Chapter 13 – WuYi saves Xiao Yu-meimei

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Protective cover changed (by me) to defensive shield, and later on it will be inconsistently changed (by the author) to energy shield.

And meimei is an honorific meaning little sister.

Xie Jun and the others looked at the school entrance where only a few zombies wandered. They couldn’t help but look at Liao Yong at the side with a trace of doubt and confusion.

“I thought you said there was going to be a lot of zombies?”

“I don’t know what happened.”

Liao Yong was also currently lost in confusion, his face in disbelief. Everyone saw Liao Yong’s confused expression and decided that they could only go into the school to see what was going on.

Soon, everyone arrived near the school’s small playground and was instantly shocked by the dense crowd of zombies not far away.

The rancid smell coming from the zombies struck their noses in an overwhelming way, making everyone desperate to lose their sense of smell on the spot as their stomach tumbled over in nausea.

Seeing such a terrible scene caused Liao Yong’s face to become as white as paper as he whispered in despair, “How could this happen?!”

The zombies near them smelled their fresh flesh and suddenly turned around to attack them. Xie Jun hurriedly grabbed Liao Yong who was frozen in shock and hid at a school building not far away.

After climbing to the roof of the school building, everyone found out why the zombies were all concentrated in that area.

Seeing the source surrounded by zombies, Liao Yong slid down the ground in relief, as if a heavy burden was finally lifted off of him. Tears of joy poured out of his eyes like a tide and blurred his sight. “Great, great!!!” He exclaimed.

Xie Jun and the others were also taken by surprise by the translucent defensive shield, unconsciously letting a ‘fuck’ slip out of their mouth. It seemed like there was no better word to best describe their mood.

The little hamster climbed the ladder of the water tank on the rooftop alone and there he stood tall. His excellent eyesight allowed him to see the expressions of the survivors even from afar. While surveying, he found a particularly familiar face.

He didn’t know how many times Wu Wenqi had taken out his sister’s photos in order to show her off, but those baby photos of Wu Wenyu; Xiao WuYi has seen every last one of them!

“It’s actually little sister Xiao Yu!!!”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but jump off the ladder in excitement. Xie Jun and the others hearts’ almost leaped out of their throats in fear when they saw him jump.

However, before they could educate the young boy, he rushed to the railing and shook his hands wildly while shouting and gesturing towards the center of the zombies, quickly gaining the attention of the students from across him.

“Look, everyone! There are people on the lab’s rooftop!!!”

Everyone saw the people at the said rooftop and suddenly felt a glimmer of hope in their hearts, but it was quickly extinguished when they thought: How could such a small number of people save them?

Wu Wenyu also looked at the rooftop. She didn’t know if it was a hallucination caused by exhaustion, but she seemed to faintly hear someone calling her name.

Xie Jun saw the young boy’s excitement, making him squint at the crowd. He couldn’t see one clear face at all. He could only stop the young boy from bouncing to ask. “Don’t tire out your throat for nothing. You’re just wasting your small voice from shouting from such a distance, they won’t be able to hear you clearly anyway. What’s going on? Is there someone you know inside?”

“Un! My little sister is inside!” Xiao WuYi pointed a finger to the center of the crowd to show everyone. His tone was one of extreme joy and excitement.

However, when Xie Jun and the others first heard this they couldn’t help but doubt it at first. They glanced at the young boy’s childish little face which still had its baby fat. It was really hard to imagine that in that group of college students, there would be a little sister younger than him.

The little hamster’s senses were telling him that he was being underestimated, but there was no evidence.

It was really inexplicable.

Everyone stopped worrying about this detail because the most pressing matter at that moment was how to get rid of the zombies. They needed to do this otherwise the people will be trapped inside and will meet a dead end sooner or later.

“It would be enough if even just a part of the horde could be dispersed!” Xie Jun’s brows creased into a frown in worry. If they took on the whole horde as it was, they would just die in vain as they save those people.

It just was not possible to hammer so many zombies all at the same time.

Liu Dashan also looked quite serious as he held his axe.

As Xiao WuYi heard this, he couldn’t help but think of Ning Feng. If the other party was here, he would certainly be able to create a big movement effortlessly in order to distract the zombies. While he was thinking this, a lightbulb suddenly turned on in his mind.

Everyone turned their heads just in time to see the young boy take off the little strawberry-shaped backpack. He stretched out his hands and pretended to fumble inside, and then pulled out a gun in front of everyone.

Xie Jun and the others’ eyes couldn’t help but light up.

Before Liao Yong and the other younger brothers could react, Xie Jun and Liu Dashan had already understood each other at a glance and immediately took action.

Xie Jun followed behind Liu Dashan who picked up Xiao WuYi from the waist and ran down the roof at a blinding speed.

One person carried the hamster and the other locked the door. This action can only be described as floating clouds and flowing water, done smoothly and continuously with a flow.

The little hamster hadn’t responded yet and was still holding the pistol blankly, his small face full of ignorance, and only eternal philosophical questions remained in his mind—Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Although it was somewhat cruel of them, in consideration of the possibility of the ability users Xie Jun and Liu Dashan who will face a lot of zombies not returning intact, they dare not let ordinary people like their younger brothers take the risk.

After Xie Jun locked the door, he spoke to the younger brothers on the other side. “If Dashan and I die, you will all continue to look for Daddy with the little young master later, understand?”

The younger brothers fiercely banged on the door and shouted, but they received no response besides the sound of footsteps moving away.

When they got downstairs, Xie Jun seriously told Xiao WuYi what to do next. “Little boss, we’ll wait until you find a safer place to shoot. Then after shooting, you have to run back to where the younger brothers are, alright?”

“I can save people too!” Xiao WuYi looked at two men who obviously wanted to exclude him from the rescue plan and said angrily, “Hamster Warrior is very powerful!”

“Be good, there are too many zombies over there.”

“Remember, you have to quickly find the younger brothers after shooting, alright?”

In the face of Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s serious expressions, the little hamster couldn’t disagree for the time being and could only dumbly mumble his assent. He then watched as Xie Jun and Liu Dashan strode toward the zombie swarm, their backs showing determination.

Xiao WuYi walked a few steps in the opposite direction with the gun still in his hand. He couldn’t help but look back, and finally, whisper something in a very quiet voice.

“Daddy said that little hamsters’ memories last for only seven seconds, so this little hamster is going to lose memory now.”


“Bang!” Several loud gunshots startled the survivors in the school and, at the same time, attracted the attention of the zombies. The students inside the defensive shield all looked in the direction of the school grove.

Then, starting from the zombies closest to the direction of the grove, all the zombies began to make a U-turn like a tide, in search of the source of the loud noise.

Everyone in the defensive shield was surprised. Even Wu Wenyu showed a pale smile.

“Someone is really going to save us!! That’s great!!!”

Meanwhile, Xie Jun and Liu Dashan found the right timing and proceeded to kill, making a bloody path from the outermost periphery. They were holding a few crystal nuclei tightly in their hands to prepare for a timely replenishment when their energy was about to run out.

Wu Wenyu could feel the pressure on the defensive shield decreasing. She looked around to find a direction with the least resistance and stepped towards Xie Jun and Liu Dashan. Her steps became lighter and lighter, it seemed like they would be able to get out of this zombie enclosure soon.

The dawn of hope was at hand, and everyone couldn’t help but get excited.

However, at that moment, the mutant ran rampant.

The one that had killed an unknown number of the same kind—its strength went through a qualitative leap and suddenly jumped into the air and hit the energy shield like a cannonball.

A loud ‘boom’ rang out, louder than the gunshot earlier.

The zombies that heard the sound turned back once again at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, who helped open the way from outside, instantly looked crestfallen, but they could only internally scream.

Wu Wenyu holding up the defensive shield was given a direct hit and was forced into kneeling due to the weight of the blow. Her knees felt heavy as if tied to the ground  and her mouth – with teeth clenched tight – was bleeding.

All their faces, including the younger brothers’ on the rooftop, were pale.

The mutant zombie was still attempting to destroy the energy shield. Its crimson eyes seemed to have entered a state of madness, the fresh blood and flesh nearby fueling its energy.

The loud noises of energy collision hit everyone’s heart again and again.

Wu Wenyu finally couldn’t help spitting out blood, causing Han Lin beside her to instantly cup her mouth and cry out, “Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu! Jiayou1fighting, ganbatte, fighto, or you can do it!” 

This desperate cry painted the world gray.

With another blow, a crack finally appeared on the energy shield. Wu Wenyu looked at the students around her and couldn’t help but show a sad, pale smile.

“Sorry guys, it seems like I won’t be able to hold it any longer!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we don’t blame you!” Han Lin hugged Wu Wenyu fiercely, shaking her head and crying with snot running down her face. “Don’t blame yourself because we’re all grateful to you!”

At that time, Xiao WuYi, who was in the grove, changed back into his original form. The little figure flew quickly and fluidly between the trees like milky golden lightning.

Wherever he went, there were boulders rolling over and countless zombies being crushed into muddy pastes.

Hearing the sound of crying in the distance, the little hamster’s heart became anxious. He rushed in that direction faster and faster, not forgetting to stuff the large-scale sculpture representing the face of Yuncheng University into his space while passing by. 

When Wu Wenyu’s defensive shield could no longer withstand another blow, the little hamster warrior finally arrived at the center of the battlefield.

He stepped on a zombie’s head before flying into the air and releasing the large sculpture from his space, dropping from the highest height it could reach and dropping it onto the mutant zombie.


The loudest ‘bang’ rang out but this time, it became the most beautiful sound to everyone’s ears.

Although everyone could not figure out what was happening, the sculpture that everyone saw fall that day made them all burst into tears and weep for their lives. However, Wu Wenyu’s defensive shield still failed to hold up. The cracks in the shield began to spread around the entire defensive shield and it started shattering and vanishing at a visible speed.

Nearby, Xie Jun shouted ‘not good,’ and quickly released a bag of crystal nuclei from around his waist and threw them into a hole on the defensive shield, yelling in an exhausted voice, “Let her hold the crystal nucleus in her hand—!!!”

The crystal clear nuclei sprinkling from the sky like gemstones instantly became the most beautiful scenery that Wu Wenyu saw in her life.

As soon as the crystal nucleus entered her hand, her exhausted ability began to automatically absorb energy at a maddened, rapid speed. The continuous rupture of the energy shield finally stopped and it repaired and repaired itself at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan sighed in relief and then rallied together to cope with the increasing number of zombies around them. Where a hammer and an axe would pass by, a part of the zombies would fall.

By this time, the little hamster had already walked back to the woods, regained his human form, and got dressed. He then fired a few more shots into the sky.

The zombie tide changed direction again.

The little hamster warrior with deep merits and fame, did a good job without leaving his name.  Happily hopping back to the laboratory building he came, and released the younger brothers from the rooftop’s chain.

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    fighting, ganbatte, fighto, or you can do it


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