly felt cold as he looked at his sister, pulling his hair in grief and self-blame. “How could this be? How could he have discovered!”

At this point, Nana suddenly stood up as if no longer afraid, and hastily wiped the tears on her cheeks. “Let’s go find someone to save us! I just saw a pretty little brother who had a particularly good smell on him, he will definitely save us!”

All five tiny heads nodded in agreement.

Regardless of success or failure, they had only one chance.


Meng Guangyao, who was absorbing a crystal nucleus, heard the heaven shaking cries coming from his “pet room,” and was irritated by the noise. He walked fiercely over and opened the door.

“I will kill you immediately if I hear you make noise again!!!”

“Wuwuwu Tao Tao is dead!”

The two eleven-year-old boys stood, in tears, hugging Tao Tao’s body. Meng Guangyao glanced at the continuous bleeding apparent on the boy’s trousers and he could not help but curse ‘bad luck.’ He waved his hand like usual and two black chains, similar to those used on dogs, appeared. They roped themselves around the two boys’ necks.

“Go and throw it out for me. And don’t try anything funny! I can feel what you’re doing!”

The two boys listened to the order silently and then picked up Tao Tao’s body. They dared not waste time and walked halfway towards the back mountain of the school.

Meng Guangyao finally turned to Kang Kang and Nana in the room, cursing while closing the door shut.

The two boys carefully placed Tao Tao on the grass in the back mountain. Looking at the bodies of the other boys and girls which had begun to rot right in front of their eyes instantly brought them to tears. They turned to walk to the school without turning back.

After the two boys disappeared completely from the back mountain, Tao Tao who was supposedly a “corpse,” suddenly moved his fingers and endured his body’s pains as he climbed up and staggered towards the direction of the village exit.

Fortunately, the zombies in the village had already been solved by Meng Guangyao. Otherwise, with the smell of blood on Tao Tao, the boy would not have even been able to take a few steps without getting mauled by a zombie.

Xiao WuYi, being a mature little hamster, had sharper senses than the average person. From this distance, he could feel that something was chasing them from behind, and he couldn’t help but stop.

When Wu Wenyu saw that the young boy was going to run away again, she was glad that she was holding him, otherwise, when everyone had already walked ahead, they would not have even noticed he was lost.

“What’s wrong?” The others saw the two of them stop and turned to look at them.

“Something is chasing us!” Xiao WuYi looked at the rear and told her truthfully. When everyone heard this, they all turned alert, thinking it was a zombie.

It didn’t take long for them to see a small black spot stumbling toward them. Xiao WuYi saw it and without any hesitation shook Wu Wenyu’s hand off and rushed towards it.

Although everyone couldn’t see what it was clearly, they saw the young boy’s anxious look and chased after him. Soon after, everyone saw a little boy who eventually collapsed into WuYi’s arms. His face was pale and fraught, his body was covered with bruises, and his pair of dark pants seemed to be soaked in blood.

It was difficult to imagine what kind of torture he had suffered.

Everyone saw the horror of zombies and wreckage everywhere, but it was the first time they saw a little boy who was tortured and humiliated alive. Even if there were some occasional news reports before the apocalypse, the calm reality made it so that most people would feel detached from such cruelty.

“How could this be?!”

Several female students who were looking at this scene couldn’t help but cover their mouths with reddening eyes. Xiao WuYi was cluelessly holding the little body, but he was also pursing his lips, eyes red.

Headmaster Yuan and several medical students present hurried over to pick up the child who fainted. They unbuttoned his clothes and were stunned.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan who had both taken a glance beforehand turned their heads and refused to look anymore.

“What a fucking animal!!!”

Tao Tao regained a little consciousness at this time and held onto Xiao WuYi’s fingers. His voice was extremely weak, intermittent, and was almost inaudible to anybody besides Xiao WuYi.

“Brother…save them…at the school…”


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