Chapter 15 – WuYi covers his tiny sockpuppet

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Hearing the news that Wu Wenyu had regained consciousness, Xiao WuYi looked at Xie Jun with a small, happy face puffing steam.

Xie Jun and the others saw the little boy’s appearance after bathing and thought that he looked like a little apple that had just had ripened. It was so cute, anyone would want to take a bite.

Xiao WuYi didn’t wait for Xie Jun to repeat it again, he quickly ran out of the room and eagerly went to find the small bedroom where Wu Wenyu was staying. From afar, he saw Han Lin and several other people gathered around Wu Wenyu, talking.

Xiao WuYi pushed through the crowd and rushed to Wu Wenyu. He hugged the other’s neck tightly and didn’t let go, happily exclaiming, “Xiao Yu-meimei, WuYi wanted to meet you!”

With this beautiful, young man’s face in her arms and the sweet smell of strawberry shower gel emanating from him, Wu Wenyu was suddenly at a loss for words. She cast her gaze straight at Han Lin, dumbfounded. 

However, Han Lin only made a move to usher their schoolmates out of the room. “Then we won’t disturb you and your brother, WuYi’s, family reunion.” She said with a smile.


Brother, WuYi!?

My brother and Sister Yan’s son had actually already grown this big!!?

Wu Wenyu listened to the name in shock. She then turned to look at the little boy who didn’t look particularly similar to Xiao Yan but had the same exact stunning beauty and suddenly felt that it was real!

My brother is NB.


In a private house in the north, Wu Wenqi inexplicably sneezed and was greeted with concern by Xiao Yan at his side.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but spare a glance at the man and woman pair who never really poked through the window paper1never crossed the final step. It was obviously already at their fingertips but they still remained at the current situation. and quickly turned back to continue counting the crystal nuclei with little Mo Ye. En, turn a blind eye since they’re not in a hurry.

If only they hurried up, a son would’ve been running around by now.


Xie Jun, Liu Dashan, and the others waited a few paces behind before coming in and taking a look at the situation. As soon as they came in, they heard the girl sitting on the bed seriously educating the young boy beside her.

“Xiao WuYi, you should call me aunt!”

Xie Jun and the others who halted: “……”

The upper circle2rich people is really messy. 

Finally, after a very chaotic exchange of information, the brother and sister whose donkey heads were not right3from the classic “Journey to the West”. It means “does not match” and whose brain waves were not on the same wavelength, finally understood the relationship.

Wu Wenyu thought of Nie Xiao who only had a few personal ties and couldn’t help but sigh. So young, but that cold, handsome guy actually had a son early. Compared with the one-side-anxious-one-side-slow situation of her brother and sister Yan, it was so sad that it was suffocating.

Xie Jun and the others at the side also learned that WuYi’s father’s full name was “Nie Xiao.” Recalling the correct writing of the WuYi’s name, they felt that the name was given with a careless attitude. 

Xiao WuYi seemed to be able to read the inner voices of Xie Jun and the others, and couldn’t help complaining with a bulging small face, “I was picked up by my daddy on May 1st. My daddy said it was given to commemorate my arrival, it’s not just casually taken!!!”

“Hn, simple but unique. It is indeed a very special name.” Wu Wenyu nodded her head and appeased the young boy, but then she couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s a pity that it’s not my ‘Wu,’ sigh.”

Xiao WuYi also understood this pity, and couldn’t help but pat Wu Wenyu’s hand. The brother and sister looked at each other and then sighed in unison.

Sigh, worried4捉急: a shortened version of internet slang that means someone’s intelligence level is so low that the bystander becomes worried for her/him. This was spoken by WuYi for Wenyu

On the side, Xie Jun and the others couldn’t understand what kind of mystery this was.

Soon after, because of the news that Wu Wenyu woke up, some students came to visit one after another. Everyone was saying their thanks but, somehow, in the end, the topic turned to the heavenly sculpture that fell that day.

Thinking of that magical scene, everyone, including Wu Wenyu, was a little puzzled. The justice that came upon them can be said to have saved them all.

“Some students said that the spirit of Yun Uni was protecting us! Several students said that they saw a golden light flashing in front of their eyes.”

“There was such a thing?”

Xie Jun and the others were a little surprised when they heard these words and couldn’t help but cast their sights on Xiao WuYi. They had a hunch that their own little boss did it quietly!

Faced with Xie Jun’s inquiry, Xiao WuYi pretended that it was the first time he had heard of it as he tightly tried to conceal his sockpuppet5internet slang for other identity..

“I was in the grove at that time and didn’t get to see such a magical scene!” Xiao WuYi opened his eyes and talked nonsense. His clear and bright eyes were full of sincerity and frankness as if he really didn’t know what was going on.

Xie Jun and the others suddenly felt puzzled. In the end, the heavenly justice could only be attributed to the spirit of Yun Uni.

The little hamster had covered the tiny sockpuppet successfully and was quietly relieved.

Daddy said that the identity of being a little fairy was a secret and he could not speak about it carelessly.

The night passed safely, and as soon as the sun came out, everyone was ready to leave the school. As expected, the dormitory building was now surrounded by zombies that overlapped and piled up on each other, clogging the path and leaving no space to move.

But fortunately, everyone was already prepared for this early on. They climbed the window on the second floor, and by placing a bed frame in between the opposite fence, they jumped over the zombies’ heads and landed directly onto the big road outside the school. Coupled with Wu Wenyu’s defensive shield, the whole process could be described as completely without danger.

They waited until almost all the people had successfully reached the large highway outside the school. When only Liu Dashan and a few of them were left, Xie Jun looked around and realized that there was something wrong.

“What about the little boss? Did you see him go out?”

Liu Dashan and the younger brothers were paying attention but they didn’t seem to notice the teenager going out. They were just about to go out and find Xiao WuYi when they saw him hopping over with a happy little face.

“I’m here, I’m here!”

“Where did you go?”

Xie Jun looked at the young boy’s merrily celebrating appearance, just like a cat that had stolen fish, and couldn’t help but start another fatherly nagging session, “No running around next time!”

“Un un, won’t next time.” The little hamster nodded obediently before letting himself be lifted by Xie Jun onto the window. Then his butt slid onto the bed frame connecting to the opposite wall. A few male students responsible for helping were there waiting below the wall.

The remaining Xie Jun also jumped onto the window, stepped on the laid bed frame, and with two to three steps, jumped onto the road outside the wall.

The group gathered together and taking advantage of the zombies in the school’s slow response, they hurried down the road to the area where there were fewer zombies.

Many students took a final look at the school and sighed with much reluctance. “Who knows how long we’ll have to wait for another hot bath.”

Hearing this, the little hamster covered his little cheek with a guilty conscience.

The entire dormitory building’s solar water supply system and the equipment room’s emergency generator have been put into a little storage by a certain small someone.

That certain someone said that they would take a bath with their daddy, so how could there be no hot water?

After the group of people had run far ahead and reached a relatively safe place, they slowed down and thought about what to do next. Where to go and what to do? Without a specific goal, everyone was at a loss.

Wu Wenyu spoke at this moment, her eyes fixed firmly at the distance. “I’m going back to Fengcheng to find my brother. I came to Yuncheng secretly to play and I didn’t tell my brother that school hasn’t started yet. He will definitely think that I’m still at home, and then go back to Fengcheng to find me. “

Listening to Wu Wenyu’s words, the classmates who were also from Fengcheng suddenly got filled with excitement while the other students stayed silent, seemingly thinking of their own families far away.

Everybody came from different hometowns. They were from different areas far away from each other and if they wanted to go home, everyone obviously had to part ways.

“I miss my parents too but my family’s in Harbin, how will I go back?” A male student couldn’t help but cry, and wipe his tears with his arms. “At that time, my mom begged me to stay and study in the north, but I wasn’t willing and ran south. Now, I can’t even go home!”

The other students who lived far away could not help but weep as well. The air suddenly became heavy and the Headmaster also sighed and wiped a tear falling down his cheek. His wife had died early, but his son’s family lived and worked abroad and only came home as early as the sixth day after the Chinese New Year.

Xiao WuYi didn’t know much about the map of China but still looked at the male student from Harbin and tried to comfort him. “Don’t be sad, I’m also going north to find my daddy. If you go with me, you’ll definitely arrive there.”

“It would be unreasonable to leave right away, it’s better to map out each one’s respective hometowns first. Yuncheng is in the southernmost part of China and we should be able to arrange the most convenient route to wherever we’re going.” Wu Wenyu couldn’t help but add. She then picked up a stick and drew a big rooster directly on the ground.

Xiao WuYi squatted by her side and looked over. Seeing China’s borders that came with the picture, he unconsciously exclaimed, “Xiao Yu-meimei, you’re amazing!”

“Call me aunt!”

Afterwards, all the places everyone wanted to go were mapped out, which also happened to be a straight line from south to north.

Xie Jun couldn’t help but laugh when he saw it, “Isn’t this same as the route that the little young master wanted to take to find his daddy? We had planned to go all the way north and then go to the capital last to see the situation.”

Wu Wenyu couldn’t help but laugh when she saw that this result meant they didn’t have to part ways. She looked at Xiao WuYi and Xie Jun, and said, “Did Xiao WuYi forget that my brother and your daddy were on a business trip together? Maybe we can meet my brother and Nie big brother directly in Fengcheng!”

“Yeah oh!” Xiao WuYi suddenly understood and smacked his fist on his palm and squatted on the ground to look at the picture of the chicken, his finger moving in imaginary strokes, “So we were planning to go from the chicken butt to the chicken head, but now, it may be possible to find Daddy just by going to the chicken belly6I’ll be adding the other places when we get there!”

“It really is a lot closer!”

Hearing Xiao WuYi’s cute words, everyone was suddenly brought to laughter, sweeping away the heavy air.

“Then let’s go! First stop, Shancheng!”

“Then the second stop is Fengcheng!” Xiao WuYi could hardly wait. “I’ll get to meet daddy very soon! WuYi will give him a big surprise!”


On the other side, on the national road from Mohe to Harbin.

Nie Xiao and his men met the marching troops preparing to go to the capital. A large group of men wearing green camouflage emitted an air of cordiality, making the crowd who had been following the three ecstatic.

“The army’s here! We’re all saved!!!”

“That’s great!!!”

However, a soldier that came down from the car heard this and showed a bitter expression. The one leading the soldiers walked directly towards Nie Xiao and the two. These three were different, he could see it at a glance.

“Hello, we are troops from the garrison in the border town. My name is Luo Yunhai. I am currently the captain of this team.”

“Hello, Nie Xiao.”

Nie Xiao nodded towards the other party, and then couldn’t help but estimate the number of people who came down from the pickup; it was less than twenty. It was impossible for troops stationed in the border town to have such a few soldiers.

Seeming to feel his gaze of inquiry, Luo Yunhai took off his hat and said with reddening eyes, “As you can see, we are a lone army. The comrades in the border town have all become zombies. We only escaped by chance.”

When the crowd behind heard this, they couldn’t believe it. They thought it was the government who sent the soldiers over to rescue them. They burst into tears on the spot. “It’s over. If the soldiers didn’t survive, then isn’t it all over for us too?!”

“Shut up!”

Wu Wenqi turned back and shouted, exasperated, unable to take their whining. His expression was dark. The situation of the border town garrison also reflected the general situation to a certain extent.

The situation in the apocalypse was more severe than expected.

“We’re planning on going to Harbin. The situation at the provincial capital should be… better than ours.” Luo Yunhai gave their destination but did not have absolute confidence in his heart.

They would never forget seeing their friends and comrades killing and mauling each other in front of them.

“We’re the same. We’re also going to pass by there.” Xiao Yan said from the side. They were more willing to deal with these soldiers than the people following them. “We have to go there to find some people.”

Luo Yunhai looked at Nie Xiao’s group of three, and finally asked full of curiosity, “Which unit are you from? Are you in the special forces?”

Hearing this, the three instantly grinned.

“We’re none of those. Just three ordinary mercenaries you see by the road7As usual, im not sure if this is a pun, but the word used is 野路 (yělù) which could mean; 1 “the road between villages”; 2 “improper behavior or orthodox”… If Nie Xiao said this, I must say, he really likes puns if it is indeed a pun.”

Lou Yunhai couldn’t help but be surprised, hearing these words.




Did you see the rooster? if not, here, pick one hahahaha:


  • 1
    never crossed the final step. It was obviously already at their fingertips but they still remained at the current situation.
  • 2
    rich people
  • 3
    from the classic “Journey to the West”. It means “does not match”
  • 4
    捉急: a shortened version of internet slang that means someone’s intelligence level is so low that the bystander becomes worried for her/him. This was spoken by WuYi for Wenyu
  • 5
    internet slang for other identity.
  • 6
    I’ll be adding the other places when we get there
  • 7
    As usual, im not sure if this is a pun, but the word used is 野路 (yělù) which could mean; 1 “the road between villages”; 2 “improper behavior or orthodox”… If Nie Xiao said this, I must say, he really likes puns if it is indeed a pun


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