Chapter 14 – WuYi takes a comfortable bath

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Several loud gunshots diverted the zombies’ attention and they scattered in another direction once again. Xie Jun and Liu Dashan sighed with relief but did not dare delay any more time and continued to kill their way to the defensive shield.

With Xie Jun and Liu Dashan opening up a path, the resistance of the zombie swarm and their siege weakened. Wu Wenyu, who had recovered some of part of her ability, immediately rushed out of the zombies’ encirclement together with all the school’s survivors.

Once everyone escaped from the encirclement, they could only send a look at Xie Jun and Liu Dashan because there was no time to express their gratitude, just in case the zombies reacted and turned back to them again. Following the headmaster’s suggestion, they needed to keep running towards the newly built dormitory building in the northern area which was yet to be opened to students.

Xiao WuYi also took the younger brothers out of the laboratory building, so both groups trooped in to hide together in the newly built dormitory building in the northern area.

There were no zombies inside the dormitory building because no students had been arranged from the beginning. The old headmaster took out a key and opened the outermost gate. Once everyone entered safely, he quickly locked the big iron gate again.

Xie Jun also entered the dormitory building, but he became a little worried upon seeing the current scene. He frowned slightly and asked, “Everyone’s together here at the same time. How will we go out later? There are so many of us. If the zombies smelt our scent, it wouldn’t take them long to surround the gate. And since we’re here with you now, we won’t be able to save anyone again.”

Xie Jun’s concerns were not unreasonable, and before the old headmaster could explain, one of the students around him answered first. It sounded like they had already studied the terrain.

“The window behind this dormitory building is right next to the north side wall of our school. We can climb the window and easily get to the outer road. If this wasn’t a reserved female dormitory and this year wasn’t my third year, this would’ve been a convenient escape route.”

Xie Jun suddenly realized: “……” So that was the case.

The old headmaster looked at the male student seriously, deeply memorizing his face.

At this time, the defensive shield over everyone’s head suddenly disappeared. Everyone became startled. A commotion broke out among the students at the back. Xie Jun and the headmaster hurried over and found out that Wu Wenyu had fallen unconscious in the arms of the female student next to her.

This scene terrified everyone, but in the end, after careful examination by medical students it was found out to be a false alarm and she was just asleep. It seemed these days had consumed too much of her mental strength, and now that everyone was finally safe, the burden on Wu Wenyu’s body appeared to have completely loosened out.

By now, Xiao WuYi also pulled away from others to go over to Wu Wenyu’s side. The small figure was finding it hard to squeeze in, but he was looking at Wu Wenyu who had fallen asleep and could only say sorry as he pushed through the other brothers and sisters.

“Don’t worry, she just fell asleep.” Xie Jun glanced at the little boss’ worried eyes, and  comforted him, “It won’t take long for your little sister to wake up!”

“This is little sister Xiao Yu!”1Either WY was trying to say that she’s not his little sister or that he’s saying Wenyu is someone important

Xiao WuYi was caught off guard by Xie Jun rubbing his head, and he couldn’t help but grumble angrily. Then, he pushed his small face right beside Wu Wenyu and gazed at the other person’s sleeping face intently.

While looking at Wu Wenyu who was sleeping soundly, the little boy was unable to contain his joy. He wagged his head2assume an air of self-conceit by wagging one’s head; look pleased with oneself before raising it to proudly say to Xie Jun, “I found Xiao Yu-meimei. My daddy will definitely praise me! Wenqiqi will be very happy too.”

When Xie Jun heard this, he could only smile in response. He turned his head to look at Wu Wenyu’s sleeping face, recalling what the other party had done; he thought that she was a cute and strong person just like the little boss.

The students around heard the conversation between the two and finally noticed the extraordinarily beautiful young boy. After learning that the other party’s name was “WuYi,” they immediately believed he was Wu Wenyu’s little brother.

However, their surnames were “武Wu /五Wu”, and as per the undoubted tradition of surnames followed by the Chinese, they were not blood-related.

The sky was turning dark. After so many thrilling twists and turns, everyone unanimously decided to stay overnight. Their nerves that had been tense for a long time could finally relax. Everyone especially cherished this moment of tranquility.

Liao Yong never expected that Han Lin and Wu Wenyu who had been pushed into the zombie heap would still be alive. He broke out from the crowd and came over, crying excitedly while holding his girlfriend. He was able to regain his most precious person, so he was howling and crying like a little child.

When Han Lin saw Liao Yong, she also froze for a moment before her tears flowed down. Thousands of words waiting to be expressed for them being able to survive were all condensed in those tears.

Xie Jun looked at the small jam-packed dormitory. Although he seemed a little puzzled, he still interrupted, “Everyone, please go out first and let Xiao Yu enjoy a good rest. If you have anything you want to say, talk it out slowly outside.”

Xiao WuYi saw Liao Yong and Han Lin embracing each other and finally understood who the two “good friend and classmate” that were pushed into the zombie heap were. His mood instantly tensed. 

“How could she be so bad!” Xiao WuYi clenched his fists. He looked at Wu Wenyu in distress, and said indignantly, “And even when Xiao Yu-meimei is so good!”

Xie Jun briefly became quiet when he heard Xiao WuYi’s words, and then rubbed the young boy’s head. During this apocalypse, no matter how good a relationship was, sometimes, it was of no match for human selfishness and despicableness.

In the end, everyone knew what Lin Mengfei had done to Wu Wenyu and Han Lin. Although most of the students did not know this person, that didn’t prevent them from feeling distressed for Wu Wenyu and hating the person that did that to her with grinding teeth.

If it weren’t for Wu Wenyu’s kindness, none of them might’ve survived.

Lin Mengfei and Zheng Wenjun should be thankful for their greed and fear of death because if they did come together with Xie Jun’s group, everyone would be delivering punches to both of them and they would be directly beaten to death.

The old headmaster on the side listened and also knew the hidden facts behind the incident and he couldn’t help but feel sad and disappointed. For someone completely opposite to the kind and strong Wu Wenyu to exist, it was difficult for him to accept that such students actually came from his Yun Uni.

“I hope our students here will not sacrifice another person as Lin Mengfei did and push her best friend to block the gun for her.”

The old headmaster stood up, glanced at everyone present, and taught them from the heart, carrying high hopes for the future, “As a teacher, I still hope that even in this apocalypse, everyone can maintain the most basic conscience because if the hearts of the people mutate like the zombies, then there will really be no hope for us in this apocalypse.”

As the headmaster’s words fell, there was a long silence. Some students even cried, “Headmaster Yuan, the world is now like this. How can we actually have hope!”

Headmaster Yuan looked at everyone; his eyes that used to be full of wisdom and experience were now full of tenderness and kindness as he answered affirmatively, “We’re very lucky to be alive right now, that, in itself, is hope.”

Xie Jun, Liu Dashan, and the others listened to Headmaster Yuan’s words, and their hearts also lit up with high hopes for the future. Xiao WuYi sat side by side with the others and also listened. He couldn’t help looking at Headmaster Yuan with shining eyes.

No wonder Daddy said being a teacher is the most sacred profession of the biped.

The little hamster decided that the teacher was also his favorite now.

Headmaster Yuan gave a brief lesson on this apocalypse. When he saw the rekindled light in the children’s eyes, he smiled feeling a little relieved. He then informed everyone of an exciting piece of news.

“I just went to check and I found out that the generator in the dormitory building is usable. The solar energy generator on the top floor also heats water, and everyone can go for a hot bath right now. The hot water system requires a campus card, so students who don’t have their campus cards can come to me to turn on the hot water. This Headmaster invites everyone to take a bath today!”

When everyone heard this, they all froze for a moment before the most pleasant of cheers broke out.

Ahhhh! Long live the headmaster!!!”

“That’s great, my whole body really stinks!!!”

So many days have passed since the beginning of the end of the world, and now, there seemed nothing more enjoyable than taking a bath in comfort. Even Xie Jun and the others simply used a wet towel to wipe their bodies all these days. So, truthfully speaking, their bodies weren’t very clean.

Headmaster Yuan saw how everyone became ecstatic. He looked up at the direction of the school and revealed a gentle and kind smile. This was probably the last gift he could give to the students on behalf of the school.

—I only hope that everyone can wash away their fatigue and sorrow at this moment, and bring hope with them to start their journey again.

Xiao WuYi saw how happy everyone was, and couldn’t help but also join in the fun. It wasn’t until he was pushed into the bathroom that he realized how unfriendly the hot bath was to a little hamster.

“Little boss, wash slowly. This hot water is really comfortable! Plug this into the card slot and turn on the faucet to get hot water.” Xie Jun came out after a comfortable bath and then stuffed the borrowed campus card into WuYi’s hand as he taught and pushed the person into the bathroom.

Little WuYi struggled and refused, “I don’t want to take a bath!!!”

“Come on. You’re welcome. The hot water inside is controlled just at the right temperature!”

After saying that, Xie Jun closed the door from outside, and Xiao WuYi could only look at the showerhead above his head while falling into the biggest dilemma of his life.

Xiao WuYi looked down at what his form is right now, and thinking that it probably wouldn’t be able to drown him in his current state, gathered his courage, and laid down his worries. He took off his clothes and stood next to the shower set.

First, he carefully opened the water valve, and then carefully reached out the hand under the shower. Then, the comfort of the hot water flowing through his skin stunned the little hamster, causing his eyes to widen in shock!

“So comfortable ya, www!”

Xiao WuYi stood under the showerhead and closed his eyes, emitting a comfortable moan from the soul. No wonder Daddy took so much time for his baths every time!

“Next time, this baby will take a bath with his daddy!”

Xiao WuYi was immersed in a comfortable hot water bath. About half an hour later, Xie Jun suddenly knocked on the door and urged him to come out.

Faced with this urging, Xiao WuYi reluctantly turned off the water valve. He took out a towel to clean his body and put on a new set of clean and fit clothes before slowly stepping out of the bathroom.

As soon as he came out, a piece of pleasantly surprising news immediately came out of Xie Jun’s mouth.

“Your sister, Xiao Yu, woke up!”


  • 1
    Either WY was trying to say that she’s not his little sister or that he’s saying Wenyu is someone important
  • 2
    assume an air of self-conceit by wagging one’s head; look pleased with oneself


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