Chapter 10 – WuYi picks up crystal nuclei everywhere

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Just past dawn in the apocalypse.

After the sun came out, Nie Xiao and his men packed their bags and prepared to move onward. They spent all of yesterday collecting enough food and water to last for the next few days, so the only thing left to do was to find a car for faster travel.

Xiao Yan immediately went over to the modified off-road vehicle with a high chassis that she spotted when they were collecting materials yesterday. She pulled out a thin black pin from her hair, straightened both ends, and then inserted it into the car lock. In less than three seconds the door was opened.

The others panicked when they saw that Nie Xiao and his group were about to drive away. They rushed to pick up stones and started to smash on car windows beside the road. This huge outrage made Nie Xiao and the two to frown in unison.

And as expected, the zombies were quickly attracted soon after.

Due to the smell of his blood, the man who was injured last night was the first to be attacked by zombies. With a stick in hand, he could only shriek in fear as he shrank in horror.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Go away!”

The others subconsciously avoided the man as he was besieged by zombies. The injured man glared at the others with tears in his eyes, pointedly scolding Nie Xiao’s group out of desperation, “Just because you are not the one to die! How could you all be so inhumane?!!”

The man shouted at them, but before he could use his last sentence to call for help, he was mauled by the zombie horde. The men who stayed with him and thought that he could lead them instead were also starting to be attacked by the zombies.

The people left behind were becoming overwhelmed and overpowered by the crowd of zombies attacking them. They stared at Nie Xiao’s group, who were all safe inside the car, with resentment. They had the power to do so, why did the three not save them?

In the end, Nie Xiao’s group of three got out of the car in order to prevent attracting more and more zombies and for the sake of being a fellow human, these people were rescued for the last time.

However, Nie Xiao’s group of three clearly felt a very serious problem in the process of killing the zombies. The zombies’ strength seemed to have increased again overnight, and their movements have become faster and more flexible.

——The zombies have evolved.

Having realized this, Nie Xiao and Xiao Yan became worried. Wu Wenqi could not help but curse swear words at that moment.

After they finished clearing the area, Xiao Yan faced the remaining few survivors, who were hiding their eyes that were full of life-long resentment, and straightforwardly said with a cold glare: “This is the last time we save you.”

Everyone stilled when they heard these decisive and indifferent words until one of the young men stood up and angrily burst out, “On what grounds? Based on what reasons would you not save us? You’re so strong and saving us is a breeze, posing no difficulty at all!!”

Hearing these brazen words, Wu Wenqi couldn’t help but press his lips into a thin line. He was in a bad mood because of the new discovery, so he couldn’t help but rashly retort, “Is Laozi your father or your mother? After saving you, do we still have to find food for you every day? A little kid just performed better than you scums!”

Wu Wenqi pointed his finger at last night’s young boy who looked about eleven or twelve years old. Just now, the boy helped them kill a couple of zombies just by relying on his little dagger while the rest of the adults hid in corners far away from the chaos.

Everyone looked at the child crouching next to the remains of the zombies and they instantly flushed with embarrassment, not even having the strength to open their mouths anymore. Nie Xiao didn’t want to be delayed anymore and ordered Xiao Yan and Wu Wenqi to get in the car immediately.

At the same time, he beckoned to the little boy in the distance.

“Come on, get in the car!”

Hearing Nie Xiao’s call, the little boy’s eyes lit up immediately. He skipped over and climbed into the car without any reservations.

Wu Wenqi started the car directly, not paying any attention to the group of disgusting people behind them outside. His mood improved a bit when he turned to the little boy sitting in the back. “Quite a brave little thing you are. Not afraid of zombies?”

The little boy wiped his ashen face with his sleeves, revealing a young and delicate face with eyes like a little wolf’s, but the words that came from his mouth were cruel in contrast. “I’m not afraid. They killed my Mom and Dad so in turn, I’ll kill them all!”

“Hahahaha not bad! They do deserve to be annihilated!”

Nie Xiao, who was sitting shotgun, had a rare smile on. Xiao Yan in the back row couldn’t help but ruffle the little boy’s hair, “You are much better than those adults.”

With that said, everyone couldn’t help but glance at the car behind them. Wu Wenqi clicked his tongue with a ‘tsk.’ Obviously, all of them felt that it was troublesome.

Xiao Yan sat in the back and chatted with the little boy. She learned that his name was “Mo Ye” and that he was only eleven years old. His mom and dad who locked him in a room before were later on killed by a neighbor-turned-zombie.

He was the only one left in the family.

With the topic suddenly turning heavy, Wu Wenqi was afraid that the child would become sad. So he changed the topic and said, “Mo Ye, was your name taken from Ganjiang Moye1Gan Jiang and Mo Ye were a swordsmith couple who are discussed in the literature involving the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. Some accounts are historical, others mythological. A pair of swords were forged by and named after them. – Wikipedia?” 

“No.” Little Mo Ye had already accepted the fact that his mom and dad were dead early on so he shook his head, neither sad nor unhappy. “My father’s surname is Mo and my mother’s surname is Ye, so my name is Mo Ye.”

“Haha that really saves the trouble.”

The car was quiet again afterwards. Mo Ye sat quietly for a while, but then suddenly made a move to retrieve something from his pocket. He carefully pulled out a few beautiful crystals and tugged at Xiao Yan’s sleeve before handing it out to her. “Big sister, this is for you.”

Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao saw it happen from the rearview mirror and laughed. Wu Wenqi couldn’t help but quip, “Still young but already pleasing girls ah!”

Mo Ye suddenly blushed and quickly shook his head and told them the truth. “I picked it up from the dead zombies. There were still some left, but it disappeared when I held it in my hand. Holding it in your hands will make your body warm.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao’s group of three couldn’t help but think of a certain phrase.

——Zombies’ crystal nuclei.

“Let me see.” Nie Xiao turned around immediately. He took the transparent crystal nucleus from Xiao Yan’s hand and put it in his palm. It didn’t take long for the crystal nucleus to shrink and disappear at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Afterwards, Nie Xiao also intuitively felt warmth in his body and extended his hand to activate his ability. The electric current on his arm and the whirlwind on his palm was slightly stronger than before.

Mo Ye looked at Nie Xiao’s magical arm and couldn’t help but make a sound of amazement. Then he moved his hand and a dagger appeared in his palm. “Big Brother is like me! I thought I was the only one who’s weird!”

The three of them saw Mo Ye’s special variant ability and were also surprised.

After the initial surprise, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but laugh. “Boss, you picked him up without thought but you actually picked up another unique little ability user hahaha. Back then, Xiao WuYi was also picked up by you like this hahaha!”

Treasure Picking King—Nie Xiao: “……”


At the same time, a little hamster’s group far away in Yuncheng also continued to head towards the city center. At present, while survivors all around the world were killing zombies they had also successively discovered the crystal nuclei that existed inside the zombies’ heads.

Although those hateful zombies have evolved, the existence of crystal nuclei gave mankind a powerful opportunity.

Xie Jun endured the uncomfortable nausea and picked the crystal nucleus out of the zombie’s broken head. He felt that he would vomit it overnight instead. “Damn it, it’s too disgusting to evolve using crystal nuclei! If only the zombies hadn’t gotten stronger, they would’ve been wiped out sooner or later. I would rather not have to touch these crystal nuclei!”

Liu Dashan couldn’t help but sigh. It was obviously more difficult to restore the world to what it was before the apocalypse.

For a time, everyone’s heart felt somewhat heavy.

Aside, Xiao WuYi was also absently picking up the crystal nuclei, using his space ability to collect it mentally from the air so it didn’t have to feel so disgusting.

He didn’t listen in to Xie Jun and the other’s conversations. His mind was preoccupied with a strange question. Both Liu Dashan and Xie Jun can absorb the crystal nucleus smoothly but he had no way to make the crystal nucleus turn a bit smaller.

Xiao WuYi quietly lowered his head and looked at the transparent crystal nuclei that posed no changes while on the palm of his hand for a long time. He let out a small sigh. He tucked them away in his space, pretending that he could absorb the crystal nuclei.

The little hamster’s crisis instinct vaguely told him that he could not tell anybody else about this besides his daddy.

After collecting all the crystal nuclei, everyone counted them together. Among the group, only WuYi, Xie Jun, and Liu Dashan have abilities. Therefore, the crystal nuclei were divided equally between the three of them.

Xiao WuYi looked at all the crystal nuclei and calculated with a small abacus in mind. Although he could not absorb the crystal nucleus himself, his daddy might be able to. Thinking so, the little hamster decided to give Nie Xiao all the crystal nuclei that he could not use.

Daddy is so powerful, he must have abilities.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help rubbing his cheeks. He suddenly felt that he had to collect more crystal nuclei. Looking up at Xie Jun’s big hammer and Liu Dashan’s big axe, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but imagine his daddy’s power.

Will it be little strawberries?

Daddy’s strawberry flavor must be particularly delicious.

After Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were together with the other younger brothers again, they watched the young boy as he stood there motionlessly, holding his little face in both hands, and looking at the void with a pair of eyes shining brightly, as if he was seeing something delicious. The small face with a silly smile had entered a dazed state.

Everyone shook their heads and sighed.

Ai, this silly little boss cannot be saved.


On the other side, Harbin Airport.

Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng did not leave too far from the airport, but stayed around the area instead. They set out to clear out any remaining zombies inside and outside the airport as well as to rescue the few survivors nearby.

It was originally a large area with a high-density of zombies but after a few of Ning Feng’s bombing, their bones were also destroyed and nothing was left. In the airport’s maintenance equipment room, there were all kinds of materials which fully met the demand of Ning Feng’s production.

Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng used the sound of explosions to attract the surrounding zombies to an unoccupied open space not far from the airport then used more powerful and more lethal bombs for a concentrated blasting. After a few passes, the density of zombies in the surrounding area dropped exponentially.

It was not known how many survivors were attacked by the zombies.

At the moment, Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu were picking up crystal nuclei in the area after the explosion. The survivors who followed the sound were also grateful to help with the picking up because with the existence of these two, the area around the airport had become the least safe area for zombies.

Ning Feng bent over to pick up a crystal nucleus and found that his waist was too tired to continue so he took a break and rested for a while. Looking at Duan Wenyu who didn’t feel tired at his waist at all, he couldn’t help but pout. “Duan-ge, what should we do if the boss doesn’t come to get us?”

There was no assurance in waiting there all day.

Duan Wenyu put the crystal nuclei in his bag and patted Ning Feng’s head, patiently reassuring him. “Wait a week at most. As long as the boss is alive, they will definitely be here. According to their route, they will surely come to us and find us first, then go south to find Wenqi’s sister, and finally to pick up Xiao WuYi. This is the smoothest route from north to south. They definitely know this and will do it.”

Despite this, Ning Feng couldn’t help worry, which caused his face to wrinkle.

Duan Wenyu looked at him and couldn’t help pushing up his eyeglasses. He asked Ning Feng seriously, “What’s your Duan-ge‘s IQ? Is there something wrong with my predictions?”

“205, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!!!”

Ning Feng pouted. With nothing better to do, he kicked a crystal nucleus with the tip of his shoe out of boredom.

Duan Wenyu’s eyes  twitched slightly: “……”

Boss, I’m sorry, I may not be able to take good care of this little brat.








I’ve read the summary of Gan Jiang Mo Ye and the story was sad, only Mo Ye was left alive(?) in the end [but in another version she sacrificed herself for the making of the swords]. It also has a movie titled “Spirit of Two Swords” but I don’t know if it has been aired yet or not, there’s a trailer though.


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    Gan Jiang and Mo Ye were a swordsmith couple who are discussed in the literature involving the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. Some accounts are historical, others mythological. A pair of swords were forged by and named after them. – Wikipedia


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