Chapter 11 – WuYi arrives at the center of the city

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Xie Jun and his team along with Xiao WuYi drove all the way until they finally reached the city center of Yuncheng. Because Xiao WuYi was this “exceptional little transporter,” vehicles jamming the middle of the road could be quickly moved away enabling them to move unimpeded all the way.

Compared to the three days that it took them to get out of the city center before, the smooth travel this time felt unbelievable.

Once they entered the city, everyone had to collect a wave of supplies. And in this case, where the younger brothers all became hamsters1 The younger brother becoming hamsters = a metaphor or comparison to how hamsters like to store food, the real little hamster, Xiao WuYi, could only stand by. 

In the end, when the younger brothers couldn’t remember how many things were collected and stored in Xiao WuYi’s space, they became aware of how vast Xiao WuYi’s space really was causing everyone to feel as if they had had a profound experience2enlightenment

For this reason, Xie Jun couldn’t help but worry about what he had read in online novels. In addition, he was particularly afraid that there would be some big guys ready to snatch the space ability user, Xiao WuYi.

Carrying a huge treasure around during this apocalypse, where supplies were difficult to find, would always attract covetous people.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help patting Xie Jun’s shoulder in response, comforting the worrying “Mother Xie”. His clear and bright large eyes were filled with seriousness. “Don’t worry Xiao Junjun. I belong to my daddy; no one can take me away!”

“……” Xie Jun looked at the young boy’s innocent (not very smart) expression, and suddenly, pain shot up his chest. He placed a hand over his pained chest immediately. The more you look like this, the more worried we will be, OK?

Thinking about raising the little boy into such a “Daddy’s Wu3 the Wu in here is the Wu in WuYi… It was also a reference to the term Daddy’s girl,” everyone suddenly felt that that person must be a superhuman! 

At this moment, Liu Dashan suddenly turned to the backpack behind him, and seriously proposed, “Let’s do this then. Each of us will pack some supplies in our bag and only when we run out of something in the bag will we find the little boss to replenish it. Then, let’s also have the little boss carry a bag of his own. So, when he takes things out as usual, he can use the backpack as a cover. This way, the gods won’t know and the ghosts won’t sense. No one will know how many things there are in Little Boss’ space except us.”

When Xiao WuYi heard this idea, he couldn’t help but open his eyes, open his small mouth and unconsciously utter a sound of astonishment.

Xie Jun at the side couldn’t help but beat Liu Dashan’s shoulder hard, his face held a moved expression and he felt relieved as he said, “Elder brother4老哥: elder brother, a respectful term of address for someone who is older but in the same generation as the speaker. There’s really a lot of character for elder brother that it’s dizzying., it is rare that you can come up with such a good plan!”

Liu Dashan touched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Afterwards, everyone was given a backpack filled with rations that could last for at least two to three days. Xiao WuYi also changed from having two empty hands to carrying a backpack. However, even if the bag was just a cover and contained nothing, Xiao WuYi still selected the best looking one from the large pile of backpacks in his space.

Looking at the red strawberry-like hard-shelled backpack, the corners of everyone’s mouth uncontrollably twitched.

Forget it, as long as the little boss is happy.

Xiao WuYi carried the strawberry bag happily and continued to sweep the city clean with Xie Jun and his party. However, it wasn’t long before they discovered a problem that couldn’t be ignored.

They didn’t know if it was their bad luck or good luck that they hadn’t met any survivors for so long. Xie Jun was originally worried that Xiao WuYi would be coveted by others because of his space, but now, there wasn’t even anyone around other than themselves.

In an instant, the joy of a bumper harvest suddenly fell to the bottom. Everyone would look back at the empty city where only zombies walked and a bone chilling coldness would suddenly rise up from their feet and spread all over.

If the people in the entire city had turned into zombies, what was the difference between it and a dead city?

Being a native of Yuncheng, a few younger brothers’ eyes turned red and tears came out uncontrollably. They couldn’t stop rubbing their eyes with their hands. “Boss, will I never be able to eat authentic flower cake again?”

“Don’t think like that. This city is so huge and we scanned only a few places. How could there be no living people!”

Xie Jun couldn’t accept this fact. He heavily slapped the heads of the younger brothers with red eyes and said, “Why’re you crying in vain? Sooner or later you’ll be able to eat flower cakes!”

Xiao WuYi looked at Xie Jun and his men. Although he wasn’t a native hamster, he still seemed to feel their sadness. Although Daddy always said hamsters should not eat flower cakes, he would still give him little fragrant, soft flower petals every time he ate.

He and his daddy would have such a great time, every time.

“My daddy really likes flower cakes too,” Little WuYi couldn’t help but look back at the city. If Daddy couldn’t eat flower cakes, although he wouldn’t say anything, he would definitely feel sad.

Liu Dashan looked at Xiao WuYi and everyone else who was feeling depressed. Although he was also very sad in his heart, he still wanted to say something to ease the heavy atmosphere. Unfortunately, because his mouth was stupid he didn’t know what to say.

At this time, a sharp cry for help suddenly reached everyone’s ears, shocking everyone. This harsh scream instantly seemed to become the most beautiful sign of life.

“I told you there would definitely be a living person!!!” Xie Jun said excitedly, picked up his big hammer and ran in the direction of the distress call without hesitation.

When the group arrived, they saw a few college students in a helter-skelter, being surrounded by dead zombies and trapped at a dead end. Several among those college students who were desperate and had nowhere to go, raised their heads only to see WuYi and the others who suddenly appeared not far away. Their desperate eyes flooded with tears and suddenly brightened with a ray of hope, as if they had seen a life-saving straw.

“Help us!!!”

Lin Mengfei immediately shouted for help desperately. However, this scream only turned the zombies more violent. Holding two sticks, she tried to support the two boys who were protecting her but they were still directly thrown to the ground by the zombies.

The bloody mix of blueish white fangs headed straight to take a bite of the two boys. Lin Mengfei was very scared, shrinking in the corner. However, just when the two boys closed their eyes to accept their fate, two ‘booms’ reverberated from the wall next to them. The zombies’ thick, smelly blood splashed on the faces of the three.

The two zombies’ heads had been hammered into the wall.

“Your mother5It’s a curse word. Like motherfucker but lighter… or are they the same weight? Lol idk…, that was a close call. I almost failed to save you!!!”

Xie Jun patted his chest, then called back the big hammer with his hand. Liu Dashan and the other younger brothers also shot out one after another, killing the remaining zombies quickly. There were a few boulders in Xiao WuYi’s space but the zombies were solved by others before he could release the boulders.

The three college students were completely paralyzed on the ground and couldn’t help crying again for their saved lives.

“Don’t cry. Hurry up or the zombies will be attracted to you guys again.” Xie Jun stepped forward and spoke calmly, but still, feeling slightly soft hearted, he brought out two packs of tissues to wipe the blood off their faces.

The three people helped each other stand up, weeping in gratitude. Then, they kept up with Xie Jun’s pace to go to a relatively safe, small bungalow with everyone.

After a brief exchange, everyone also got some understanding of where the three college students came from. All three were students of Yuncheng University. Among them, the girl was the freshmen while the other two boys were seniors.

Noticing that the three people seemed hungry, Xie Jun directly took out three packets of instant noodles. The two boys unpacked their packets without hesitation and started chewing.

Lin Mengfei whispered softly and aggrievedly as if feeling guilty, “I can’t eat it without hot water.”

When Liao Yong heard this, he turned his head coldly to whisper the word “pretentious”6It wasn’t exactly pretentious, but it was the closest word to the meaning “you clearly want something in your heart, but you pretend to be better than the other in all aspects of thinking.”. Zheng Wenjun at the side seemed unable to ignore Lin Mengfei’s pitiful look, and couldn’t help but turn his eyes to Xie Jun and the others, softly opening his mouth, wanting to speak.

Xie Jun threw a bottle of mineral water angrily at the moment, “Still so choosy at this point! There’s no hot water, only cold!”

It originally felt quite satisfying to save people, but everyone frowned seeing such an arrogant baggage acting up regardless of the occasion.

Even their little boss was nothing like this! It was the apocalypse and you still wanted to be like some spoiled, rich lady.

Seemingly feeling everyone’s dissatisfied eyes, Lin Mengfei bit her lips. She appeared close to crying as if she had been wronged. However, except for the panicked Zheng Wenjun, everyone just felt speechless for a while.

Xie Jun couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He turned to look at his little boss who never cried, never yelled at home and suddenly felt that he was cuter. He then took out a carton of milk and walked over to offer him the milk. He also deliberately inserted a straw before passing it over.

“Little…. Young Master, do you drink milk?”


Xiao WuYi felt a bit strange hearing this sudden different title, but his attention was quickly pulled to the milk. He nodded happily and holding the milk carton with both hands, started to suck with a ‘gulp gulp gulp.

He was treating the food in his hands with intense concentration and seriousness.

Liu Dashan and the others looked over and immediately felt cleansed, both eyes and soul.

At this time, Lin Mengfei’s group of three also noticed the delicate, beautiful young boy in the team. He sat quietly in the back surrounded by many tall and sturdy young men so no one would be able to catch sight of him if one didn’t look carefully.

Lin Mengfei watched the young man being taken care of and her eyes glistened. She finally lowered her head and bit at the instant noodles bitterly, the rough taste of the chewy noodles making her eyes red.

Zheng Wenjun at the side didn’t dare to talk much at this time, he could only silently unscrew the bottle cap and pass the water over.

Liao Yong, however, wolfed down his instant noodles quickly, leaving no leftovers in the packet. The seasoning packets were also placed in his pocket.

It seemed he had more energy to speak now that he was full. Liao Yong looked up at Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, then with red eyes, he directly knelt on the ground with a ‘thump’ and begged with incomparable earnestness and sincerity.

“Please come with us to Yun Uni to rescue my classmates!!”

Everyone felt a little bit confused by this occurrence, but before they could even wait for Xie Jun to recover from this sudden occurrence, Lin Mengfei already took the lead in standing up. She became agitated and shouted, “You’re crazy!!! The school is full of zombies right now and we just managed to run out. I don’t want to die. If you want to go, go by yourself, and don’t go pulling others into the water!!!”

Hearing this, Zheng Wenjun’s lips opened and closed, but timidly lowered his head in the end.

“I’m different from you with a wolf heart and dog lungs7 Dog heart and wolf lungs: In short bitc—ahem… It means ungrateful or viciously evil. This has a very interesting story. Read here if you’re curious! There’s no way I can just push my best friends and classmates into a zombie heap and sit here, eating with peace of mind!!!”

Liao Yong roared and wiped his tears away. He turned his head and continued to look at Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, these two men’s powerful strength and special ability, he had just seen it with his own eyes.

“Please, I’m begging you.”

Liao Yong bowed down again, his forehead colliding with the ice-cold ground.


Yuncheng University.

Wu Wenyu’s face was pale but both hands were still stretched out. Amidst the densely packed zombie swarm was a safety zone, protecting the classmates and teachers behind.

Cold sweat went down like rain and soaked collars8Find this 衣襟 on the image below and that’s the one. I don’t know the specific name for it in English.










And here’s a picture of Yunnan specialty flower cake. And yes, the filling is made from fresh rose petals. [Someone let me taste o(〒﹏〒)o]


  • 1
     The younger brother becoming hamsters = a metaphor or comparison to how hamsters like to store food
  • 2
  • 3
     the Wu in here is the Wu in WuYi… It was also a reference to the term Daddy’s girl
  • 4
    老哥: elder brother, a respectful term of address for someone who is older but in the same generation as the speaker. There’s really a lot of character for elder brother that it’s dizzying.
  • 5
    It’s a curse word. Like motherfucker but lighter… or are they the same weight? Lol idk…
  • 6
    It wasn’t exactly pretentious, but it was the closest word to the meaning “you clearly want something in your heart, but you pretend to be better than the other in all aspects of thinking.”
  • 7
     Dog heart and wolf lungs: In short bitc—ahem… It means ungrateful or viciously evil. This has a very interesting story. Read here if you’re curious!
  • 8
    Find this 衣襟 on the image below and that’s the one. I don’t know the specific name for it in English


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