Chapter 16 – WuYi’s first stop, Shancheng

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Luo Yunhai would’ve never expected that Nie Xiao’s group of three were mercenaries. The temperament of the three would not lose even when compared to those special soldiers he had seen before, and it might even be slightly impactful. Therefore, about them claiming to be ordinary mercenaries, he didn’t believe this at all.

If ordinary ranked mercenaries can be so powerful, then the world would really be turned upside down.

It was a well-known fact that Nie Xiao and his men were among the best of the bests, indeed one of the most efficient and skilled mercenary groups in the mercenary world. Moreover, it was not known whether or not the few who can actually compete with them survived the apocalypse, placing them at the top.

On the road, Wu Wenqi felt it in his best interest to continue chatting with the soldiers. Otherwise, staying only in Nie Xiao and Xiao Yan’s presence every day—it made him feel like he was about to go crazy.

However, this short-lived pleasant atmosphere was completely destroyed when lunch break came. Nie Xiao’s group of three had never experienced such great regret until they saved these people who only did things that made others choke with resentment.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to feed us!? Isn’t it your duty as a soldier to help us, ordinary people?”

This arrogant man had had enough of hitting snags with Nie Xiao’s group, and it seems that he was now on to taking advantage of Luo Yunhai and his men’s identity. He scattered spit with every diatribe, almost pointing at the nose of the young soldier he was scolding.

The other party was obviously a few years younger than him.

Seeing the commotion, Luo Yunhai walked over to smooth things out and give half of his own food. Unfortunately, the other party did not appreciate it, shouting that it was not enough. He even grabbed the second half directly from Luo Yunhai’s hand.

This immediately angered the group of young soldiers standing behind Luo Yunhai. They quickly tried to snatch the food back but before they could even lift a hand, the shameless man laid down on the ground first, yelling, “A soldier that hits people!”

Luo Yunhai and the others were all flushed red in anger because of this shameless behavior. They themselves didn’t have that much food to begin with, with a few of them eating less than enough portions.

When he saw that Luo Yunhai and the men around him were about to succumb under pressure, Wu Wenqi finally stood up to intervene. Hand flexing, he exclaimed with great joy, “Fortunately, Laozi started as a freelance mercenary.”

Wu Wenqi walked over and began kicking the shameless man lying on the ground, beating him until he cried father and called for mommy. Nie Xiao and Xiao Yan were the ones responsible for stopping Luo Yunhai who wanted to rush out.

“Don’t fight with him. You can leave the work of beating people to us, don’t dirty your hands.”

Luo Yunhai and the others: “……”

We actually wanted to mediate.

Wu Wenqi hit the most painful place but didn’t completely hurt it until it became dysfunctional. Satisfied with his beating, he looked at everyone on the opposite side and warned fiercely, “It’s the apocalypse. Whoever rides the horse is still in charge of its shit, nobody is responsible for you other than yourself. Want to eat? Then find food yourself. If you can’t do it, then go eat grassroots and nibble tree barks. Learn from the experience of our ancestors and their fighting spirit during the Long March1Long March: This is a real event that happened in 1934-35. Chinese communists trekked 6,000 miles (10,000 km) over 370 days, and only 8,000 survived out of 100,000 people. The communist troops crossed 18 mountain ranges and 24 rivers to reach the northwestern province of Shaanxi. The heroism attributed to the Long March inspired many young Chinese to join the Chinese Communist Party during the late 1930s and early 1940s. – &!”

After warning them, Wu Wenqi turned back. He stuffed the snatched food back into Luo Yunhai’s hands and patted the other party’s shoulders heavily. He touched his nose and said with a grin, “It’s not that I’m scolding you guys. It is your honorable duty and glory to save people from distress, but just remember when you pick someone up in the future, don’t pick the troublesome ones like we did. Just save more good people like us in the future.”

Luo Yunhai and others: “……”

At the side, the corners of Xiao Yan and Nie Xiao’s mouth twitched uncontrollably.

After this, the people following behind no longer dared to carelessly take advantage of Luo Yunhai and his men’s identity. The rest of the journey to Harbin went by smoothly without a hitch.


Harbin Airport.

After the continuous efforts of Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu, a mini survivor base was forming around the airport. Because of the sudden drop in the zombie density, survivors all around the vicinity were saved.

The two’s luck seemed to be better than that of Nie Xiao’s group of three. The survivors they had found have the ability to survive and protect themselves and were not annoying.

It was just that, friction and disputes will inevitably arise with more people in the same place, and in order to avoid chaos and maintain order, Duan Wenyu wrote a temporary《Survivor Pact》for the airport.

Everyone loved abiding by this pact. It was originally an unintentional move and Duan Wenyu couldn’t have imagined that this temporary pact for the airport would eventually evolve into an apocalyptic pact that the entire world would be practicing.

In the near future, those who violate this pact will be scorned by the people.

Duan Wenyu put the written paper on one of the pillars of the airport lobby. Ning Feng glanced at the lines above and the corners of his mouth drew back and he couldn’t help but feel his brain hurt.

“Who cares about this stuff!”

“Just read it, it’s better than nothing.”

The two were chatting in two or three sentences when a teenage survivor suddenly ran up to them and shouted with joy.

“Brother Duan, Brother Ning, there are people outside! Lots and lots of people!”

Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng were surprised and quickly went out to see the situation. They saw that there really were several green trucks outside, all full of soldiers, and the position of the soldier leading them was not low; it was a major general.

When Wu Qingfeng saw Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng coming out, he immediately stepped forward and introduced themselves in a friendly manner. After the introductions, they concisely explained their intentions.

Sure enough, they were all drawn by the big movements made by Ning Feng.

In this regard, Ning Feng could only touch his nose guiltily.

Entering the airport lobby, Wu Qingfeng could not help but notice the “Survivor Pact” affixed to the pillar in front. He looked at Duan Wenyu beside him with a pleased expression, he opened his mouth and asked, “Are you already planning to build a base here?”

Duan Wenyu shook his head and said with a smile, “This was written for fun, feel free to take a look. The two of us are just waiting for some people before going south.”

Hearing this, Wu Qingfeng looked at the pact on the wall and couldn’t help but reveal a trace of regret as he revealed the main purpose of their trip. He stated that they were here not simply because they were attracted by the explosions but more importantly, they wanted to find a more suitable place as a survivor base. This airport was one of their choices.

Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu learned that the rectification of the army was complete and that their next step was to start the rescue operations. A look of joy couldn’t help but show on their faces. After so many days, this was really the first good news that could lift people’s moods.

However, Wu Qingfeng’s mouth held a bit of bitterness. No one would want to experience the pain they experienced during the rectification. There was an immediate reduction of army personnel to seven or eight tenths and most of the troops already considered it good fortune if only a few of their comrades turned into zombies.

Due to the promptness of the instructions, the internal confusion was stopped which barely saved the remaining one-tenth of the rest. Troops in other places were still unreachable, but the situation was definitely better. This was estimated to be the current situation.

Seeming to feel the pain radiate from Wu Qingfeng’s body, Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu can only sigh heavily.

“Now that there are many survivors gathered here, it would be better if you just choose this location directly.” Duan Wenyu remarked.

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help the inveterate problem he got – due to his high IQ – from presenting itself. He offered a direct analysis to Wu Qingfeng and enumerated the various advantages of the areas near the airport. “Moreover, the zombies here have been almost all blown up by us, it should be better than the other places. It can save you a lot of trouble.”

Wu Qingfeng was moved by these words. He looked at Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng and couldn’t help but say, “Are you really going to leave later? We’re currently lacking people like you!”

“We’ll wait ’til they arrive and then we’ll leave.” Duan Wenyu said with a smile and a firm gaze.

Wu Qingfeng saw how firm the pair was in their decision and was stunned for a moment before giving them his blessing with a heartfelt smile. “Then I wish you and your companions fast and safe travels.”

“We’ll make use of your good words.”


Three days later, around Shancheng.

Driving all the way as they followed the main route, WuYi and the others finally entered Shancheng. After so many days of traveling together, WuYi’s spatial abilities finally couldn’t be concealed.

They were no fools. It was just after Chinese New Year and, normally, people would be rushing to return to their respective cities but surprisingly, there was no obstruction on the highway. When their supplies were almost exhausted, a pile of fresh supplies would suddenly appear in the middle of the road. Little brainpower was required to understand why these strange occurrences were happening.

Those together with Xie Jun and the younger brothers occasionally blurting out “Little Boss” when calling Xiao WuYi made it even clearer to everyone.

It’s just that when they would see the young boy’s magical, cute little strawberry bag, everyone would have a tacit understanding and pretend to know nothing.

A cute, young boy carrying a huge treasure needed everyone’s joint protection.

Xiao WuYi was not aware of this and still thought he was hiding it well. He worked hard every day as a “field snail hamster,” quietly clearing the road and quietly throwing in supplies. He only felt that his title was a little weird. He didn’t know what was going on with everybody but through Xie Jun’s lead, they all started calling him “Little Young Master”.

Obviously, “Little Boss” sounded more majestic!

Moreover, Daddy is the “Boss” and he is the “Little Boss,” what a match!

“You must all call me Little Boss!” Xiao WuYi looked at Xie Jun and the others unhappily, with bulging cheeks. He felt that his gang of younger brothers was becoming more and more disobedient.

“Understood, Little Young Master.”

Xie Jun responded with a smile and then shouted “Little Young Master” firmly. At the same time, other people looked at him with particularly kind eyes.

Everyone’s thoughts were also very simple. If they, a bunch of tall, burly men together with several young and old people, all called a fair, cute young boy “Boss,” would it not immediately reveal the fact that the boy was special and had a huge treasure? It was better to call him “Little Young Master” instead.

Due to everyone’s hard work and conscience, the little hamster could only huff and puff and spit bubbles.

“Humph, this little hamster is angry. Only by calling him ‘Little Boss’ can he be coaxed.”

Wu Wenyu looked at the very cute young boy with a little temper and smiled. She couldn’t help but stick out a finger to poke at the little bulging cheek and was instantly astounded by how soft it was. 

“WuYi aren’t you cutest?!!”

Afterwards, the little hamster was kneaded until gas came out of his ears in frustration and could only protect his little face, feeling extremely wronged. “You’re all bullies! I’m going to tell Daddy about you.”

Everyone watching this scene laughed, and then continued on the road.

Xie Jun held his sledgehammer, twirling it lightly while his other hand grasped a crystal nucleus without relaxing even for a moment. Because there were more and more people to be protected, he and Liu Dashan had become more and more aware of the importance of strength and they would now constantly train their skills whenever they were free.

But at that exact moment, Xie Jun suddenly felt a sense of discomfort. He groaned in pain before suddenly falling on the ground, frightening everyone.

It seems that he had absorbed too much energy from the crystal nucleus, and Xie Jun felt uncomfortable as if his body was about to explode. At his last moments of consciousness, he threw his sledgehammer far away, venting the accumulated power that has no output.

The sledgehammer flew straight up to the opposite mountain, letting out a “boom” and imitating the earthquake of Foshan2Earthquake in Foshan: There were three earthquakes with the highest magnitude that didn’t exactly happen in but enclosed Foshan in its periphery; 7.7 (21yrs ago); 7.8 (69yrs ago); 8.2 (100yrs ago)… I suspect it’s the legendary 100-year-old earthquake. with its tremors. 

The hammer left a large crater on the opposing mountainside. Everyone present was dumbstruck and even a drop of a needle can be heard among the audience as they looked at each other.

A male student whispered in shock: “Holy shit… that’s like the hammer of the Thunder God3Thor, it’s Thor ah, so fucking cool…”

However, Xie Jun, who just wielded this hammer, felt that he was completely out of strength. Still, there was a lingering wonderful feeling in his body.

He felt that his and his sledgehammer’s connection had gotten deeper, and he seemed more at ease.

Almost immediately afterwards, Liu Dashan also uttered the same uncomfortable groan. It seemed like some unspoken agreement between the brothers, having changes with their abilities together at the same time.

The crowd looking at the deep rifts on the mountain stated that calling it a “Mountain Axe” wouldn’t be an exaggeration.



Countdown: 10 (DON’T SPOIL to those who know, to those who don’t, well you already probably have a hunch)

  • 1
    Long March: This is a real event that happened in 1934-35. Chinese communists trekked 6,000 miles (10,000 km) over 370 days, and only 8,000 survived out of 100,000 people. The communist troops crossed 18 mountain ranges and 24 rivers to reach the northwestern province of Shaanxi. The heroism attributed to the Long March inspired many young Chinese to join the Chinese Communist Party during the late 1930s and early 1940s. – &
  • 2
    Earthquake in Foshan: There were three earthquakes with the highest magnitude that didn’t exactly happen in but enclosed Foshan in its periphery; 7.7 (21yrs ago); 7.8 (69yrs ago); 8.2 (100yrs ago)… I suspect it’s the legendary 100-year-old earthquake.
  • 3
    Thor, it’s Thor


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